Japanese manga and anime have been a sensation worldwide. One of the top-selling manga. “Noragami” won the hearts of millions when Katoro Tamura released a “12 episodes” series. Initially, the series was released for the Japanese audience. But, when the Japanese audience loved the anime, the team decided to release it worldwide. This is when the popularity of the series spread like wildfire. So far, there are two seasons of Norgami streaming on various Online platforms. But, the million-dollar question is when the audience will see Noragami season 3. Today, Noragami season 3 is the center of this article. Is there an announcement for Noragami season 3? Let us know more about your favorite Japanese anime!

How well do you know about your favorite anime: Noragami?

Very few people know this, but Noragami is an adaptation of the manga of the same name. Moreover, very popular female manga artists duo Adachi and Tokashiki wrote this manga under the pen name Adachitoka. This manga first became public in 2010 when it began appearing in a monthly magazine. After gaining immense popularity and shared love, the famous Japanese animation studio Bones Inc. decided to create an anime series for manga. Under the direction of Katora Tamura, the series did wonders on the online streaming platform. Also, who could forget Toshihiro Kawamoto, who brought the characters to life with his amazing animation skills?

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Furthermore, the audience’s obsession with the series started when the creators participated in 2013’s anime convention, Anime Festival Asia(AFA). This festival is an event or gathering focusing on Japanese culture, including manga and anime. One of the most popular and largest platforms where one can showcase their talent to attract the crowd. The audience appreciated the creators’ work when they saw the first episode of Noragami at AFA. In January 2014, the series began airing on several TV channels and became a worldwide sensation.

Noragami season 3: When can you watch your favorite anime again?

Unfortunately, the wait for the audience is not over yet. There are no words from the director or the creator about the new season of your favorite anime. Furthermore, the producer of Noragami Bones.Inc is also not giving any information regarding Noragami season 3. It looks likes Noragami is not part of their plans yet. As of now, Bones is doing multiple projects with some of the biggest entertainment industries worldwide. The studio may have postponed its plans because of the time shortage. Without any further information from Bones, it would not be justified to make any promises yet. The audience would know if the creators were to renew the series with the third season. It would be best not to have high hopes until a trailer or teaser is released. 

If we look at the positive side of the coin, the manga is far ahead in terms of story. Therefore, if you wish to know the story after season 2, you may refer to the manga version of the book. Also, if Bones plans to make another season, they have enough material and references to look forward to.

Noragami season 3: What’s the story so far?

Noragami’s first season consists of 12 episodes in total. Noragami is a Japanese word that means “stray God.”The story revolves around Yato. Yato used to be a god of calamity, which he did not like and left the position. Not much is mentioned about his past, except Yato aspires to become a god of fortune. Yato is a poor deity who calls himself God. The main aim of Yato is to make people worship him. With his keen desire to become famous, Yato does odd jobs to survive.

Furthermore, Yato helps people at a very small charge of five yen. He usually spends his money on gambling and drinking. Yato can be naughty and rude yet serious and positive in times of need. 

Noragami season 3

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Moreover, Yato has desired to become a popular god for centuries. Though, there is not much information about his past. Yato is very secretive when it comes to his family and friends. He likes to keep it that way. But, his intentions are very clear. Yato likes to help people during difficult situations.

Furthermore, Yato proves merciless if any harm comes to his friends. You can see the heights of Yato’s loyalty when Hiyori got abducted and fought for their freedom. Also, the story of the series revolves around how Yato’s luck changed when Hiyori Loki decided to help Yato as his new partner.

What can we expect in the Noragami season 3?

Suppose you are losing patience and wish to read the Noragami manga to know what will happen next. You can read Noragami manga. Now, the question is, “Where can I start reading to get the idea about Noragami season 3?’ Let me help you with that!

The Noragami manga has recently completed its 100 chapters. However, when we talk about anime, the first season of the Noragami covers around 12 chapters of the manga. Also, the second season covers the 38 chapters of the manga series so far. Now, if you are done watching season 2, you can start reading the manga from the chapter to get an idea about the next season.

The second season of the series was probably the best. This is because it continues to fill the void in Yato’s past. On the other hand, the first season focuses more on Yato. The first season’s title is Stary God, which suits best to the plot. Despite being a god, no one knows about Yato. He has his unique way of helping others, as his phone number starts displaying red when someone needs his help. The first season ends when Hiyori decides to help Yato to find him a weapon assistant. 

The second season introduces some characters from Yato’s past, such as Bishamon. Bishamon is the goddess who hates Yato and tries to kill him. However, Bishamon forgives Yato later when she learns the truth behind these killings. Also, the second season revolves around Yato making allies and dealing with some powerful people who want to kill him.

Furthermore, we can expect more drama and action from the third season. Also, the third season will unravel some more interesting truths about Yato’s father and Ebisu. Also, you can expect some new characters too in the next season.

Where can I watch both seasons of Noragami?

Noragami’s overseas popularity is breathtaking as millions of international fans comment and post on social media platforms. The overseas fans are requesting the creators to release the new season as they can’t wait any longer. You will become one of the biggest fans if you watch the show. Being an international sensation, the series has been released on various OTT platforms, including Funimation and Madman Entertainment. North America and Japanese fans can watch the series on Funimation, and Madman Entertainment serves the best anime series in Australia and New Zealand. Also, the series is available on Hulu subscription too.

Noragami season 3

Image Credits: YouTube

Also, the cherry on the cake is that all the international online streaming platforms for Noragami season1 and season 2 consist the dubbed episodes. Now, you can watch the series in English without distracting your mind from the subtitles. Watch it and see how the world of Noragami will blow your mind!

How popular is Noragami series?

The release of a new season depends on the sales and high demand for the show. If we talk about facts, you will be astonished to know how demanding this series has become.

Noragami had the title for the 14 best-selling manga series throughout Japan in 2014. The manga consists of more than 95 chapters and over 25 volumes. Due to its high demand, the whole manga of 25 volumes has been translated into English and other languages, including French, Italian, German, etc. So far, the series has sold more than 5000 blue ray copies per volume.

If we talk about the Noragami anime series, social media is one of the biggest proofs. The official page of Noragami on Twitter has more than 1 million followers. Furthermore, the series celebrated Noragami’s 100 million views on social media platforms last year.

Also, the first season of Noragami was one of Japan’s most searched topics on the google search engine. However, these numbers dropped for the second season for Japan. But, the circumstances are quite the opposite in other countries. The international fans do not disappoint the creators as the second season is quite popular among overseas fans. Also, international fans often comment and post on social media demanding the release date of Noragami season 3.


Though we have no information regarding Noragami season 3, I am sure those who have not seen the series yet will watch it after reading this article. The plot sounds quite interesting and engaging. Hurry up! Thank you for your time. Take care and be safe!

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