Everyone is probably attempting to fit in one last excursion as the summer comes to an end. Many dog owners would like to bring their pets wherever they go, but depending on where you’re going and/or how you’re getting there, it’s not always possible or even advisable to do so. The ultimate goal is to be able to leave your devoted animal companion in the care of a person you can trust, allowing you to travel without worrying about them.

There is a lot you need to know about how to best prepare if you’re new to dog boarding so that you may have the best experience with your dog.

What Advantages Does Veterinarian Boarding My Dog Have Over a Boarding Facility, If Any?

The main advantage of using a vet clinic is that your dog’s well-being will be improved by interactions between the hospital personnel and the boarding facility staff. Because they will bring in at least a veterinary assistant and then, if necessary, the veterinarian if there is some problem there.

Even a slight instance of separation anxiety can cause a dog to experience diarrhoea or stop eating, so the boarding facility staff can speak with the hospital personnel about how to handle these kinds of circumstances for the pet.

It’s convenient to have a veterinarian on-site for emergency situations, even if conventional boarding facilities frequently contact one for problems. You will particularly benefit from this if your dog already has a condition for which a previous diagnosis has been made.

Why Do Some Veterinarians Offer Dog Boarding But Not Others?

The front desk has a lot of work to do, and keeping records is essential. Because boarding requires a lot of floor space and workers, the available space also plays a role. On the other hand, while boarding is a secondary service, a particularly busy boarding facility will support and significantly aid the growth of an animal hospital. As a result, the veterinary clinic will need to consider both benefits and drawbacks before deciding whether to provide boarding as one of its services. If you are travelling and your pet is at home, install a dog fence electric to note their activities and also to keep them safe when you are not there to take care of them.

What inquiries should I make when I visit a kennel or other non-veterinary affiliated boarding facility if that is the only option available to me?

Before anything else, you should find out what the facility’s canine vaccine and faecal standards are for pet admission. If your dog has never received a vaccine, it must finish its series before entering a facility. Pets should be vaccinated about two weeks before being boarded. This is something that any respectable facility will demand, and you ought to desire it to protect your dog from illness and disease.

What information would I require before boarding my dog?

Your dog should be current on all vaccinations, except the Lyme vaccine, as was already indicated. But they should also have that if they live in a Lyme-endemic region. Even though Lyme illness cannot be passed from one dog to another, ticks may be present in the yard where the dogs play. 

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