Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and find a new spawner, meet creatures with unique effects, and use the key to open Ominous Vault!

Minecraft PE, and Ominous Trials

Finally, the update that all players have been waiting for has been released. The developer Mojang proposed the theme of various Trials, making them even more difficult for users. This means that players will encounter more aggressive mobs, and they will have to learn how to defeat them. There are new Ominous items in Minecraft PE, and
  • Bottle;
  • Trial Key;
  • Trial Spawner;
  • Omen.
Players can also get new Bad omen effect. A new version of this effect has appeared in Minecraft. It lasts 15 minutes. Those who want to try the most difficult survival, it is worth activating the Hardcore mode in Minecraft 1.21 apk.

Ominous Bottle

Minecraft PE, and players can get the Bad Omen effect while using the bottle. This item can be obtained in two ways: after killing Raid Captains, or by opening Vault.
Players can use this effect to their advantage in different situations when they need it.

Ominous Trial Key and Vault

The developer Mojang decided that Vault could also be improved and created its Ominous version in Minecraft, and A special key is required to open this block.
Users will receive even more valuable rewards after unlocking it. At the moment, there are some bugs that prevent the Ominous Vault from opening.

Ominous Trial Spawner

All fans of spectacular battles should pay attention to Trial Spawner. This block will create a huge number of opponents who are even more dangerous due to their equipment.
If there is a Bad Omen effect on the Minecraft PE, and player, then the spawner becomes Ominous. It is possible to distinguish it from the usual one due to its textures: they have a blue color, not orange. This is an opportunity to significantly improve your fighting skills, because it is not easy to defeat equipped mobs.

Hardcore Mode

The developers decided to introduce another Hardcore mode into Minecraft, and This is an opportunity for users to gain new experiences, show all their skills and improve survival. The Mojang developer continues to develop this option and promises to update it in the future.
Players can switch modes on the screen at the moment of creating a new world.

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