Download Minecraft 1.22, and 1.22.0 free apk: discover the secrets of Underground City, learn how to repair weapons and armor from new materials, and much more!

Minecraft 1.22, and 1.22.0 : Crystal Update

Anyone who wants to continue their underground adventures and find a lot of new resources will like minecraft 1.22.0 release.

Among the opportunities that players get:

  • Visiting Underground cities;
  • getting crystals;
  • meeting with dwarves;
  • creation of new types of armor.

Underground City

Among the unusual biomes of Minecraft PE 1.22, and 1.22.0, it is worth noting the Underground City. This location contains everything that players need to survive and explore the world.

Here users will find unusual dwarf inhabitants. These mobs are not dangerous to players, but only if no one is trying to capture their territory. In this case, creatures can attack back and deal damage to opponents.

Those who like underground biomes will like these locations. After the release of the unique Trial Chambers in Minecraft bedrock 1.20.80, the developers decided to continue the theme of adventures in dungeons.

Dwarf Armor

Minecraft 1.22, and 1.22.0 has a unique version of armor, which is not inferior in strength to the most popular type, for example, diamond or netherite. It is possible to get these items from the dwarves in the Underground City.

By the way, it is interesting that the armor can be repaired, but for this you need to contact the inhabitants of the Underground City.

Crystal Forest

Another unique place in the updated world of Minecraft PE 1.22, and 1.22.0 is the Crystal Forest. There are new resources in this location that can help players survive. The new material allows players to create durable armor.

It is worth considering that there are some dangers on the territory of the forest. For example, the Crystal Golem, which is the guardian of this territory.

Another exciting feature of this place is the beautiful landscape. Throughout the area, Minecraft 1.22, and 1.22.0 players can see stalactites and stalagmites. Users will also pay attention to the fact that the crystals glow in the dark. It helps to see all the details of the biome even in the dark.

Download Minecraft 1.22, and 1.22.0


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