Video games are like escapism from the real world for a while. As an adult, we are so engaged in our life that we barely get time to work on our hobbies. Or something that makes us happy. Everybody has different preferences to escape from the world. Some like to read books while some prefer to watch movies. However, some like to play video games. Moreover, it is very important to keep ourselves happy. The more you are happy or relaxed, the more you can enjoy every minute of your life. Moreover, you can professionally give better output. Today, we are going to debate one such video game “Minecraft” and “How to make a water elevator in Minecraft.” But before that, let me just introduce you to the game itself.

Itinerary for Minecraft

To begin with, Minecraft is a video game that works on the principle of a “sandbox” type. Sandbox video games offer users a wide area for creativity. Also, the player has to set a goal for himself. Moreover, Mojang Studios developed this interesting 3D game. Moreover, two people together created the game. One is Markus Notch Persson. He created the game in Java Programming language. After Notch stepped down, Jens Jeb Bergensten completed the game development . Apart from that, after various testing, In May 2009, the game has launched. And then fully made public in November 2011. No doubt, the game has acquired incredible attention from the users. The stats can prove it, as the game has sold more than 238 million copies. And to a recent report, Minecraft still has an active users, around 140 million, as of February 2021.

Minecraft Gameplay

As for Minecraft gameplay, Players explore the 3D world of the game. It consists of tactically generated blocks in the gaming world, including endless virtual terrain. In addition to that, the game also offers different game modes to the players. Henceforth, depending on Minecraft’s mode, users can fight with mobs that are managed by the computer. Along with this, players can also play with and against other players in the game world. In addition to that, one of the game modes is Survival, in which the users acquire resources to maintain their health and build the world.

However, in creative mode in which, players can get access to limitless resources and ingress the flight. Users can modify the game to create new mechanics, assets, gameplay, and items. Also, the game was highly respected by the players and won several awards. After its immense popularity and love by the players, it became the “Greatest video game of all time.” Moreover, several social media platforms, merchandise, adaptations, parodies, and the annual Minecon Summit played a significant role in publicizing the game. Apart from that, Minecraft is also used for educational purposes such as computer science, computer-aided design, and chemistry.

Uses of an elevator in Minecraft

How to make a water elevator in Minecraft

We all are well acquainted with the use of the elevator. Even we use the elevator in our daily routine while traveling in the Metro or running errands in shopping malls. Henceforth, the use of the elevator is also the same. However, an elevator is used as a vertical transport arrangement in the gaming world. The elevator carries mobs, players, and items between different apartments of the same building. Moreover, If the game design is simpler, then the players can cross them either by walking or swimming. However, if the designs are complex, players are carried to hundreds of blocks with just a click only.

Now, you have understood the use of an elevator. It’s time to know the material used in it and then how to make a water elevator in Minecraft.

Materials used to make a water elevator.

From the title itself, we can get an idea that the main component is “Water.” But the question is what else a player needs to make a water elevator in Minecraft. Thus, apart from water, players need a bucket or container to fill the water into the reader’s knowledge. In addition to that, your favorite blocks, one block of magma, one Soul Sand block, two any type of wooden signs.

Moreover, for the players’ knowledge, they can make buckets with 3 iron pods each. And when you create them, find some source of water blocks from any water bodies such as the river or ocean. And for the Magma blocks and Soul Sound, players can find them in many areas of the Nether. Also, keep in mind to be well equipped with shields as Nether is dangerous. Apart from that, try to use glass blocks for the wall to make it appear cool, but it hardly matters which block you are using.

  • Spruce Doors
  • Any wooden sign
  • Buckets
  • Glass Blocks
  • Magma for going down
  • Kelp
  • Sand soul for going up

These are items used to make elevators that function upward as well as downward.

Procedure on How to make water elevator in Minecraft

In this section, we provide all the players with a step-by-step process on How to make water elevator in Minecraft. Simply follow the steps mentioned below and play the game on the next level. So, without any further delay. Let’s start:-

  • To begin with, start gathering all the glass blocks in one place. Also, do not forget to determine at which place you want to make an elevator. Moreover, the quantity of the glass box depends on the player’s will. It means it depends on how high the player wants the elevator. For example, if you want to travel on the 9 floors, multiply it by 4. Henceforth, you required 36 glass boxes to make an elevator that transports you on 9 floors.
  • After determining the place and gathering all the blocks, it’s time to create the bucket for water. We have already explained the making process in the earlier section. Once crafted, collect water in the bucket.
  • Apart from the above, it’s time to dive into the ocean to find Kelp.  And, at last, visit Nether to find Magma block and Soul sand for upwards and downward directions. Also, you have to explore the place to find both of them as they are hatched anywhere.
  • Now, you have arranged all the materials in one place. Now, it is time to hatch the eggs.

Elevator making process 

How to make a water elevator in Minecraft

Image Credit: Pinterest

  • After gathering all the material in one place, start with constructing the glass block enclosure. Keep in mind that the player has to leave the center empty or hollow. And the three should be arranged beside each other. The level of the elevator depends on the player’s choice of how many floors he wants to travel.
  • Now, place a closed door in an open space to prevent water from running out of the elevator.
  • After doing all such processes like a pro, it is the right time to add salt to your dish. I mean, now, add the main component, which is “water.” Fill the elevator using an iron bucket from the top block. As a result, water also flows in between glass blocks of an elevator. But there is a catch. The water should be a source block. Henceforth, to solve the problem, use Kelp that you find in the ocean.
  • Therefore, fill the water using Kelp. Kelp helps the water to become a source block.
  • Now, you have done all the tiring processes. Let’s begin the ending. For this, players need to replace the very bottom block with either magma block or soul sand.
  • Soul sand pushes your character in an upward direction. However, Magma blocks in the downward direction.

A process on How to make a water elevator in Minecraft in a nutshell

To conclude the process, the player has to place columns beside each other to form a confined space. After that, place the closed door to prevent leakage of water. And then, fill it with water starting from the top. Use Kelp to convert each water block into a source block and turn all the water flow in it. And finally, replace the bottom block of the elevator with Magma rock or soul sand depending upon the direction of the elevator.

The bottom line: How to make a water elevator in Minecraft

The article covers the procedure of making the water elevator in a video game. Moreover, Minecraft also allows its access to different platforms such as Xbox Series, Mobile, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PS5. Apart from that, players can also make creative and amazing elevators by using the basic structure as taught above. So, hold the seats and enjoy the roller coaster ride of the gameplay. And also use different zones to explore Minecraft’s world.

I hope you like the article. And also, make comments and let us know what else you want to know about the game, as there are many unexplored things that players can use to make it more interesting. Also, please bookmark the page and also tell me on which topic you want the next article. For more updates, please turn on the notifications and do visit our website daily!!

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