Initially released on 7th July 2017, Castlevania, Grimore of Souls Animated series successfully made it to acquire high-rating on Netflix. Most of the credit for such good viewership of Castlevania Season 1 to Season 4 goes to its dark fantasies and horror twists that keep the audience alive and excited. But, what’s more, exciting nowadays is the talk of Castlevania Season 5. That’s right! On May 13th, 2021, Castlevania Season 4 was released on Netflix. It had a total of 10 episodes. Without a doubt, the 10th episode of season 4 of Castlevania left its audience in a cliffhanger, sort of!

For example, at the end of season 4, the team lost to Belmont. Lenore doesn’t want to live in a cage because it is under Isaac’s eye of attention and supervision. Even though in the end, the storyline of Castlevania seems to be complete. Yet, of course, if Netflix announces Castlevania season 5, viewers can get complete closure. 

In 2021, the makers of Castlevania announced that the series is 100% complete with its season 4th’s 10th episode. However, rumors are that Netflix is planning a spin-off to create Castlevania season 5. Want to know more about the possibility of season 5? Let’s get started: 

What is Castlevania Season 5? Is it confirmed by Netflix? 

To begin with, Netflix has not confirmed the possibility of season 5 for the Castlevania Animated series. In 2017 on 7th July, the Castlevania Grimoire of Souls Animated Series was first released on the platform. It caught the attention of millions of viewers online as the craze of animated series was particularly new at the time. Further ahead, in the same year, it also received a 91% rating online. 

Castlevania Season 5

Image credit: Deadline and Netflix, Castlevania Season 5

Released on May 13th 2021, Castlevania season 4 ended with 10 episodes on Netflix. Since then, viewers of Castlevania have been confused about whether it was an end? Or is Netflix renewing the Castlevania series for season 5? Well! We regret to inform you that Castlevania season 5 is not coming out. 

A few months back, rumors about Netflix creating Castlevania season 5 as a spin-off surrounded the internet. Unfortunately, it is nothing but a rumor only. Fans are still unable to believe that the Castlevania animated series has come to an end? However, it is a bitter truth. 

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know? In 2020, Castlevania animated series was almost canceled after the release of Season 3. Inside details reveal that the creators of the show were accused of sexual misconduct and charged with the same. As a result, Netflix decided to release one more season to give the series’ viewers a proper closure. 

Is the Castlevania Season 5 trailer out? 

Once again, Castlevania season 5 is no longer on the lines of Netflix’s priority. According to the current affairs at Netflix, the Castlevania animated series ended with its 4th season. There is no official trailer released for Castlevania season 5. On the contrary, many youtube channels created unofficial Castlevania season 5 trailers which are quite interesting to look at. 

To the reader’s surprise, many Castlevania season 5 unofficial trailers deliver spin-offs and predictions regarding the show. According to our research, most of the predictions are based on the Castlevania gaming series. Did you know? In actuality, both Castlevania game series versus Castlevania animated series is far distinct from each other. 

Surprisingly enough, the Castlevania animated series (2017) season 1 was actually based on Castlevania III Dracula’s Curse. Meaning that the makers of the animated series skipped over Castlevania I and II’s storyline from the game series. 

Yet, of course, the game series vs. the animated series of Castlevania is nowhere near “same or parallel.” For example, in the Castlevania Game Series III Dracula’s Curse, the vampires face a big-time disadvantage due to their evil nature. However, in the animated series, vampirism is not a disadvantage but a power and strength for the characters. 

Thus, the stories are quite distinct. 

Has the Castlevania series ended with season 4? Castlevania Animation ending explained!

To begin with, the answer is yes. The Castlevania animated series came to an end in May 2021. Its last season will be released on Netflix on May 13th, 2021. Millions of viewers streamed the last season without expecting such an unexpected ending. 

Castlevania Season 5

Image credit: LRMonline and Netflix

Do you also want to know what happened? How did Castlevania season 4 end? Let’s find out — 

What is the plot of the Castlevania Season 5 animated series? 

For the most part, the Castlevania animated series’ storyline is quite simple and not very rare. Since it is based on witchcraft, vampirism, monsters, and vampire hunters, you can take a lot of hints from The Vampire Diaries — One of the most elite vampire-based series in television history. 

According to the storyline details of Castlevania, the story revolves around Dracula and a vampire hunter in town named Trevor Belmont. Inside details reveal that Dracula’s wife was burned alive at the stake in Wallachia, their town. 

As a result, Dracula declared war against the people. However, powerless people couldn’t do anything to kill or fight the powerful Dracula. Hence, many died as a result of Dracula’s rage. On the contrary, the generation of vampire hunters also disappeared, except for Trevor Belmont. 

Seeing the situation and terror of monsters in his town, Trevor decides to take this fight into his own hands. His main goal is to defeat the Lord of Vampire— Dracula. 

What happens at the end of the Castlevania animated series?

To begin with, the ending of the Castlevania season 4 is somewhat satisfying. According to the climax of the series, Saint Germain attempts one last time to bring back Dracula Life, who is in Hell. However, Saint Germain was actually advised by Death itself. Death was playing with Saint Germain to enjoy his desperately. Death has impersonated Varney, a vampire character in the series. 

However, to the viewers’ surprise, Death has come to resurrect Dracula. The reason is that Dracula has constantly killed people in the past. Henceforth, keeping the Lord of Death satisfied at all times. 

Thus, in order to stop Death from resurrecting Dracula, Trevor Belmont kills Death by accomplishing and using a special dagger. Yet, of course, Death cannot die. So, he traps him in an infinite loop. 

Castlevania Season 5

Image credit: Den of Geek

After his conquest of Dracula and Death and victory in both wars, Trevor Belmont returns to the castle. His commencement to the castle surprises Sylph, who thought that Trevor had died. 

In this way, the story of the Castlevania animated series comes to an end. Or has it? The answer is unknown. In the end, viewers are shown the fact that Sylph is pregnant. Hence, she will soon give birth and bring another warrior into this world. 

Since “Death” also has not died, there is a possibility that he or his allies will free him from the infinite realm. However, all these are just predictions. Don’t we know what’s going to happen next? Or if this is the end. 

Why did Netflix cancel Castlevania Season 5? 

According to the research, Netflix, prior to the Warren Ellis controversy, had plans to extend the Castlevania series beyond Season 4. To begin with, released initially in 2017, Castlevania captured the attention of millions of viewers on the platform. It continued up marketing till 2020. 

In 2020, Castlevania animated series was downgraded because of the Warren Ellis controversy. Inside details reveal that Warren Ellis, one of the markers of the show, was accused of sexual harassment. Warren Ellis is one of the most elite British Comic Book Writers. 

The history of sexual misconduct related to Warren Ellis is not new to the media. In the span of 20 years, over 60 women and other gender individuals have accused him of sexual harassment and molestation. His alleged victims created an online group called “SO Many of Us.” In this group, multiple alleged victims came forward and shared their stories of harassment at the hands of Warren Ellis. 

Image credit: US Gamer

Indeed, many alleged victims claimed that “emotional toture” had constantly used by Warren. Further ahead, Victims also alleged that from the early 2000s – to 2010, Warren had over 19 sexual partners unknown to each other. He kept every person he was in a relationship with (emotionally abusive behavior and force) in the dark. 

Not only this, but many victims also confirmed that Warren used to record and promote pornography exchanges with them. He starts off by maintaining an intense and deep attachment with his victim. Then, slowly drags them to create sexual relationships with them. 

Due to all these sexual misconducts by multiple people indulged in the group “So Many of Us,” Netflix 2020 declared that it would release Season 4 as the final one. 

Is Castlevania really over? Will Castlevania Season 5 ever come? 

For now, it has confirmed that Castlevania has ended with the release of season 4. However, there’s a possibility that Netflix may pick up Castlevania for a spin-off based on a parallel universe. It has not confirmed, but many viewers believe so. 

Where can you watch Castlevania seasons? 

You can stream all of Castlevania’s four seasons on Netflix. On the contrary, there’s a possibility that Netflix will create a brand-new series with a storyline familiar to Castlevania. Although, the characters will be entirely new. It has acknowledged as the “Castlevania Universe” in the future. 

Thus, if you love Castlevania, don’t lose hope yet. Soon enough, Netflix will bring a gem of new animated series. 

For now, you can also play the Castlevania game series. It is an exciting and famous game among gamers on Discord. For more information on the Castlevania season 5 game series, you can drop “more” in the comment section. We will get back to you. 

Top hidden facts about Castlevania — Stay tuned!

Even though Castlevania season 5 is not coming out anytime soon. You can still enjoy this series by digging deep into its history of this series. Here are some top facts about Castlevania that you did not know —


  • Did you know? In the actual Castlevania game series, the Vampire hunter’s mainstream weapon was a whip. However, in the Netflix Castlevania series, the whip changed to other sub-weapons like daggers and axes. 


  • Not many viewers know this, but the Castlevania animated series took a decade to finally commence on the televised platform (Netflix). In 2007, the writers dedicated themselves to converting Castlevania into a series. At the time, Netflix was not a big-time and well-built platform. 

Image credit: News Times San Luis Obispo and NETFLIX

  • Did you know? The voice cast of the Castlevania animated series on Netflix is indeed related. That’s right! Both Trevor Belmont and Dracula’s respective cast members had picked from another animated film called “The Hobbit.” It includes Richard Armitage and Graham McTavish. Other cast members included — James Callis, Lance Reddick, Bill Nighy, and Alejandra Reynoso. 


  • Adi Shankar, the producer of the Castlevania animated series, is indeed prominent for his “Black magic” writings in the animated series and films. After dropping Castlevania season 5, he is planning a comeback on Netflix with another series called “Assassin’s creed property.” 

What’s more? 

Without a doubt, Castlevania will remain an unforgettable series even after its end within four seasons. Binge-watch it now on Netflix. For now, the release date of Castlevania season 5 is not out. For more information on the subject, you can bookmark us. We give you regular updates on what’s happening on the set of your favorite films and series. 

Thank you for reading with us. 

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