Witcher 3 is all about giving the game look at a famous novel ‘The Witcher series of fantasy’ by Andrzej Sapkowski. It is an amazing action role-playing game. The game has been developed as well as published by Polish Developer CD Projekt Red. The game is simply more than its name or appearance. Each and every step of this game is full of adventure and mystery witcher 3 alternative looks. 

But playing this game is a bit tricky. Actually, most of the games from the same genre are tricky to play. In order to play such type of game, you need to think from a different point of view. In order to win here in this game, you have to master witcher 3 alternative looks too. How to make that possible- we are going to share that today.

Not only mastering alternative looks but also other important tips today we are going to share with you. In this way, you will not only win the game but also experience a whole new style of the game. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the winning tips

Give Alchemy some importance

According to expert players, Alchemy is truly important for a Witcher. And that’s why we are suggesting to master it. Here, most of the loots you are going to gather during the travels are going to serve a purpose later on. So, it will be better if you spend a few minutes more in the alchemy tab and search for available recipes. Here, you will be able to create the required oils for your weapons, potions, and bombs. 

Here, you will also find that more recipes are becoming available for both purchase and loot. So, it will be better if you keep a close eye on these facts too. Swords and signs are fascinating-we can understand that. But you should never underestimate the use of potions or other tools before and during the fight. 

If you are using Roach, stay only on the roads 

Without any doubt, Roach is the best partner of a player in this game. But some players also say that keeping an eye always on the stamina while the player is galloping is tiring. We can say that if you are on the road, you can double-tap the designated button. The roach will be on the road and move only on the road in this way. Based on the track, you just have to move left or right and the rest task will be well handled automatically. 

Quen: the best place to invest 

In the Witcher 3 game, each sign comes with a specific purpose. And you will easily understand how to use the best of them during the need. According to expert players, Quen seems truly helpful during fights. You will experience the same thing while obtaining the exploding shield skill. In this way, you will be able to craft a protective field near Geralt. In this way, this character will be able to protect himself from attack and deal with the damage at the same time. 

We suggest using the exploding shield during the first tier of skills. It will not be early to obtain it. You can make use of it early and you will not regret it later. The second skill of the Quen’s tree is known as active as well as interesting alternative mode. 

The second skill will provide you better as well as a larger area of protection. After the upgrade, you will find that it is healing Geralt based on the damage. It also does not use stamina where it is not in the active mode. 

The alternate look for Triss is gorgeous, but infuriatingly impractical? : witcher

Image credit: reddit.com

Upgrade 4 and Axii too

Here you will get a large host of upgrades. They all are available for your magic. But being the pro in the game, we can suggest you focus on the Axii sign. 

By using Axii on the enemies will help you in stunning the enemies temporarily. You can use this technique to land a heavy strike or more when your enemies are defenseless. If there are more groups to attack you, you can use it on an enemy group and ignore others. I mean by ignoring one enemy, you will be able to focus on other enemies. 

There is another important factor such as you can use Axii in the dialogues to properly influence the action of others. It also brings new opportunities that can save you from fighting with people that are not necessary.

Do friendship with Oils 

Oils are known as momentary upgrades. You can use these momentary upgrades on the weapons to make them powerful or more usable. Most of the oil will help you in boosting the effectiveness of the swords. Such a sword you can use to defeat a special type of enemy. Here, you need to take well care of all strengths and weaknesses otherwise playing them right will not be possible. 

No matter you are rich with witcher 3 ballad heroes or not, poring concentration on strengths and weaknesses is always important. 

Do not forget to check the local board

According to the expert players, whenever a player arrives at a new destination, it will be better if he/she checks the local board. 

So, while playing, if you end up arriving at a new destination, it will be better if you check the local messages. You will find new information as well as a tip on the boards. This information, tip, and messages will help you in new contracts, side missions, and so on. Apart from this, it will also help you in unlocking new questions.

Pay attention to the difference between rolling and dodging 

It feels awkward when someone gives you information on rolling and dodging. Apparently, both of these actions seem quite similar to each other. But there is a sound difference. And if you do not pay attention to that, you may suffer later. 

When it comes to dodges, we can say that Geralt performs short and quick movements. He will make the direction towards you play the dodge button. 

On the other hand, rolling also offers a similar experience. But it covers more ground. We have also seen that animation takes longer until he is on his feet back again. 

We can say that both types of movements are really amazing for close quarters. When it comes to facing bigger enemies, we will suggest you using rolling instead of dodging. Enemies that come with undodgeable attacks require rolling movement from your end. 

Alternative look for Yennefer | Witcher Wiki | Fandom

Image Credit : witcher.fandom.com

Save your life by parrying 

Depending on the enemy Perry will be an amazing hit or a super miss. Still, we will say that it deserves your attention. The white wolf is really effective when it comes to blocking the incoming attacks with the swords. Based on the timing, you can trigger a parry. It will also help you to deny all damages. Before using this trick, checking the situation is also important. 

If you find that you are having difficulty holding a good parry, you should check that you are holding down the block button or not. In this kind of situation, you can wait until you see the name of an enemy in the red. 

Here, we can give you another tip. And that is everything on the table cannot be parried. You can take the help of the parry to deal with enemies with a similar or lower height. 

Here enabling alternative looks is also possible. And that makes the game more exciting. witcher 3 alternative looks Reddit is still trending on various platforms. Players need more information about it. 

Availing the alternative looks is super easy. The entire process is straightforward. Here, players need to manually activate them in the main menu. Here, the player should go into the Gameplay tab and scroll to the bottom of the list. 

Witcher 3 alternative look for ciri or other looks can be selected individually. The player here is completely free to mix and match them with default outfits. 

The wild hunt alternative looks: How to access

Three characters or three looks: Ciri, Yenefer, and Tress each have amazing alternative looks. This is actually a message of how the powerful woman looks like. 

There is a variety of different armor sets that players can properly equip to Geralt. 


Like all other games, this is just another game that brings amazing pleasure to you. You should not spend most of the time playing this game. You should not hamper your study or career over any kind of game. 

Playing a game is addictive. But you have to handle it with sincerity. If you find that you are getting addicted to any kind of game, you should take a pause. 

Playing Witcher 3 is full of pleasure and it can bring vigor to you. We have shared a lot about this game. If you have more to say, you can attach that to our comment box. 

We love hearing back from our readers! 

So, let us know your experience with our articles and keep enjoying such a game! 

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