Story of seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

Story of seasons is a business simulation (SIM) game, a remake version of the classic GBA game “Ore Town”. Players can enjoy themselves by planting fruits and vegetables, caring for animals, communicating with residents, and getting married to others. This is a casual game, which is suitable for those people who are suffering from a fast-paced life or some troubles in the real life in order to enjoy a relatively leisurely life in the game world. You need a switch console and a controller which is adapted to the switch or you can play the game directly through the PC. Now let the editor give you a brief introduction to you.

The story begins with a letter.

The mayor of Ore Town invites you to inherit your grandpa’s ranch.

Distant memories also unfolded slowly with the letter.

You’ve spent a pleasant vacation on the ranch.

Here you experienced the happiness of affection, friendship, and harvest.

This time, you will take over the ranch personally.

Strive to become a qualified rancher.

Players act as a rancher in the game, who are responsible for plating crops and feeding animals. This is the main source of getting money and one of the most important points of this game.


Plow the land with a hoe and pick up various miscellaneous vegetables, stones, and branches. Or mow the grass with a sickle and clear the stones and wooden with the hammer and ax. And then the player could expand the planting area gradually. At the same time, you could plant the seeds you bought on the land you’ve hoped for. Water it once a day and then the soil will become darker. In order to accelerate the growth of the crops, you can even buy some fertilizers. After the maturity of the crops, they can be collected and put into the shipping box to exchange for money.


Ranchers could build the chicken sheds and barns through the accumulation of initial seeds, exploration, and collection. Now we suppose that you have bought 5 kinds of animals: cow, sheep, alpaca, chicken and angora rabbit. You can’t arrange these animals arbitrarily. You should put cows, sheep, and alpacas in the animal huts. Chicken and angora rabbits should be raised in their cages. You should replenish the fodder, brush the fur, and clean for the animals every day. You even have to interact and have a chat with the animals and you need to spend time touching them to enhance their growth. If you dedicate your energy and daily care to them, you’ll get high-quality livestock products. You can deal with them in two ways, one is to sell them and you can get money, and the other one is to breed them to obtain more new animals.


The rancher’s energy is limited. You should know that every activity that needs the tool will consume your energy. If you use up your energies, it’ll be a little difficult for you to use other tools. Going out in bad weather, using tools, or working late can also accumulate fatigue. If you’re too exhausted, you’ll faint and be taken to the hospital, which will occupy your time working. It’s not worth it, is it? You can recover the strength and fatigue by soaking in hot springs and having meals. However, going to bed earlier is the best way and you will be full of energy the next day!

What is a rancher working for? Of course, it’s to make money. Definitely, making money is to enjoy life. The first step to enjoying life is to make yourself more comfortable. So your home can have more interactive facilities.

For example, after expanding the house once, you can add cooking facilities, cooking tools, and use materials for cooking. Make delicious meals from recipes to restore, sell, give as gifts, and more. In addition, you’ll have a TV that provides weather forecasts, news, and various variety and educational programs. The calendar on the wall is important. The time of various events will be recorded so that you can prepare in advance. When you learn about the townspeople’s birthdays, there will also be records. Keeping a diary and reading a diary is an access file. Interacting with the mirror can transform your haircut. The organizer can store props, materials, and other items. The toolbox is where various production tools are placed. Outdoor mailbox interaction can get mail. Many important emails will trigger plots and missions.

In addition, as town dwellers and game players, we must understand the environment and situation around us so that we can easily start plots and missions. Click F and you can open the map to see routes and buildings. Pointing the mouse to the building can help you to see the detailed introduction.

Don’t overlook those small houses, caves, tents, etc. These are important scenes. Some areas are open spaces, and new residents may move in as the story progresses, providing new features and interactions.

Mary’s Library: Closed on Mondays, open 10 am to 4 pm. Checking information is available.

Grocery Store: Closed on Tuesdays and Sundays, open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can buy seeds, fertilizers, backpacks, and other groceries here. When the shipment could reach a certain extent, players will also unlock grocery items.

Ore Hospital: Closed on Wednesdays, open for consultations from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Here you can get the potions with boosting abilities.

Dart’s store: Open from 8 am to 9 pm, and sometimes NPC will not be available. Here provides you with various dishes and some missions are also required.

Sabala Blacksmith: Closed on Thursdays, 10 am to 4 pm. A place to upgrade and buy various tools. Adamantite and Oriha Steel ore can also be processed.

Yodel Ranch:Closed on Monday, open from 10 am to 3 pm. It’s a place to buy

barn animals and props.

Kai’s Sea House: Closed on Sundays, open from 11 am to 1 pm and 5 pm to

7 pm. Provide fishing equipment and materials.

Beach: Closed in winter. Open only on sunny days. 6 in the morning and 5 in

the evening.

Logging House: Closed on Saturday, 11 in the morning and 4 in the evening,

NPCs will occasionally go out randomly. Ranch construction requires logging


Church: The church is a place for you to repent: <Bullying animals> <Not

Take good care of animals>: All animals have a good opinion +5;

Fainted><Can’t sleep every day>: Fatigue -2 or Stamina +10, etc.


First, we get the fishing rod at Zac’s house on the Ore Coast, then we go to the

fishing spot to fish. There are 8 fishing spots in the game, but I have only been

to Virgin Mountain Lake so far, and interested players can explore all the

fishing spots. In addition, I heard that there are 27 species of fish, of which

there are 7 kingfish, but the probability of catching is not large, but if you are

lucky enough to live, you can catch kingfish.

Love and marriage

Are you looking for a lover? Whether it is a heterosexual or a same-sex

marriage object (same-sex is called a close friend), you can trigger love

events until marriage by increasing the love degree. Players can choose their

favorite characters as their love goals and marriage goals according to their

own preferences, and then go to attack her/him.

Marriage partner:

Burberry: Female, playful and beautiful

Information: Mother (Lilia), Brother (Rick)

Favorite: fried egg, omelet, nasi lemak, bibimbap

Likes: strawberries, regular-quality eggs, hard-boiled eggs, cookies, pudding, madeleines, diamonds

Likes: pineapple, milk S, stew

Regular: carrots, hot spring eggs, cheesecake

Dislikes: Turnips, pumpkins, vegetable juices, rice cakes

Dislikes: Mountain grape juice, shredded pork with super spicy green peppers

Players can gain her favor through her information.


Gender: female, confident and strong

Residence: grocery store

Information: Father (Jeff), Mother (Sasha)


Favorite: French fries, popcorn, margaritas

Likes: cheese S, bamboo shoots, premium grape juice, mountain grape juice, sashimi, super spicy side dishes

Likes: Potatoes, regular-quality eggs, cream

Ordinary: turnip, milk S, curry rice

Dislikes: honey, chocolate, cookies

Dislikes: Orange Chocolate, Wool S, Emerald

For Karen, the things he likes and dislikes are also very clear.

Dislikes desserts, and she likes salty and spicy things. In particular, fast-food

items such as “popcorn” are most popular with her.


Gender: Female, bookish, Xiaojiabiyu

Residence: Bakir’s house, Mary’s library

Family members: Father (Bakir), Mother (Anna)

Favorite: vegetable juice, leisure tea

Likes: bamboo shoots, black grass, chocolate, grape bread, chocolate chip

cookies, roasted chestnuts, letter bottles

Likes: tomato, honey, yellow grass, cheesecake

Normal: Turnips, Normal Quality Eggs, Sandwiches

Dislikes: fried rice, curry bread, waste ore

Dislikes: Weeds, stones, branches, pirate treasures, empty cans

Mary’s favorite things are “vegetable juice” and “leisure tea”.


Gender: Female, cute

Residence: Ore Hospital

Family members: Grandmother (Ellen), younger brother (U)

Favorite: Moon-viewing balls, almond tofu, red vermilion, Venus of orange

I like it very much: milk S, ball powder, tricolor flower

Likes: bluegrass, sandwiches, emeralds

Normal: Turnip, Normal Quality Egg, Honey

Dislikes: green peppers, fried eggs, omelet

Dislikes: Super spicy shredded pork with green peppers, super spicy noodles


Gender: female, sexy and generous

Accommodation: tent

Family members: none

Favorite: chestnut rice, roasted chestnuts, French chestnut cake

Likes: chocolate, sweet potatoes, cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pudding,


Likes: turnips, honey, oil, roasted corn

Normal: Hot Spring Egg, Apple, Bluegrass, Okonomiyaki

Dislikes: Cheese S, cheesecake, small fish

Dislikes: Poisonous mushrooms, stones, empty cans, boots, fish bones

Love chestnut-based foods and desserts

Here are some male subjects:


Gender: Male Sven Gentleman

Residence: Chick and Lilia

Family members: mother (Lilia), younger sister (Burberry)

Favorite: hot spring eggs

Likes: corn, regular-quality eggs, high-quality eggs, mayonnaise S, fried eggs,


Likes: corn, rice balls, french fries

Regular: Onion, Apple, Bread, Okonomiyaki

Dislikes: pumpkin, sweet potato, boiled eggs, rice cakes

Dislikes: Curry Bread, Wool S, Diamonds


Gender: male cool

Family members: Grandfather (Sebala)

Favorite: Grilled corn

Likes: super strength medicine, super anti-fatigue medicine, chocolate, fried

rice, copper, silver, gold, mithril

Likes: tomatoes, normal-quality eggs, curry udon noodles

Regular: cucumber, grape juice, cookies

Dislikes: turnips, hot spring eggs, rice with bamboo shoots, red beans

Dislikes: Poisonous mushrooms, weeds, stones, empty cans, boots


Gender: male cool and handsome

Family members: none

Favorite: Milk S, Milk M, Milk L, Milk G, Milk P, Milk X

Likes: honey, poisonous mushrooms, red grass, stewed vegetables

Likes: turnip, soba, coffee milk S

Regular: cucumber, fried rice, cookies

Dislikes: cakes, chocolate cakes, diamonds

Dislikes: Popcorn, Margaritas, Boots

These are some obvious lovers that you can choose, however, we can also

find a hidden lover. She is super adorable and beautiful, isn’t she?

There are many other hidden lovers you can choose, just according to your


These are some tips shared by the editor, not very detailed, but it is more fun

to play by yourself, without too many spoilers. This upgraded version of the

game is for PC, if you want to play the light version you can play the Switch


Pojifi provides you with various sorts of controllers,

you can use them to improve your gaming experience. We also have a

controller with high configuration which is specially used for games.


And if you want to share more ideas, you can go to our official

website. People are crazy about vengeance from a saint full of wounds
spoiler as a novel for entertainment.

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