They are introducing a new 3D Pokemon Adventure with lots of Pokemon you’ve never seen. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y introduce a new generation of Pokemon and introduce players to exciting new adventures.

Boys and girls can go on a trip, and you can freely choose the hero’s appearance. Find the style that suits you and embark on a journey. Your adventure takes place in the vast Kalos region, exploring the city, meeting people, and meeting many Pokemon. Don’t miss Lumiose City, the heart of the area Pokemon x rom.

Look for a whole new Fairy-type Pokemon, the first new type of Pokemon since the introduction of dark and steel type Pokemon. Fairy-type moves are excellent for dragon-type Pokemon. One of the Fairy-type Pokemon, Sylveon, a new evolution of Eevee.

The new battle format is also fun for new players and Pokemon pros. In Sky Battle, there is a duel between flying Pokemon, and in Horde’s encounter, one Pokemon competes. These new modes challenge every Pokemon his trainer.

Pokemon x rom and Pokémon Y

introduce 72 new Pokémon species and other features that enrich the battles. Such as mega evolutions or the new fairy type, the possibility of customizing the appearance of the character. New online functionalities such as the prodigious exchange, among other things. The graphic aspect has been renewed mainly in 3D.

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In addition to the new battle types, you can also take care of Pokemon with the Pokemon Amy feature. Feed, stroke, and play with your Pokemon to deepen your bond. The more you play with Pokemon, the more familiar they are and perhaps the better their performance in combat.

There are many encounters in the Kalos region. Studying Pokemon and is asking you and your friends for help. However, the mysterious Team may also encounter members of the flare organization.

What they are doing is everyone’s guess. Your journey will take you through the Kalos region, where the history of the games takes place, to get eight gym medals and be able to participate in the Pokémon League. But your adventure will not be without obstacles, as a mysterious organization is preparing to implement an evil plan.

Pokemon X and Y : Pokemon X and Y English Rom



1. Features – Pokemon x rom

  • When the player is not in combat or other particular circumstances, the touch screen functionality has been completely revamped
  • Player Search System (PSS). This model has all the online features games and shows other players grouped into three groups: friends if you have registered your friend code known whether exchanged or fought with them once and passersby when connected simultaneously but have never been interacted. It has two buttons:
  • one to connect to the Internet and the other to access exchanges and online battles and synchronize the game. From here, you can access the GTS and introduce a new option, the prodigious exchange, which consists of exchanging a random Pokémon for any other.
  •  Poké Recess. It is a place where the trainer can interact with his Pokémon to increase their level of affection (not to be confused with friendship ). In addition, it will help Pokémon make critical hits and evade attacks more frequently. Also, if you have two hearts in the Poké Recreation, the Pokémon will receive more experience.
  • Super workouts. They allow you to raise the EVs of Pokémon in a fast and fun way by participating in a series of minigames that consist of shooting balls at moving goals.

2. Characters

• As for the characters, the most important novelty is that you can customize the appearance of the protagonists (hair color, skin color, and eye color). They can also change their clothes, hat, shoes, and other accessories by buying them in stores in different cities, wherein each store will have clothes of a different style. There is also a beauty salon where you can make these changes.
• A new photographer appears, similar to the one featured in Pokémon Heart Gold and Pokémon Soul Silver. Thus, at some points marked with a sign, it is possible to take photos. Now you control the camera in certain aspects.
Beyond these novelties, the cast of characters in the game is very similar to other video games:
• The female protagonist is called Serena, and the male protagonist is called Kalm, although the player can put whatever name he wants.
• The opposing team is called Team Flare, which will have its science team led by Xero. The head of Team Flare is called Lysson, a visionary with a passion for technology with the idea of creating a beautiful new world.
• The player has four friends: Xana, Beni, Trovato, and the other protagonist (so if you are Kalm, your friend will be Serena and vice versa). These appear numerous times throughout the adventure, helping the character and, sometimes, engaging him in combat.
• new pokemon x rom Professor in the region is Professor Cypress.
• gym leaders are Violeta , Lino , Corelia , Amaro , Lem , Valeria , Ástrid and Édel .

3. Objects

• Two new fossils are included, the jaw fossil, from which Tyrunt will be revived, and the fin fossil, from which Amaura will be revived.
• The Poke-Radar will reappear in this game. You can only get it after passing the Pokemon x rom League.
• You can acquire a new elemental table, the goblin table, which is used to change the type from Arceus to the fairy type.

4. Idiom

Unlike previous instalments, the game is available in seven languages in the same cartridge, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean, regardless of the game’s region. Once the language of the game is selected, you can no longer change it during the entire game.

5. Story:

The plot of pokemon x rom and Pokémon Y tells the adventure of Kalm or Serena, the name of the male and female characters, respectively (although you can change it), which the player controls. The said trip through Kalos leaves Boceto town, where the protagonist has recently moved with his mother.

His friends Xana, Beni, Trovato, and Kalm / Serena (it will be the one that the player does not choose) have also embarked on their adventure, whose path crosses that of the player on several occasions.

The teacher Cypress has selected five for assistance to identify and study the species in the region and instruct them on another mission: to investigate the Mega Evolution. This ancient phenomenon affects some pokemon x rom. The characters go first to the Vánitas people, due to their antiquity, and then to the Yantra city, where the mega yayo lives.

This older adult solves the mystery and explains how Mega Evolution works to a group of friends, after which the player can use Mega Evolution himself.

More about story

After the encounter, the adventure continues with the traditional double objective: complete the Pokédex (commissioned by the teacher) and become Champion of the Kalos Pokémon League, You fight against several trainers in a row until you find the leader of the Battle Mansion.

But the journey through the region is not completely peaceful. A group of malefactors, calling themselves Team Flare, interrupt the player’s journey.

As the adventure progresses, the protagonist meets Team Flare in different places: first the Bright Cave, then the Kalos Central, source of energy for the region, later the Poké Balls Factory,

whose production is essential for catching Pokémon  Each time the player thwarts Team Flare’s plans, it becomes more apparent that they are implementing an evil plan, the details of which are unclear. Thus, the third mission of the player will end up being to stop the villains before it is too late.

6. Region

In the Kalos ecosystem, the green color predominates, having many forests in the area. There are rivers and a large desert to the east of the map. Some islands surround the north of the region. This new place presents its novelties:

  • However, the angle of the camera varies. And, In others, it adopts an aerial view, similar to the one in previous game, and that allows you to observe a large part of the terrain on which the player moves.
  • In some places in the game, you will have to mount Pokémon to cross the path. For example, the snow is so abundant on Route 17 that you can only traverse it on the back of a Mamoswine.
  • The main city of the region is Ciudad Luminaria. It is based in Paris, the capital of France. It has so many places to visit that it has its taxi service. In the center of it is the Prism Tower, inspired by the Eiffel Tower.
  •  You start with the noble title of Baron / Baroness. As you progress, stronger opponents will appear, including Gym Leaders or the Kalos High Command.
  • The Mansion Battle allowed participating in different Pokémon battles as the Battle Tower or the Metro Battle in other games. You fight against several trainers in a row until you find the leader of the Battle Mansion.
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