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Pokemon Black 2 is the Pokemon you want. Whether it’s good or bad depends on you and your tastes. Due to the mundane plot and his one-on-one combat system of standard rock-paper-scissors, the game mechanics differ from an innovative RPG, but again, it’s a series. Instead, Pokemon Black Version 2 is superior to what its predecessor did. In conclusion, The goal is to get lost in a fascinating and fascinating adventure and capture, train, and trade enough to create a solid and credible Pokemon family. However, like the first full-scale sequel to the series, the game has succeeded in creating new experiences by bringing something new to the table pokemon black 2 rom.

Although, pokemon black 2 rom  is, in many ways, the end of the Pokemon era. These two games are the last major entries in the DS franchise. So far, these are the last 2D games in the series and the last games in the top-down pixel style that many of longed for as a kid. However, it also represents Nintendo’s perception that the pair, which is part of the fifth-generation Pokemon (playing Pokemon online here) and the first sequel to the franchise, will need some evolution in the future.

Pokemon Black 2 Game Review

Featuring the same core mechanics and features as the rest of the series, firstly, Pokemon Black Version 2 will probably send you on a mission you know and love. You command the silent protagonist, and after he chooses one of the three starting Pokemon, he leaves his quirky little hometown and heads for the enormous world that stretches out. Secondly, In the middle of your journey, catch and train Pokemon, collect all eight gym badges, defeat criminal gangs, confront rivals many times, and become Pokemon beyond each of the Elite Fours in battle. Champion league. If you’re fascinated by that basic adventure, you’ll love pokemon black 2 rom. in other words, you won’t like it. Pokemon, in general, probably doesn’t suit you.

The pokemon black 2 rom main adventure is still dominated, but its sequel status enhances familiarity and worldview. In This game, Pokemon Black characters and enemies still have a role to play, and the plots in the first game have been explored and expanded to a deeper level than you’re used to in the previous series. In the meantime, the game is pretty much what you already know. You will be disappointed when you expect an innovative entry full of complexity and challenge. In conclusion, you’ll have a comfortable yet authentic Pokemon experience.

Have you tried the Pokemon Heart Gold Emulator?

Pokemon Black Version 2 is a great Pokemon game if you like Pokemon. Despite being the first direct sequel to the franchise, it plays cards with confidence. It doesn’t matter to the opportunity to build a compelling or unfolded plot. Still, this series Some aspects are hard to beat and are fully implemented here. Early in the game, creatures like Pidoves join you through the tall grass of the quiet, foggy roads and escort you to Elite 4, creating a surrealistic companionship. Pokemon black 2 rom is designed to be safe and fairly easy. Still, under a simple hood, the fascinating journey of building a family, conquering evil, and becoming a champion awaits you as usual.

  • Basic information on Pokemon Black 2 Rom:
  • Release Date: November 2009
  • English language
  • Version: Alpha 2
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Original version: Pokemon Fire Red Rom

It represents, as expected from the franchise. The presentation of Pokemon Black 2 is very good. Yes, the game starts like everyone else. You choose your genre. Set in the center of each hometown. Simply put, you get to know the inhabitants around you. Immediately choose a Starter Pokemon and prepare for a great trip.

It’s like the same old shit. But it’s a widely used tradition throughout the series. The original Pokemon Black and Rom is set up in the Nova area; however, they are set up two years after the events of their predecessors. The personality of the players has changed significantly in the last two years. Either Nate or Rosa begins the journey and buys the city. You will love this too.

NDS] Pokemon Blaze Black 2 v1.2 - Pokemoner.com
Source: www.ducumon.com

However, its imminent presence, the general level of hostility is even higher than Pokemon Black and Rom. Also, his plans are much simpler this time around. The good old world domination that GG gains have won the bronze medal. But at least they are incredible. Anyway, the Ninja offers his Black His Rom His Sonic image, which is better than all other mainstream handhelds. Well, in the latest article, this is a game element. It still uses the engine used by all 4th and 5th generation inputs.

Pokemon Black 2 version hack graphics and UI:

The game’s graphics and user interface changed significantly during game creation. When you play, you’ll see a whole new environment. As it is a starter Pokemon, you cannot move it in some areas. There is a strict rule that you should not go. However, The area allocate by Black 2 Rom is green, and there are some new buildings added this time. The game also has some new homes. The battle system has also evolved surprisingly from the previous work. As you may have noticed, two of his clans were called the Dark Clan and the Light Clan.

You will love this too, Pokemon Black 2 ROM or Pokemon Rusted ROM.

  • Some of the advanced and interesting features of Pokemon Black 2 Rom:
  • The battle system and user interface have changed.
  • There are few new Pokemon.
  • There are several fake mons.
  • Great graphics.
  • New areas and plots for playing the game.
  • Some places are restricted.
  • New devices are available.
  • Currently, there is a new gym.
  • Distribute all gyms.
  • Jim Battle is gone.
  • A mission will replace Jim.
  • A new badge to complete the mission.
  • Great reputation system
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Pokemon Black 2 Cheat Code-Tested with NA Version

Please note: Some of the cheats listed can cause problems with the game. Readers have reported important item issues and random crashes. In conclusion, as a general rule, save the game before applying the cheat. If you notice any anomalies after applying the cheat, restart the game without saving your progress.

Go through the wall

Black Pokemon Cheat 2

  • 5219C8D0 FDD8F7C1
  • 1219C8D4 00001C04
  • 94000130 FDFF0000

You can enter the code and press L as you walk through walls and other terrains. Therefore, please note that it may get stuck in some places.

Wild Pokemon modifier (see activation procedure)

MEDIAFIRE) Pokemon Black 2 White 2 English ROM NDS Free Download MARCH 2014 - YouTube
Source: www.youtube.com

How to use the hack:

  • The page below the DS emulator code
  • Open the bag and make sure you have 649 master balls and 100 ultra balls.
  • Know the number of Pokemon you are looking for.
  • (For example, if you want to meet Milotic, his national picture book number is 350)
  • However, Trash has 350 master balls left (corresponding to Milotic’s national pictorial number).
  • Ultra ball determines the level of Pokemon, and 100 Ultraball means finding a level 100 Pokemon.
  • Press L + R to find Milotic his level 100 (based on this example).

Tip: Remove the code after use and repeat the procedure except for the number of master balls and ultra balls destroyed. You want to find different Pokemon at different levels.

  • 94000130 fffb0000
  • b2000024 00000000
  • 00018d20 02890001
  • 00018d24 00640002


  • E2003000 00000018
  • D0002800 4903BD70
  • 428E6809 2400D200

Once you enter the code, you will not damage Pokemon in battle.

Safe capture rate

  • 521AF850 7820D203
  • 121AF850 000046C0

Enter the code, and you will have a 100% success rate in catching wild Pokemon.

Catch the enemy trainer’s Pokemon

  • 521af628 2f06d134
  • 121af628 0000e001

Enter the code to catch the enemy trainer Pokemon. However, be aware that the game can crash.

You can’t find a wild Pokemon

  • 521a07e8 7d527d11
  • 521a17e8 bdf82000
  • 121a17e4 000046c0

After entering the code, you will not be able to find wild Pokemon. It is one of the handy Pokemon Black 2 cheats that can avoid wild encounters.

Unlimited PP

  • 921BAE18 0000D301
  • 121BAE18 0000E003
  • D2000000 00000000

If you enter the code, the Pokemon movement will not run out of PP.

Free items for Pokemart


The game has several recent locations and gyms that make the game more advanced and enjoyable. Both versions are remakes of Pokemon Fire Red Rom and are progressive games. The hero has to work a lot in the land. A new Pokemon also appears in this work. They are introducing 1st and 4th generation Pokemon. You can offer more Pokemon, Nintendo, RPG games and enjoy similar titles on website.

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