If you consider yourself a professional wow classic dungeon levels player, things do not work the same in the definitive version. That is why they have decided to put together some general tips to start playing WoW Classic. I would highly recommend that you read them.

Essential tips and tricks to get started playing WoW Classic

General tips

  • Do not be obsesses with knowing which breed is the best. If not, the one you like the most will allow you to raise it to extraordinary levels, wow, classic dungeon levels.
  • Find out the weaknesses of your race and class, and try to raise the related skills.
  • You should look at the DPS of each weapon. Also, the paramount ability of each one of them is the most critical attack statistics.
  • Keep the rare items that only appear once in the entire game. It would be a mistake to sell them.
  • The best rewards are at the end of the quest chains. Don’t stop until you complete all the quests in a single narrative. Wow, classic dungeon levels.
  • It is more advisable to focus on more characters than to have as many at the same time.

Tips for levelling up wow classic dungeon levels

  • The best way to gain experience is by killing enemies. Although it seems obvious, many people end up skipping them as the games go by.
  • Do all the missions that are close to you, and avoid long journeys to do a single task. You must invest your time well.
  • Kill enemies while you move. Wow, classic dungeon levels.
  • To take advantage of a weapon, you must gradually improve it. Do not trust in wasting a weapon that you think is worthless because it can become the most powerful.
  • Take a look at your spirit level, as it is essential to the levelling issue.

Combat tips

  • To overcome the most exciting dungeons, you must find people, preferably in the lobby or commercial cities. It is not good to queue to enter the game.
  • Always plan an escape point when entering dangerous places, do not go crazy.
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of all classes, and keeping this in mind, use them wisely in combat.

WoW Classic Subtlety Rogue PvE DPS Guide - Warcraft Tavern

Source: www.warcrafttavern.com

Tips to make money wow classic dungeon levels

  • Gold is much more critical in this classic version than in the modern one, don’t waste it. It is essential not only to acquire the mount when possible but also to advance naturally. If you run out of gold, the experience will slow down a lot.
  • Does not waste money on weapons or armour when buying them in commercial cities because these same weapons or armour can be obtained with the natural course of the games?
  • Carry only the weapons, armour, and items that are truly worth it and have the most value. Get rid of those that are worth little or that you know you can recover later.
  • It is not necessary that you keep consumables, food, and water since they are very easy to have shortly after, and they will be taking up space in the inventory.

How to do wow-level-up

Levelling up (level, Leveling) in Cataclysm is an easy task, although, with all the new features that the expansion brought, there are always many surprises that you can find in your little journey, regardless of whether you are a new player or a veteran moving up your alter. For better or for worse, depending on how it looks, Cataclysm has given a linear touch to the missions but has also provided new level paths for those who are already going, for example, for their 5th alter, and the tasks are already becoming repetitive or to try out new level methods.

Once you reach the long-await level 85, a world of possibilities opens up for you, such as the collection of Justice Points, the daily Magma Front, in addition to the newly implemented gang finder that you can access by obtaining a minimum of level.

Gaining Experience

To level up, you essentially need to reach a specific limit of experience points, which increases as you advance in the levelling. In this way, to level up, you will always need more experience than you got to reach your current level. The levelling difficulty curve in Cataclysm has significantly been simplifying, so you have to always be prepared to leave the different zones when the missions are already green or simply no longer give the necessary experience or switch to the dungeon method if you don’t feel like it. Do missions in an area, or you are not interested.

Killing Mobs

Most wow classic dungeon levels players gain experience by killing the wild monsters that will appear during your journey. The colour of the monster names (green, yellow, orange, or red) indicates the degree of difficulty of the monster and if it will be easy or difficult for you to kill them. Monsters with a grey name grant you reputation but no experience. If the monster, instead of having the name colour in, a skull appears in the little circle to the left of the name where the level normally appears, that means that the monster takes you much more level, and you will probably end up dead if you decide to kill it. On the other hand, if you have in your group a character of a friend with a higher level than you, the experience you gain by killing monsters is tremendously diminishing.

Wow Classic Dungeon Levels - Naguide

Source: www.naguide.com


Missions also grant experience in a similar way to the names of the monsters. That is, they come in colours (the difficulty depends on the colour of the missions, the pattern being the same as that use for monsters). Missions in grey will give you a reputation but minimal experience. Always try to do the missions whose colour is yellow or orange. Some group missions that, in addition to giving a large amount of experience and a good reward, can be done alone by some classes.


It is not the fastest way to level up, but it is very useful. Chop with the archaeology grants you experience, and the amount received is affected by Guild Bonuses, Relics, and Sleep Mode. It’s a relaxing alternative and a possible way to get some epics in the process.


Collecting extraction points mining and herbalism also grants experience scales with relic bonuses, guild level, and sleep mode. Experience earn is base on your level and the level of the profession.


Dungeons are instances or sub-zones in which a group of 5 heroes is necessary to complete them. Wow, classic dungeon levels Players have the possibility to enter the dungeons from level 15. From that point on, the option to queue up in dungeons appears (you can access it by pressing the I key on the keyboard). Queuing for a random dungeon will reward you with a lot of experience and a portfolio of Useful Goods Points of Justice.


New treasures chests have been add-in that do not require Pick locks.


Exploring the different sub-zones will grant you small amounts of experience. It’s good support, but you won’t get to 85 just exploring.


Battlegrounds have been change to now grant experience. It should be noted that you will not receive experience for killing other characters, but you will gain experience either by winning the battlefield or by collecting resources depending on the field. For example, in Warsong Gulch, you will gain experience for victories and flag captures, while in Arathi Basin, you will gain experience for collecting a certain amount of resources over time. Experience is increase during the Call to Arms that occurs every weekend and varies each week. Use the PvP tab in the mini-action bar to queue up either by pressing the H key or talking to the Battle master in the capital.

Character Development

As you level up, your character becomes stronger. In addition to that, he gains base statistics that make it possible to unlock new skills.

Double specialization

Double Specialization: Double Specialization is available from level 30 and can be learning through your class instructor for only 10g. This allows you to select between two branches of talent without having to pay to change your branch of talent. This is very useful, especially if you are a class that can assume different functions, such as the druid that can be Tanke, healer, or Dps. Dual specialization allows you to select between two of them without having to go to the instructor to switch talents.

Armour Specialization

Armour Specialization: At level 50, players wearing the correct armour pieces for their class will receive a 5% increase in their core stats. The types of specialization are as follows: undefine Abyss Sorcery Mysticism.

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