Dreaming of living in a post-apocalyptic world is an incredible adventure, and it’s no secret to anyone that it’s thanks to the magic of the film that portrays it that way fallout new vegas console commands.

On the other hand, whether you are a fallout new vegas console commands saga expert or this is your first experience with these video games, the difficulty they represent on their own is very serious.

So it’s not surprising that there is some Fallout New Vegas commands to make our lives a little more bearable. As such, these are some tricks that allow you to access the universe of potential beneficial enough to spend the entire game without experiencing any problems.

Fallout new vegas console commands: Tired of hitting a wall at a particular stage in New Vegas? This is a great idea. The best thing about these commands is that they also work in Fallout 3. Fallout: Both New Vegas and Fallout 3 are based on the Gamebryo engine, so they also share console commands.

How do I activate the game?

Before anything else, if you want to play with the Fallout, New Vegas commands, you will need to activate the game console. To do this, you only have to press the tilde key (‘). After that, don’t panic if the game stops and the user interface disappear, as that’s what should happen.

At this point, a cursor will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen to indicate that you can start typing all the fallout new vegas console commands you need. After entering them, you need to enter to activate them.

If you later want to exit the console and return to the game, you will need to press the checkmark again. Note that you may see command action notifications. However, rest assured that it rarely happens.

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands and Cheats | PCGamesN

Source:  www.pcgamesn.com

A detail about commands of fallout new vegas console game

  1. Common but useful console commands

This is a set of console commands that you are likely to use during your game career. Do not include square brackets or quotation marks when inserting commands.

  • God mode (“tgm” ): This command makes the player invulnerable. You have unlimited bullets, you don’t have to reload, and can carry unlimited weight.
  • Demigod Mode (“tdm”): In Demigod mode, there is no unlimited ammo, and you need to reload. But you are still invincible, and you can lead the whole world.
  • No clipping (“TCL”): After entering the code, hover your mouse where you want to move it and push it forward to fly there. not able to move only when you are in an arid land. Otherwise, if the character breaks through, it will sink and die. Also, be aware that using this command can ruin your quest chain.
  • Teleport to location (“coc <cell name>”)-This code can be used anywhere in or out of the game. Just insert it, and it will be where it belongs.
  • Command P.E.C.I.A.L (“Player.modav <actorValue> <value>”): Packs or reduces the current capacity. Use this command to S.P.E.C.I.A.L. You can also increase or decrease the score
  • Unlock all fast travel points (“tmm1” ): You can also use the code “tm101” to detect all locations on the map, but they do not have a “detected” status. It cannot be moved. You still have to discover them in the game as usual.
  1. Player level and skill commands
  • Set level (“player. setlevel <#>): You can set the level from 1 to 50 in the game.
  • Level Up (“Player. andlevel “): This command raises the level of your P.C. by one level.
  • Set a skill or SPECIAL score to a specific amount (“Player. forceab <ActorValue> <value> “): This command allows you to set a specific skill to a specific value and speak a speech. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you have high or low skills before implementing the command.
  • Add Benefits (“player.addperk <base id>”)-You can add specific benefits with some shiny new toys in your collection, and you don’t have to worry about working for them. You can use this command to bring certain benefits to your collection, even if it does not meet your requirements.
  • Remove Benefits (“player.removeperk <base id> “): If you don’t like a particular benefit, you can use this command code to remove it from your P.C.
  • Change the gender of your P.C. (“exchange”)-Do you like another gender? It’s as easy as trying this flashy code, and you can do whatever you want.
  • Unlock a Door or Container (“Unlock”)-Before running a command, click in command console mode to select what you want to unlock and enter the command. This command is not meant to get you out of the prison card. There are some doors and things that cannot be opened this way. This includes objects with the “Lock 255” setting.
  • Power Armor (“setpccanusepowerarmour1” ): Use power armour to make your P.C. feel a little safer.
  • Weapon Repair (player.setweaponhealthperc <percentage>)-When you use a weapon, it deteriorates. You can use this code to increase your current weapon to a certain percentage.
  1. Factions and mission console commands
  • Complete all missions (“caqs”)-Why do you need to do this? You can use this command code to complete all stages of all missions, including missions you haven’t received yet, without ending the game. This allows you to play the game without missions.
  • Mission Progress (“setstage <QuestID> <Mission Phase Number> “): Allows you to proceed to the next phase of the specified mission. Not only is this great cheat code, but it’s also useful when you realize you’re stuck in one of the buggy missions where you can no longer find a loophole.
  • Faction reputation (“addreputation <base_id> <variable> <amount>”): There are two types of fallout faction reputation: New Vegas: Fame (positive) and Infamy (negative). You can use this command to add both to the variables section.
  • Faction hostility (“setally <base_id_1> base_id_2> <variable_1> <variable_2>”): Some factions in the game, such as Caeser’s Legion and NCR, are not very friendly. Members of either faction attack each other on the spot. This command saves you the trouble of fighting members of enemy factions. Factions can be friendly or allied, depending on what works at that point.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Gamebryo Engine Console Commands for Fallout: New Vegas

Source: steamcommunity.com

  1. Actor Operation Console (N.P.C.) Command

These codes allow you to interact with in-game N.P.C.s and other creatures. Unlike the above command, you must first enter the console command code and click the actor you want to operate to get the I.D. Then you can apply the code.

  • Give Benefits (“addperk <baseid> “): Select an N.P.C. and enter the benefits you want to grant.
  • Revive N.P.C.s (“resurrect <base id> “): You can replenish all inventory items to bring your character back to life. Unfortunately, these failed requests are not repeated. If you want to resurrect N.P.C.s without replenishing your inventory, you can do a “resurrect <base id>”. N.P.C., but that means the mission will fail.
  • Kill all N.P.C.s in the area (“killall” ): This command gives you the power to kill all N.P.C.s, including the invisible ones. As a result, many missions will fail, not to mention other issues. The code works in the companion, knocking unknowingly in casual mode but killing the companion in hardcore mode.
  • Invisibility (“tdetect” ): Activates or deactivates A.I. player detection to add magic to the game and keep it hidden from N.P.C.s at all times.
  • Make N.P.C.s Immortal (setessential <base_id> <#>”)-The beauty of the game is that you can realize your most dramatic dreams. For example, let’s say you are immortal. With this command code, the P.C. of your choice Can no longer be immortal and can be returned to deadly.
  • Start Combat (“start combat “): You can start a battle by running this command to start a battle with an N.P.C. To end the battle, insert a “stop combat”. Unfortunately, N.P.C.s continue to be hostile, so stay tuned.
  • Stop N.P.C. hostility (“setav aggression 0 “): Use this command to prevent N.P.C.s from hostility if you don’t want to leave the problem unresolved or want to get into trouble. You can do it.
  • Race / Face Change (“showracemenu” ): This command has a slightly sour sweetness. It opens a menu where you can change the character’s face. But changing your face negates your benefits.
  1. Fallout camera command
  • Free camera “tfc”-There are some tricks you can do with this code. The first is to enable / disable the free camera. You can also move the camera wherever you like. If you want to pause the game, you can use “tfc1”.
  • Free camera movement speed (“sucsm <#>”): Change the free camera speed according to the tempo of the game. You can replace # with 1 for slow motion and 10 for fast motion if you want to speed up.
  • Field of View (“fove <#>): You can switch between the narrow default field of view and wide field of view, depending on the value you select. 75 is the default view, 40 is the narrow view, and 90 is the wide view.
  1. Fallout statistics command
  • Damage stats (“player.damageactorvalue <variable> <#>”): The most variable stats you can play in Fallout: New Vegas is healthy. You can use this command code to reduce the number of statistics.

Scale setting (“player.setscale <#.#>”):;The scale setting determines the speed and strength of the player. If the scale is greater than 1.0, the player will be faster and stronger. Below 1.0, the player will be slower and weaker.

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