In general, only 80% of the games are won, but players do not win 80% of the games play. This is because at least one bad move is not defeat in the game. If someone allows more cards to be brought back to the table to create more activity, the chances increase. These scores are base on the player’s knowledge and whereabouts of all 52 cards, but this cannot be known. The chances of a professional player winning are around 43% and you can see these stats if you have an active Spectrum home internet connection. Other games that have not been move to the central pile from the start are list as non-playable. This chance is 1 in 400 klondike solitaire green felt.

In theory, it takes at least 76 cards and a 3-card deal to win a singles match. If you play the single card deal, the other 24 cards are easily picked. This will move 24 automatically and another 24 will move to place each card in the appropriate pile. The rest will come in at least 28, adding up to 76 without any relapses. If you are playing a 3-card deal, each of the three teams is a hidden stack with two secret cards after they are shown. However, there may be a set of cards in which player’s place cards one by one.

There are four hands in Solitude: clear winning hands, 50/50 hands, a total loss of matches and non-playing games. This is important for professional so that they can quickly identify which hand they are award to get start.

The only card games that many people know and find themselves playing online most of the time. There are different versions of loneliness, but the games are fun and challenge people to beat it. When it comes to winning chances, no problem is. Klondike solitaire green felt is a fun activity when you spend time on the computer. Play tons of free klondike solitaire green felt card games and see where the face of each card takes you.

Winning strategy

Solitaireis the only or simply the only classic game.Solitaire is perhaps the only game in the world. The rules of this game are familiar to everyone.

Not all solitaire games can be solving. Playing solitaire has a lot of expectations and is the main reason why you won’t win many games.

This some strategic tips that can help you improve your chances of winning.

  • Remove the first card from the deck of the ship before making any move. It increases the number of possible things first and gives you the opportunity to make better choices.
  • Whenever possible, move the letter S or David to the base. This rule appears to be clear and reasonable and needs no further explanation.
  • Detect hidden cards. If you have a choice from among the many possible activities that display hidden cards, select the largest column of hidden cards.
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They are engaging in unnecessary activities. The course of action is to give you a chance to do other activities or uncover hidden cards.

  • If you don’t have a king to keep, do not empty the pile of tables. If you find an empty bank, you get nothing. A place can be start in the solitaire-only room in the King or King by order, so leave your options open.
  • If you choose between a black king and a red king to fill the void, be careful with your decision. Check the color of blocking cards and choose the right one. For example, if you have a red socket that blocks some hidden cards, choose the Red King and wait for a black queen.
  • There are two basic ways to compare cards in this game: the player plays cards one by one or plays only one card at a time. The recommendations above apply to both variants. The only difference to the difference in the “Three-on-One Agreement” is that you have to pay close attention to the arrangement of the cards in the deck. Some people recommend taking all the cards at once without a map and remembering the cards’ order in the deck.

Benefits of playing this game.

The benefits of playing Klondike solitaire green feltmight not be clear. But the reason it’s so popular around the world is that it can sleep. In this patience game, players not only spend their time supporting a healthy mind, but they also collect important psychological benefits in their daily life.

  1. Calms the mind

the most important benefit of practicing Solitude is the way it helps the mind meditate. Unlike other games that require a lot of attention or logical thinking, Klondike solitaire green feltstimulates smooth brain activity that relaxes the brain and relieves anxiety completely.

  1. It is entertainment

It is not necessary that you use entertainment apps such as Cinema HD for entertainment purposes. This game is what you should also consider for entertainment as the game is really fantastic and enjoyable to play.

  1. It gives complete isolation

It only gives you time the opportunity to enjoy yourself. Its simplicity, combine with the low level of mental activity require, creates the right environment for players to get out of the world and their problems.

  1. Helps improve memory

Unlike other games, the benefits of playing alone are subtle and often unconscious. Improving memory is an example of this.Having a good memory is not a special requirement for playing by yourself. Of course, players do not need a memory to win the game.However, improvements can be made as players’ memory continues to play. This improvement can be particularly notice after one go, without knowing the colors, clothes, numbers, and even arranging the cards in the deck.

  1. Improves mental ability

Playing on your own is a pleasant mental activity, although it may be a good brainer. Despite the fact that players are in a state of light contemplation, they still have to analyze all the cards, taking into account the number of cards, their number, the number of items in the stockpile, and the hidden table. Then they need to create and plan to be successful.

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By performing these simple tasks simultaneously and consistently, players can perform them faster and faster each time so that they can experience a distinct improvement in their mental abilities.

  1. Teaches important life lessons

Thanks to pop culture, it’s often associate with tardiness. But it is also educational because it teaches important lessons that can be apply in everyday life.

For example, Klondike solitaire green felt to teach about delay satisfaction or “return on investment.” This means that sometimes it is better to stick with your position than to take action in time to reap the benefits later.

In life, it is important to control the urge to act immediately in the game and instead pause to analyse the situation, understand what changes may occur, and predict whether there will be better outcomes for the individual. Nowadays

At the same time, Klondike solitaire green felt also teaches us how it is sometimes necessary to turn back to move the two forward. It is difficult to make such a decision in real life, but the low-stakes game provides an ideal training ground to practice these decision-making skills.

  1. Encourages the spirit of positive competition

Although it is a single-player game, it also helps explain why there are a competitive advantage and fun.In this competition, players challenge each other to get the best score or time. However, in practice, they emphasize other benefits through lonely play, such as improvement in mental skills or memory. It is an active and positive competition to increase its capacity.

Compare with many other single-player games, the benefits of playing alone are not very clear. However, they did help explain why such a simple game had spread throughout the world since its inception in the nineteenth century.

How to play klondike solitaire green felt 

Card layout

The game to be play with one pack of 52 cards. Once the cards are well-shuffle, 28 cards are dealt, in succession, to form a table consisting of 1 to 1,3,3,4,5,6 and 7 to the left of the cards from left to right. At the end of each column, the upcard is place face up. The rest of the cards are put face to face to form the deck. Then the game begins.


This game’s main aim is to build the four foundations in a store sequence running from Asse to King. For example, A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K with cards of the same type.


Q: What is Klondike solitaire? 

A: Klondike solitaire is a popular card game that involves moving cards from the tableau to the foundations in ascending order by suit. The goal is to build four stacks of cards, one for each suit, from ace to king.

Q: What is green felt? 

A: Green felt is a website that offers free online solitaire games, including Klondike solitaire. It features innovative game-play features and a friendly, competitive community.

Q: How do I play Klondike solitaire on green felt? 

A: To play Klondike solitaire on green felt, visit this page and click the New Game button. You can also choose different options, such as the number of cards to turn, the scoring system, and the game speed.

Q: How do I move cards in Klondike solitaire on green felt? 

A: To move cards in Klondike solitaire on green felt, you can drag them with your mouse, select them, and then click on the destination.

Q: How do I undo, redo, or pause the game in Klondike solitaire on green felt? 

A: To undo, redo, or pause the game in Klondike solitaire on green felt, you can use the buttons at the bottom of the screen, or the keyboard shortcuts. The undo button is U, the redo button is R, and the pause button is P.

Where to Play Klondike Solitaire Online

There are tons of online gaming sites that offer free Klondike Solitaire. One of our favorite options is  It’s great to start out with the classic solitaire game, but sometimes you want to deviate from the original rules and layout. Not only can you play classic Klondike, but you can also choose from variants like FreeCell, Spider Solitaire, and Pyramid Solitaire.

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