Now that you’ve seen the series, would you like to play The Witcher? If you’ve never played a Witcher video game, you may be wondering where to start and which console to play. And of course: we are always here to guide you witcher 3 new game plus.

What kind of game do you play?

The Witcher game featuring many characters, including the protagonists Gerald, Tris, Siri, and Yennefer. Ciri’s involvement in this game is essential, as is the series, but the game characters are either hidden or fully functional.

It may seem strange advice to start with the third game in the series. But the CD Project Red game is not a direct adaptation of the book. He spoke after the text. This program provides the context of older and more experience characters in the game. The Witcher 3 is also the only title develops for the current generation of consoles, so it looks a lot better than its predecessor.

Where should I play?

The witcher 3 new game plus worth it is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo, and PC switchers. There are differences, but all four versions are fun.

If you have a good gaming PC or Xbox One X, you probably need to play The Witcher 3. These devices offer the best performance and the best visual quality. You can also buy versions of these titles, including all downloadable content, regardless of the system you choose. So you can enjoy different stories or immerse yourself in your fictional world. The Witcher 3 is also part of the Xbox Game Pass, which subscribers can play at no additional cost.

PlayStation 4 Sony is another great console to enjoy in The Witcher 3. There is no equivalent option for the Xbox Game Pass, but the overall experience is very similar. If you only have a PlayStation 4 (perhaps given its popularity), feel free to choose a game cup. The Witcher 3 Complete Edition, which includes all downloadable content, usually sells at an affordable cost.

If you only have one Nintendo Switch, you can also enjoy the entire game on the console without worrying about profound performance impact. It’s also the best way to play The Witcher 3 on your mobile device. Of course, the graphics quality is much lower than the PC, Xbox, or PS4 version, and the Switch version is new and expensive. Other versions who recommend unless the mobile operator is require for this.

What about other witcher games?

CD Project Red has other titles. The Witcher and The Witcher 2: King Slayer. These games play a significant role at the time. But they are much older, as they were released in 2009 and 2011, respectively. Its antique look and less sophisticated gameplay make it a less enjoyable introduction. If you want to stick to game and get hooked and want more, take a look at these titles.

The Witcher 3: Reasons making worth to Play Now – witcher 3 new game plus

Players around the world are lucky because today is the day when a new generation begins. Yes, the PS4 and Xbox One are already in a good season, and for better or for worse, it makes sense to dive into the consoles of the current generation, but it’s one of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunts. Let’s see what the most long-awaited game we throw is what it means witcher 3 new game plus.

After a considerable delay, The Witcher 3 appear on PCs, PS4s, and Xbox Ones, trying to prove that it now makes sense in the world to throw away old consoles (or buy new graphics). This is the first compelling game at our fingertips, and there are many reasons you need to play to prove it.

Graphics are not exempt from controversy – witcher 3 new game plus

As always, the industry is still drawing for us much better than it did in the end. The witcher 3 new game plus what carries over was no exception. Since their first video, it lost some lighting along the way, a photo filter that gave more consistency to its color and cloud of detail. Still, even if you go back to the previous version, you see the jungle does not stop because the making changes are still valid.

This is impossible when faced with a closed scenario like in previous adventures. Still, there is an open world here, which does not reduce the load between some areas but hides behind lakes, forests, Mountains looking for a mission-packed Carcassonne witcher 3 new game plus.

Having to travel in such a universe by car in San Fernando can sooner or later keep you away from your hearts so that you can do this with your horses or boat the lake. In addition to being able to cross the sea and the ship, you can also jump off. As long as you have the points of interest you need, travel fast from region to region on the map.

No more chasing chickens – witcher 3 new game plus

Going through these planets in search of work is essential to our character. In short, Gerald needs to

earn beans for something more than breaking a vase or putting a chicken in pen. Fortunately, his various missions, including the “finding the lost goat in the mountains” moment, help make the mission of surviving the mercenary even more bearable.

Earn your salary

Getting started in The witcher 3 new game plus twice is problematic because Gerald is not a local bank. To start growing, you need not only experienced but enough pockets with everything you need to be as comfortable as possible. Next time, you will face new missions and committees of the locals and the royal family.

You are not a plumber, but please bring me a faucet of all these missions, the one that draws your attention most is the hunting of mythical beasts, who are devoted to making the lives of the locals impossible. You need to investigate their weaknesses, look for their way, and face witches, mermaids, and other creatures that can annoy you if you are not careful.

Magic and potions

Great games without a stockpile of potions and magic books are not the same, so Gerald can play alchemists and sorcerers at the same time to make it easier to confront the battle. Tinctures that protect you from the oncoming blows, flames of fire that burn the wings of winged enemies, and formulations that improve your sensory abilities are just a few examples.

You are already an utterly young man.

Not all skills are available from the beginning. Choose the branch that works best for you and use experience points to make what used to be simple help an indispensable tool for later catching specific bugs is needed. It is a success to provide you with a way forward to develop the skills that fit your style.

Round combat system – witcher 3 new game plus

You haven’t faced the significant benefits of The Witcher 3, but you can’t say without shaking your tongue that you’re facing the Pocho combat system. Geralt’s increased agility makes it easier to learn than other instalments, but you are not confident because it’s not easy to resist the attacks of groups of wolves and the rain of swords chasing the neck.

Would you like to hang out with a little girl? What is that?

Not only are your heads at risk. Enemy members also wait to discover how sharp your sword is, resulting in a powerful sequence of arms heading to one side and head to the other. The Witcher 3 does not cut hair. If the sword cuts hair, there is no need to hide it. If Gerald sleeps, he doesn’t cut his hair.

Game of Thrones plot – witcher 3 new game plus

Comparisons are always offensive, but it’s a big mistake to think of The Witcher 3 as just another RPG. If this story features something beyond technology and its insights, it gives you a script that deserves all of your hearing, even the least meaningful conversations. Despite the release of Geralt, the fate of the game is in his hands, and of course, in his decision.

Grayscale – witcher 3 new game plus

Geralt de Rivia is neither a hero nor a villain. It’s just a classic example of having all the problems at the right time and place to hit you. Humanity is particularly distinguished by how you make decisions. This may seem harmless in the early stages, but over time it will shape the way the kingdom and its individuals animate the symbol in war.

Beyond video games

It’s not a series of video games, thanks to The Witcher, the story of Polish writer Andrey Sapkovsky, but

It may have brought you closer to the history of the white wolf. Much has been said about his character’s comings and goings among books, comics, television series, and movies, so entering his whole world make you a good season.