When it comes to Bowl games, Penn State holds a greater place in our hearts! It seems that without Penn State, the Bowl game tradition is incomplete. But 2020 was not the year! I mean this year we could not enjoy the bowl game with Penn State. But don’t worry, we can bring back the excitement with the list of Penn state bowl game!

Today, we are going to discuss the best bowl games that made us excited in the past. Today, we are going to look back at them and enjoy the memories! Actually, victory is something that we should celebrate more and more! 

These post-season college football games are famous in many regions of America. We can say that these games are popular all across the world. Football teams that belong to NCAA’s Division mainly play these games. 

Without more ado, now it is time to concentrate on the Penn state bowl game list that can give some goosebumps! Penn State has a good record of winning the bowl games. Its success hs began with Rip Engle and Joe Paterno. 

The list begins now!

  • Penn state bowl game: 1961 Gator Bowl 

The 1961 Gator Bowl was a memorable game time for all. It was held between Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Penn State Nittany Lions. In this game, we can see the outstanding performance by Penn State. The 30-15 score was on the scoreboard and the Nittany Lions were winning at that time. 

It has quarterback Galen Hall. PennState Nitanny Lions were named MVP of the game because of the marvelous performance. 

Here, we can also see that Rip Eagle also came with another bowl and win toward the end of the career. It enjoyed more and more victory over yellow jackets. According to the critiques, the Nittany Lions’ 6th ranked offense deserves some credit for the victory of Penn State. 

  • Penn state bowl game: 1948 cotton bowl 

The 1948 cotton bowl game is all about having wartime between two undefeated and very popular teams. The teams were the Penn State Nittany Lions and SMU Mustangs. These famous teams have finished the cotton bowl game with a score of 13-13. 

When we see at SMU, we can see that Doak Walker has finished the game with a touchdown toss and 66 yards. On the other hand, Elwood Petchel from Penn State earned two touchdowns on the same night. 

You can imagine that how exciting the game time was! Two popular and powerful teams were on the ground and showing their strengths. Winning the game was no doubt a challenge. But the Penn State made everything truly easy. 

Penn State football will not play in a bowl game

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  • 1969 orange bowl 

This is another memorable bowl game season that makes us thrilled. In this bowl game season, again two master teams have taken part. You can understand that one team was the Penn State Nittany Lions and the opposite was Kansas Jayhawks.

Whenever we talk about the 1969 orange bowl game, Charlie Pittman and Bob Campbell seem like the best names. They made the team score more than 160 yards on the ground. And without any doubt, that’s amazing. 

In this orange bowl game, Nittany Lions won like a king against the Jayhawks. The game time was full of excitement and fun as two royal teams were on the ground. 

  • 1959 Liberty bowl 

1959 Liberty bowl is a famous bowl game for many reasons. It is not that Penn State again wins here but it is the 1st bowl game of Bear Byrant. Bear Byrant is the former Alabama Coach. And Bryant was the leader of the Crimson Tide.

We can say that this is Penn State’s first appearance after a long disguise. I mean after the 1948 cotton bowl, Nittany Lions played this bowl game after a long break and won impressively. They won with a score of 7-0.

In this game, the touchdown of the bowl game is made by Galen Hall. Galen Hall is the former quarterback and presently the offensive coordinator of the Nittany Lions. 

  • 1967 Gator Bowl 

Just like the 1959 Liberty bowl, this 1967 Gator bowl is also famous for many reasons. It is known as the game where Joe Paterno made the first entry. He was playing the role of the head coach and leading everything perfectly. 

The score of this game was 17-17. Again in this game, we can see two major teams were playing. One is for sure the Penn State Nittany Lions and the opposite team was Florida state. 

In the first half of the bowl game, Nittany Lions grabbed a 17-0 lead. But the next half of the game was completely unpredictable and enjoyable. 

Kim Hammond, the quarterback of Seminoles made the strong come back in the second half. He took the help from Noles Receiver Ron Sellers. 

We see that Kim Hammond has finished the game with more than 400 yards. At the same time, we also see that Nittany Lions squeaked a tie out of a nearly fatal second half. Throughout the entire game, we can see a hard war between two teams. 

Maybe Penn State did not make a grand victory but the entire game was full of excitement. 

  • Penn state bowl game: 1970 Orange bowl

The 1970 Orange bowl game is all about a great victory of the Penn State Nittany Lions. In this bowl game, there were two teams. One is for sure the Penn State and the opposite team was Missouri. Nittany Lions won the game with a score of 10-3. 

Lydell Mitchell, the running back of Penn State has achieved the touchdown. When it comes to MVP honors for the Nittany Lions, Chuck BurKhartand Mike Reid deserve it. We can see that Chuck Burkhart has thrown the lone touchdown of this Orange bowl game. 

On the other hand, we can see that Reid was a vital part of the Tiger’s 3 point performance. 

Penn State Delivers Cotton Bowl Victory: Post-game Link Dump - Black Shoe Diaries

Image credit: www.blackshoediaries.com

  • Penn state bowl game: 1977 Fiesta Bowl 

This is another amazing rather breathtaking bowl game, known as the 1977 Fiesta Bowl. The Penn State and Arizona State were the major teams here. According to critiques, Nittany Lions, 6-0 record began with this game.

 In this game, Penn State won with a score of 42-30. You can see the score difference and understand how exciting was the game actually. 

As a team Nittany Lions achieved 268 yards. Two jewel players I mean Bob Torrey and Steve Geise achieved 200 yards together. Matt Suhey scored 77 yards and brought victory for the team. 

Linebacker of the Penn State team, Matt Milen won the defensive player tag of the game. Winning over tough Arizona was not an easy deal. But the Penn State Nittany Lions made it possible. 

  • Penn state bowl game: 1974 Orange Bowl 

In the 1974 Orange bowl, the Penn State bowl game won with a nearly double score! In this score, LSU and Nittany Lions were major participants. Due to this victory, Penn State was able to end the season with a perfect score such as 12-0. 

Running back of the Penn State team John Cappelletti scored 50 yards. And the entire Nitanny Lions team scored 185 in total. 

John Cappelletti and Chuch Hard scored the desired two touchdowns for the Penn State team. And they also secured the victory. 

  • Penn state bowl game: 1979 Liberty Bowl 

In the 1979 Liberty bowl, the Penn State Nittany Lions again achieved a victory. In this bowl game, the major teams were Penn State Nittany Lions and Tulane. Penn State has won the game with a score of 9-6. 

This game is known as the third Liberty bowl appearance of Penn state and the 18th overall bowl appearance. 

Kicker Herb Menhardt scored three field goals and that ensured the victory of the team. 

In 1979, the team has suffered four losses. But its victory over the green wave made the perfect finish to the season. And as a result, Nitanny Lions turned into outstanding performances. 

  • Penn state bowl game: 1982 Fiesta Bowl

The Fiesta bowl success of Penn State continued to ven 1982! In this 1982 Fiesta bowl, Penn state scored 26 against USC. 

In this game, the running back of Penn State won the MVP award. It is his second Fiesta bowl MVP award. He scored 145 yards in this game along with two touchdowns. 


These are the Penn state bowl games that we can recall over Penn state bowl game 2020 and Penn state bowl game 2019. Bowl games always come with fun, excitement, and refreshment. And when it is about Penn State, automatically we expect more. Penn State has a long list of victories. And that list is not going to complete in one night! And that’s why we keep the list short with the top 10 bowl games. 

We are ending this article here today. You can share your experience with this article in our comment box. We love to hear back from our users.

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