Get your best water type pokemon - now from our today’s list of 12

Get your best water type pokemon now from our today’s list of 12 water types

We all are simply in love with Pokemon! So many types of characters and excitements are there for us. The game starts to feel more exciting when we know a bit more about the character types. Character types mean the pokemon types. The more we know about the best water type pokemon and others, the more we enjoy it! 

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the types of pokemon that really take the game to the next level. When it comes to the diversity of the characters, we should spend some words on its water-types. It is a true fact that not all the water type pokemon are equal. Each of them has different characteristics and that’s why the game seems this exciting. 

So, therefore, there are some strongest as well as weakest water type pokemon. Therefore, Fire-type, grass type, and so many other types are also there but today, we want to say more about the best water type pokemon characters. 

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So,  without more ado, let’s get started with the (strongest and weakest) best water type pokemon competitive-

Strongest Weakest 
Kingdra- with time, if anything has become better, it is Kingdra. You will notice that every new generation adds to many benefits. Each generation includes new partners, options to use, tools to play with, and so many other things. 

We know it as a dangerous threat that gets completely boosted by rain. 

There are some issues with this character. There are some checks and counters that make playing Kingdra a bit difficult for us. The weather complications also limit the best placement options for Kingdra. We cannot place it wherever we want. 

But the best fact is that it comes with more and more options and that helps you in making your opponents keep guessing for long! 

Wishiwashi- we can call it a gimmick Pokemon. You may find this character a bit awkward but I find it cute! No specific reason for that but its round shape seems cute to me! 

Many players find its look behemoth. This water type pokemon is able to do serious damage to others. It can also get damage at a serious level. 

We have seen that its schooling ability has made it a monster. It also caused some serious damages to its trainers. 

We find it active in a Trick room. I mean all it does is just bark especially when it is in a Trick room. Without any doubt, it comes with a good set of defense stats. But without any doubt, it lacks the recovery options. 

You will also realize that it is quite easy to defeat this character into the solo room. 

Toxapex- The best offense is actually a good defense and Toxapex has proved it well. There is little competition for Toxapex too! 

In order to boost the strength of any team, this water-type pokemon is a great option. The natural recovery, great typing, and bulk are some of its virtues that make it an example of the best water type pokemon. 

According to many players, this water type is very much similar to Ferrothom. But we must say this one has a bit of less offensive presence in comparison with Ferrothom. 

Many pokemon players say that they love this character because of its sturdy nature. I mean it does only one thing but makes us realize what is perfection at the same time. 

Lumineon- Lumineon! You may need some time to recall this name! It is obvious because you may have seen it during a wild encounter! Or you may have seen it during Pokedex completion. 

We can call Lumineon a pretty fish and comes with an illuminating presence. It has quite a big appearance with goofy sins. But during any battle, it gets outclassed by almost everything. 

It is equipped with Defog and that is really helpful to clear entry-hazards. But it comes with poor defensive bulk along with poor offensive power. 

Pelipper- In the earlier years, we have seen that this water type of pokemon has suffered a lot. Actually, this was a common thing to many early route and common pokemon. It also belongs to a specific niche. 

According to the players, it is a sad pokemon. During the playthroughs of Sapphire and Ruby, it is pretty inescapable. 

In generation seven, we can see that it now has a Drizzle and has a new purpose at the same time. And we can say that this virtue has made it enough strong to have a separate fan base. 

You will find it really beneficial in a rain team. It can offer the required help and comfort to heal sore eyes for any swift swim partner. 

We should not underestimate this water type pokemon. While playing you will realize that its power comes from the friendship it builds with others. 

Wimpod- We cannot call Wimpod the best water type Pokemon. But it comes with some specific strengths. It comes with a secondary bug-type. Its attack capability is making it a good choice for us to have in a team. 

In comparison with its evolution, we find that now it has very low stats and that is weird!

While playing, we find this pokemon very weak. Even some of our mates were not willing to catch it. But still, we will say that catching a Wimpod will be helpful to evolve it into a Golisopod. 

Lapras- It is not only the best water type pokemon but also it belongs to the Ice category! When we concentrate on its moveset. It does not come with any kind of evolution. And a lot of players find it as something negative. 

The absence of evolution is truly a positive thing for the character. It is extremely powerful and we find that it does not require to get evolved. 

Without any doubt, this one is the best water type pokemon. It was introduced in the first generation. And even in the 8th generation, we prefer to continue with it. 

The ice-type attacks make it really a strong option!

Poliwag- In the Poliwrath evolutionary line, Poliwag is known as the first evolution. It is a small one and it does not come with any secondary type. 

Again, we are finding a character truly cute. During the heat of the battle, we cannot expect much from Poliwag. But we should definitely appreciate its redeeming qualities. Due to the redeeming qualities, we eventually evolve into Poliwrath. 

Suicune- Without any doubt, this is the best water type pokemon on today’s list. It was first introduced in the Johto region. Players find this type extremely strongest. 

This Suicune comes with determination. It can offer tough competition to many legendary pokemons in the box. 

We must say that this strong character takes to game to the next level. 

Corsola- Corsola is known as one of the weakest water type pokemon. In the 8th generation, we found it redeemed. But it comes in a new form and that is Ghost-type.

According to the players, the water-type Corsola is weak and cannot compete with the stronger Pokemon. It cannot simply compete with pokemons like Feraligator, Lapras, and so on. 

Swampert- It is known as one of the strongest starter Pokemon on the list. It comes with the secondary ground type. And it makes us easily defeat the electric-type Pokemon. You will find electric-type pokemon very common in the entire franchise. 

But there are a lot of players who want this pokemon to be more powerful in the near future. But we can say that this is a very powerful one. Its great dual-type and diverse moveset are simply making this a must-have pokemon option for all. 

Luvdisc- Here, you may find many similarities with Corsola. It is basically a water-type Pokemon and you will find it in the Ocean.

Here, you will not get any evolution, secondary-type, and even a large moveset. And that’s why we find it as a weak water-type pokemon option in the franchise. 

You can say that this is not a very useful water-type to have on teams. Players understand this fact quickly and do not add this one to their teams. 

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So, there are some other types of pokemon characters that make the game more enjoyable. 

The best fire type pokemon- Turtonator, Emboar, Volcanion, Magcargo, Camerupt, Victini, Coalossal, Houndoom, and so on.  The best grass type pokémon- Venusaur, Torterra, Cacturne, Tangrowth, Exeggutor, Abomasnow, and so on. 


After a long discussion over the best water type pokemon, now we have reached the conclusion. From the discussion, it is evident that in order to enjoy truly having a deeper knowledge of all the characters is important. When you know better, you can play better automatically. 

When you know which sets of characters can make you win, you can easily set a better game strategy. And that’s why we discussed in detail about 12 water types of Pokemon here in this article today. 

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