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Don’t starve together wiki: 12 best don’t starve together characters you should know now

Don’t Starve Together! The name of the game is unique as hell! The name hints at mystery, adventure, and so on. The don’t starve together the game is full of fun, excitement, and more about living in a strange and unexplored world. The unexplored world is filled with strange creatures, dangers, and surprises dont starve together characters. 

According to players, this game is amazing and no character is boring to play. I mean, you will definitely get a different player experience while playing different dont starve together characters. Today, I am going to add brief introductions of don’t starve together characters. The brief yet effective introductions will help you to better understand the game and play better than others. 

The more you will know about don’t starve together characters, the better you will play. Here, you will meet some characters that are amazingly powerful. On the other hand, there are some characters that mainly help support characters by supplying resources, various gear, armor, and so on. 

Below, I am going to list down don’t starve together characters that will tell more about this game. Apart from this, a little introduction will also help you in playing the characters well and enjoy the best perks. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started with don’t starve together best characters –

1. Wortox

Wortox is known as the most helpful character on the list. Having this character on the game server means this character is going to effectively heal every one of your team. In this game, Wortox mainly collects souls that are dropped from the living creatures. Wortox makes use of those souls to feed himself as well as to heal other players in an AoE manner. 

But this character does not come with a damage modifier. It is mainly there to keep every player in the team up and reduce the area of damage. 

2. Winona

Winnona is an underrated don’t starve together characters in this game. But according to some expert don’t starve together players this character can help the entire team safe by using her contraptions. This character makes farming easy. In order to pass the more difficult stages of the game, we can make use of her disposal devices. This character is also able to craft unique machines such as spotlights or catapults. Accordion to active players, trusty tape created by Winona is really helpful in repairing damaged clothes and boat leaks.

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3. Wickerbottom

Wickerbottom is another helpful dont starve together characters on the list. This character is similarly powerful for both single and multiplayer. No matter you have just started playing this game or already well-versed with the game, this character is a good choice.
This amazing character is able to craft 5 different and magical books by using papyrus. These books actually help in accessing a variety of AoE attacks that can easily devastate mobs in the area. Apart from this, Wickerbottom is also able to craft science machine recipes even without developing the science machine.

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4. Wolfgang

Wolfgang can be a good character if you are good at farming food. This character starts with high hunger. It gains stat boosts with food. With more foods, you can make this character stronger  and healthier. But the opposite can also happen if the hunger of this character drops. So, while playing you need to be aware properly to extract the benefits. This character is prone to lose sanity fast and faster when monsters are around. 

5. WX-78

WX-78 can be an amazing dont starve together characters option in the multiplayer gameplay. According to active players, the little automation this character comes with actually makes the perfect tank team. This character can easily eat without even facing any penalty. And that’s why players find it easy. 

Apart from this, this character is also able to use system overload, especially when it is struck its lightning. 


If you are familiar with Webber, WURT is also going to offer you a similar experience. With this character, you will be able to craft recipes that involve the Merms. Just by using a science machine, this character is able to craft Royal Tapestry and Marsh Turf. You may know that the royal tapestry actually helps in creating the kind of the merms. This kind merm is able to buff all merms and even WURT. 

Apart from this, the kind is also able to give WURT some useful items such as trinkets, seeds, kelp fronds, and so on. 


If you consider yourself as an explorer, this character is going to be a great fit for you. This character is able to set up shop anywhere you want. I can say that he makes it possible by using his portable crock pots and chef pouch. The chef pouch actually doubles the shelf-life of food. By using portable crock pots, he is able to cook unique recipes. The food items cooked in the portable crock pots help the character to gain more health, hunger, and sanity in comparison with other characters. 

8. Wigfrid

According to players, this Wigfrid character is viral. There are mainly two reasons for this popularity. One reason is this character is able to provide good headgear for the team. The second reason is this character also damages a lot. Its helms are very useful as well as cheap. Without even charging big, it offers a decent amount of armor. And here, you do not even need to worry about repairs. The battle helm she comes with can protect you from 80% of damage with its high durability. 

Apart from this, this character is also able to steal life from live mobs in order to replenish her own HP. The negative side of this character is that she is a carnivore. She does not prefer any food that does not include meat. I can say that if you are a new player, this character will be a great fit for you. 

9. Walter 

This player may not be the cup of tea of a new player. Even players with a decent experience sometimes find this character a bit difficult to handle. I can say that if you are a beginner, it will be better if you do not pick this character. When you are well versed with this game and mechanics only then, you should try with this one. It is known as a ranged nomadic character. And it’s absolutely amazing for exploring. Walter comes with a wide range of unique crafting recipes. 

Walter uses a slingshot as his main weapon. The weapon is able to perform great damages. 

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10. Willow

The character willow has a great obsession with fire. We have seen that this character is immune to fire damages. When she is close to the fire, it restores her sanity. In this game, we have seen that this character starts with a lighter. The lighter burns indefinitely and also act as a light source. There is a drawback of this character too. 

And that is if her sanity level goes low, her feet will set a fire and can burn anything around the area. 

11. Wendy

The character wendy is known as a bid morbid character. Still, we find this character useful in the don’t starve together game. This character can save your game within blinks. It is also true that this character can be a challenge itself. Wendy can easily call her ghost sister. This character starts with a flower. And the flower blooms just after a few days. 

Once the flower is properly bloomed, you can pluck it and place it. If you want to kill a mob, you should place this flower nearby. The ghost sister, Abigail is able to do a generous amount of damage. The ghost sister keeps following her sister until she is satisfied with the amount of damage. 

10. Wormwood

For the multiplayer game mode, Wormwood can be a great character to pick. This character is truly able to grow plants faster in comparison with other characters. After that, It is also able to plant more than one plant in one area. We can call this character perfect for farming and can help any team at the best level. 

If you have Wolfgang in the team, Wormwood is going to play absolutely well. This character requires food to get full access to all the abilities. It is also helpful in producing food for each other character in the team. 

These are the 12 best don’t starve together characters that we should play with at least for once. There are more interesting characters such as Maxwell, woodie, Webber, Wilson,and Wes. 

But mentioned 12 characters offer the ultimate benefits to a player. I hope this don’t starve together wiki on great characters has helped you. In order to get more information or master advice, you can write to us. 

You can share your experience with us in our comment box. We will love to hear back from our readers. You can share your queries in our comment box too!

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