Automation is what rules the world today. Virtually all human activities are becoming automated in one way or another. And for businesses, the introduction of automated solutions is a huge saving. All this is true for such a direction of activity as logistics. Needs for regular transportation of goods or passengers are constantly present, and with the help of software solutions, they can be met much more efficiently.

  • Specifics of Logistics

At the same time, the logistics sector requires a special approach to the selection of software products. This is not a standard eCommerce project, not a strict system of financial accounting. It’s much more. For logistics companies and departments, the following features are of great importance:

  • The speed of information processing. It is required to constantly monitor the location of the cargo, make instant decisions, and maintain timelines.
  • Work on three sides. Software for logistics companies is often needed to organize interaction in the client-manager-driver chain. And all this works much more efficiently within a single application.
  • Ability to connect additional equipment. GPS trackers, online calculators for clients, and automated services for calculating the weight of a cargo or a route are a must.
  • Implementation of innovative solutions. These are payment methods, and the ability to conclude contracts using a digital signature. Modern automation in logistics allows all this.
  • What Software to Choose for Logistics Business

All these features require the implementation of automation at a certain level. A regular site or application for accessing services will obviously not be enough. In particular, the following solutions are required:

  • Software for the interaction of managers who take orders with performers, that is drivers and forwarders.
  • Software for customer interaction and logistics services.
  • Solutions for organizing route tracking for both agents and managers, as well as for customers receiving logistics services.

RexSoft’s practice has shown that ERP is the most effective solution for logistics business. This type of software fully covers all the above-mentioned needs, and at the same time, with thoughtful development, it can be customized for certain niches of the logistics business.

  • Real Case Study on Logistics App by RexSoft

Taking as an axiom the usefulness and efficiency of ERP as the optimal automation solution for logistics, RexSoft completed a project that confirms the correctness of this choice. We are talking about Brocars, a service that allows you to organize the supply chain of used cars to the buyer without the obligatory personal presence of the latter. All work with the client is fully automated. To improve efficiency, the following functions are built into the ERP:

  • Telephony to receive all customer calls without exception.
  • Digital signature integration for remote contracting.
  • A mobile application for truck drivers who carry out an order for transportation.
  • GPS system for tracking the route of the truck.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the RexSoft team, the application turned out to be effective and at the same time inexpensive. At the expense of hourly payment for 1,110 hours of work of the team, the ERP system cost was about $40,000. Be sure that you are unlikely to pay less for a custom ERP because a similar project in a large development company in the US or Western Europe will cost several times more. 

The results of the work of the RexSoft team lead to the increase of customers’ applications for Brocars’ services. Besides, the convenience of the ERP was highly appreciated by the business owner, as all the processes became more than just automated but also fully transparent that also is money-saving and effective.

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