Outriders – Surviving on an Alien Planet

Today we are going to review “Outriders.” You can use Gameplay.tips to find reviews about different video games and their system requirements.

Coming to Outriders, the video game is about living and surviving in a sci-fi world that happens on an alien planet, far away from ours. Humanity has fallen down the Earth, and now there is nothing left except shifting toward the galaxy to get settled in another planet. The two spaceships that carry around the passengers to the new planet “Enoch” are the only hope of people.

The Course of the Outriders Game

However, of course, things will not go smoothly, and there will be reasons why humans will have to fight on the new planet to live. You are the hero who will be the first one to set your feet on the alien planet. You will be there to explore and ensuring if it’s safe to call the humans there.

However, you later find out that the planet will be hit by a powerful storm called the Anomaly, which stars decaying the people. You end up calling the humans there, and the storm hits the planet.

As a result, you go into cryostasis and wake up after 35 years. Then you find out that the storm Anomaly has destroyed everything; however, not everyone is dead. You also find out that the storm gave superpowers. So you can choose with which superpower you want to play from the four types.

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Your main objective will be to utilize your superpowers and unleash the superpowers of those who are around you. Plus, you will be tracking down a mysterious signal coming from outside the valley. The purpose is to solve the mystery of the planet to get everyone out of this mess.

Note: The game is available on PC, Xbox, and Playstation.

Playing the game, you go with your truck and park it in one of the hubs. From here, you head out to missions while completing small side quests as well.

The game doesn’t seem to give a vast space for exploration; the areas are small with a lot of barriers. At some point, the player might not prefer its mission design as it settles for the same thing; big arena or short arena; it is all about so much killing. The environments are also fine, not anything extraordinary. A class comes with eight powers from which you can have three at a time.

Mission & Weapons

At some point, Outriders may also feel like things are getting repetitive. Honestly, there is nothing more than killing and then killing again. However, getting the rain of weapons and cool things and experiment with them for their powers keep you well-engaged while finishing the enemies.

The thing that comes like rain is a loot. Outriders don’t shy away from giving players enough loots that fill them up with more stuff than they can ever think. The gears you get also come with mods adding some cool features along. When you disassemble your gear, it adds up more mods that were not there previously.

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However, as the game offers a third-person view, you might not enjoy handling all those guns as you do in a first-person view. You barely see the detailing of the gun, and nothing with the weapons feels special. You can enjoy entering a new tier once you complete a mission such as destroying the population of Enoch.



You can figure out the progress of your mission with the bar on top, which fills up every time you are close to complete the tier. Also, Outriders does complete; the game has an end, and when you win the final tier of Outriders, you get your might reward and a sense of satisfaction.

So those who want to have fun on some unknown alien planet and a sci-fi themed environment can choose Outriders and give it a try.

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