Danganronpa Animation series is one of the most loved high-school series of all time among millennials. The story revolves around 16 mainstream Danganronpa characters locked inside the Hope’s Peak Academy, which is far from the usual high schools in real life. It is quite terrifying to watch Danganronpa, where an anthropomorphic bear threatens students to kill each other in order to find their way out of the Academy. However, no matter how far-fetching and 18+ with violence this series is, once you watch its first episode, there’s no going back. 

To the reader’s surprise, Danganronpa: The Animation has reached its end already. Millions of viewers were expecting the commencement of the second season, but it’s not happening. “Goodbye, Despite High School,” titled the 13th episode of Danganronpa, disclosed that K1-B0 successfully destroyed the high-school premises. As a result of serious destruction, Tsumgi (one of the main Danganronpa characters) dies. Without a doubt, the audience was left with a complete jaw-drop. 

Above all, Dangaronpa left behind its audience obsessed with its main characters. Since the second season of Danganronpa is not coming out anytime soon, why not fulfill your fantasy of knowing Danganronpa characters’ from a microscopic glass. Of course, virtual! 

Today, we brought to you some shocking facts about Danganronpa that you never realized or figured out before in the series. To be honest, we have waited enough for this moment. Why not? Let’s begin!

#1: Mondo Owada was once “Able to Love” 

To begin with, in the series beginning, it was disclosed that Mondo Owada already knew about the final fate of the Academy. Jin Kirigiri and Mondo were the first to close down the Academy, locking 16 students inside. Hence, it was pretty much clear that the audience hated Mondo Owada in the beginning. But, do you know? Unlike in the series, Mondo’s childhood was as normal as any kids’. Indeed, he used to love dogs and still does!

Danganronpa Characters

Believe it or not, but Mondo’s fate that brought nothing but the execution in the death cage nearly broke many viewers’ hearts. And the execution was so terrifying that when he got electrocuted, his body completely melted into a butter-like substance later packed authentically as “butter” labeled on it. Let alone that terrifying picture, but Monokuma actually consumes that butter later in the episode. Ewwww!

#2: Hiyoko Saionji’s Death wasn’t what the writers planned!

More often than not, during written manga’ making into television series, many facts change. For example, during the making of Game Of Thrones, 40% of the characters’ stories were changed to fulfill audiences’ fantasies. Similarly, in the Danganronpa characters, Hiyoko Saionji’s authentically never died. Instead, death was originally the fate of Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu. However, the makers swapped their final endings in order to keep Peko Pekoyama’s sacrifice worth it. 

Danganronpa Characters

Yet, the most questionable part was when none of the high-school students tried to find the weapon used for the murder of Hiyoko Saionji. 

Not only this, but the original manga depicts that Mikan Tsumiki never actually killed Hiyoko. Instead, they made a deal of atonement. 

#3: Touku Fukawa wasn’t the first choice for the universe’s representation

According to the main plotline of Danganronpa characters, Toko Fukawa was indeed the legend of multiple universes. She was basically the nerd of the Hope’s Peak Academy. However, her second personality, called Genocide Jack, was something that made her character much more interesting. Even though she survived the ultimate despair, do you think she was the best choice for the universe’s representation? 

Danganronpa Characters

The answer is NO. According to the previous analogies, Touko Fukawa was never a competition against Junko Enoshima, one of the most exciting and fashionable Danganronpa Characters. Indeed, Junko was never the first choice for universe representation. It was Toko Fukawa because of her Dissociative Identity Disorder and title of Ultimate Murderous Fiend. 

In comparison, Junko was nothing about fighting but fashion. However, later because of her supernatural Analytical Power and Skills, she gets obsessed with the adventurous but unpredictable despair of Hope’s Peak Academy. She never desired for it to end. 

#4: Monokuma’s Beta Design is seriously terrifying – Danganronpa Characters!

In the Danganronpa series, the actual beta designs of the characters barely appeared. However, the game series of Danganronpa, Beta Characters were quite interesting. From Toko Fukawa’s beta character looking like an old lady to Junko Enoshima’s actual beta design looking like Cindy from Orange is the New Black with blue-green eyes, it looked cute. 

However, wait until you take a glimpse of Monokuma’s beta design. It was half with skin and half with no skin. Just internal organs are showing. If you look at this beta design for an hour, you may have nightmares that night. 

Danganronpa Characters

According to the plotline, Monokuma’s beta design is half skin and half internal because it has two sides – Good and Bad. Later on, the design was changed to a black-white panda with a cute side mixed with an evil one. Still terrifying! Which one did you like best? Let us know in the comments. 

#5: Isshiki Madurai – One of the creepiest Danganronpa Characters

Having to bond with Monokuma’s beta design during the Danganronpa game series was bearable. However, let’s introduce you to one of the creepiest characters – Issiki Madurai. To begin with, Isshiki Madurai was the Ultimate Bodyguard of the Hope’s Peak Academy. With the long strands of Hair aligned and tongue straightened out 24 hours, it is terrifying to look at. 

But, do you know? According to the gameplay of Danganronpa, Isshiki Madurai is not the only creepiest character. Instead, he has seven other identical siblings named Rosshiki, Yoshiki, Yasshiki, Shisshiki, Saasshiki, Nishiki, and Nishiki. 

Danganronpa Characters

To begin with, the outer appearance of Isshiki Madurai is much similar to Naruto’s character Orochimaru. But, of course, that character was a bit handsome. 

Sadly, in the original tv series of Danganronpa, Isshiki Madurai wasn’t one of the mainstream characters. It would have been fun to have Isshiki involved in hope’s peak Academy murder spree for final escape. 

#6: Toko Fukawa’s fantasies were quite sadistic

Having a high-school crush is normal. However, having sex fantasies in the middle of the day at school just makes it all perverted and sadistic. For the most part, her tongue kind of gave out creeps but nevertheless, her daydreaming of Byakuya having sex with her is something you wouldn’t love to tongue-in. 

To begin with, Toko’s entire outlook doesn’t make her sadistic. However, what goes inside her does. For example, at the beginning of the series, it was pretty much clear that she has some hardcore trust issues. For the most part, many viewers thought of Toko as a real-time bully in the Hope’s Peak Academy. Above all, she was portrayed as a 24 hours judgemental clock. 

Danganronpa Characters

Yet, if you dive down into Toko Fukawa’s backstory, you will find that she was bullied multiple times. It was pretty much clear when she expressed that she hates to look at (xxx) because he/she reminds her of her version in the past via one of the dialogues. 

#7: Toko Fukawa Danganronpa Characters has Ablutophobia

Why does Toko hate baths? This question arises many times. Well! The real answer is Ablutophobia. It is a type of anxiety disorder. And, without a doubt, it is crystal clear that Toko has some social issues and anxiety that hits many times a day. 

According to Toko’s childhood story, she had two mothers and a father, and later on, it was disclosed that she was abused during her childhood, whether it be at school or home. She was exposed to extreme fear to the point that she was extremely afraid of Darkness, Blood, and Water. 

Danganronpa Characters

Even though Danganronpa characters’ complete traumatic experiences aren’t disclosed, Toko’s were considered to be the most traumatic of all. As a consequence, she crafted a personality of an infamous serial killer named Genocide Jack. 

Above all, Toko Fukawa was one of the most relatable Danganronpa characters because bullying in high school is very common in real life. If you want to view the consequences of bullying, don’t miss 13 reasons why on Netflix. 

#8: Makoto Naegi and Nagito Komeda’s Voice Actor was same

Believe it or not, but voice actors actually put the real-life experience in Animation Characters. But, when it comes to Danganronpa characters, there are facts that you may have rarely realized. For instance, Makoto Naegi and Nagito Komeda’s voice actors were the same – Bryce Papenbrook. 

Danganronpa Characters

Source: BollyTrendz

Makoto Naegi survived the Ultimate Killing game, which made the audience pay attention to him at last. Surprise! Surprise! You may not have noticed, but he also appeared on Chain Chronicles. Well! He didn’t get any attention because of his non-creepy appearance, maybe! Yet, he had one unusual personality trait – he sleeps with his shoes on. Why? 

#9: Danganronpa Characters – most of them were Capricorns!

According to the Wiki fandom of Danganronpa, three characters’ birthdays are in the month of December, which makes them Capricorn easily. To the reader’s surprise, Junko Enoshima and Mukoru Ecosaba’s birthdays fall on the same date, 24th December. Hifumi Yamada was born on 31st December, and Leon Kuwata’s birthday is on 3rd January. Henceforth, there are four Capricorns. According to astrology, these characters’ powers and skills match the qualities that their zodiac signature exposes. 

Danganronpa Characters

Image credit: Reddit

Other than these four, Nekomaru Nidai, Chiaki Nanami, and Hiyoko Saionji are Pisces. Mikan Tsumiki, Mahiru Koizumi, and Nagito Komaeda are Tarus. Akane Owari, Kazuichi Souda, and Peko Pekoyama’s zodiac sign is Cancer. Only Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu and Yasuhiro Hagakure are Leo. Sonia Nevermind is Libra, and Teruteru Hanamura is Virgo. Above all, Ibuki Mioda and Gundam Tanaka share the same sign – Sagittarius. 

#10: Sonia Nevermind – Danganronpa Character taken for a “kinky” one

More often than not, when Japanese television series and games based on manga make it to the viewers and gamers, there’s always a sexy character that gives out a bad reputation to the complete series. For Danganronpa, Sonia Nevermind was one such character. According to some fantasy writings on the internet, Sonia Nevermind is taken for a female character that doesn’t mind spreading sexual vibes on the island in Danganronpa Two. 

Danganronpa Characters

At some point, this fact rather makes Sonia an unlovable but only f**kable character in the series. What do you think? 


Q: What is Danganronpa? 

A: Danganronpa is a Japanese video game franchise created by Kazutaka Kodaka and developed by Spike Chunsoft. The series follows the students of Hope’s Peak Academy who are forced into a life of mutual killing by a sadistic teddy bear named Monokuma.

Q: How many Danganronpa games are there? 

A: There are four main games in the series: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. There are also various spin-off novels and manga.

Q: Who are the main characters of Danganronpa? 

A: The main characters of Danganronpa are the students of Hope’s Peak Academy, each with a unique talent and title. For example, Makoto Naegi is the Ultimate Lucky Student, Kyoko Kirigiri is the Ultimate Detective, and Junko Enoshima is the Ultimate Fashionista.

Q: How do the characters die in Danganronpa? 

A: The characters die in Danganronpa either by being murdered by another student, or by being executed by Monokuma after being found guilty in a class trial. The executions are usually themed after the character’s talent or personality.

Q: What are the themes and genres of Danganronpa? 

A: Danganronpa combines adventure, visual novel, detective, and dating simulator elements. The themes and genres of Danganronpa include mystery, horror, comedy, tragedy, romance, and psychology.


So, now that you know all the Danganronpa characters from a microscope, who do you like the most and why? Let us know in the comment section. Danganronpa Season One has already been completed. What do you think of a second season? If yes, then bookmark us for some great storylines and spoilers. Believe me. You will not regret it. Thank you for having to complete this journey with us. 


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