It can be not easy to navigate the world of how to breed horses in minecraft. Since the 1.6.1 release, not all horses have been created the same way, so here is a quick guide on breeding horses in minecraft.

Each horse has three different values ​​that contribute to its utility value. Speed, jump height, and hit point. All Minecraft horses in the wild are assign random and invisible values ​​for these three traits.

Things that determine how to breed horses in minecraft

This value determines how fast the horse runs, how high the jump is, and how much damage it does. You cannot change these values, but you can successfully create horses and golden carrots/apples with a slightly better value through the selection process.


In Minecraft, horses can move at any speed between 5 bits per second (blocks/sec.) And 14 bits per second.

This means that when walking, the slowest horse will always move faster than the player and the fastest horse. They will be able to run three times faster than the player.

The best way to test it is probably how much there is between two points, along with another player on the same track. It measures whether you can run fast.


The horse’s jumping heights vary from about one block to five and a half blocks. The best way to test the height of a horse’s jump is to use snow, as it is one-eighth of a full mass.

Therefore, if you walk five and a half blocks up the stairs (the best step is 44 layers of snow) and the horse jumps as high as possible, you can measure the height of the jump quite accurately.

Minecraft horses: how to tame a horse in Minecraft | PCGamesN


Damage point

The horse’s hit point value is the only value display in the GUI, but it’s still not quite accurate. In Minecraft, each hit point is represented by a half heart. Even full hearts are two important points.

However, horses with odd hitpoint values ​​will have an actual heart value. The GUI only shows the whole heart, and visually, all individual values ​​are rounded.

Since horses hitting points can range from 15 to 30, half of the horses can have ambiguous hitpoint values.

Unarmed blows do half the damage, so an easy way to check their health is to hit them. Once you hit the horse, make sure you do not lose any hit points. If it is full, the horse’s hitpoint value is deduct.

If not, your horse has the same hitpoint values ​​- and you should give it sugar or wheat to cure it.


Now that you know the three values ​​that make a horse better, you may have also discovered that wild, domesticated horses have not fully reached a horse’s best potential.

To achieve perfection in a horse, you will have to raise your horses together. The agricultural game is very simple, but it requires luck.

The statistics for breeding horses are thrown into the random number generator with a third random number within the range of possibilities.

A young horse receives the average of these three numbers. This is due to the above three properties.

For example, if you breed a horse with a hit of 28 points and a horse with 20 hit points together, the game will randomly roll 28 on average. This will result in the birth of a young horse with a strength of 22.

By breeding horses with the highest values ​​for each trait repeatedly, you can eventually produce superhorses that dominate all three classes. I hope you are lucky and find plenty of gold carrots with that in mind.

Given how beneficial horses can be when traveling with Minecraft, starting a breeding program is convenient if something should happen to your horse during the journey.

Breeding is also use to increase horse statistics so that new breeds can run faster, jump higher and do more damage than their parents.

Whatever your reason for deciding to breed a horse, there are some steps you need to take to make it effective.

If this is your first time using Minecraft, or if you’re back after a long hiatus, check out our guide on how to breed horses in Minecraft.

How to breed horses in minecraft- a step-by-step guide

1- Where are the horses? How to breed horses in Minecraft

Let’s start to know how to breed horses in minecraft? The obvious first step is to find a horse to start breeding.

It is located in one of three locations: Savannah Biome, Plains Biome, and Village Stables. So depending on where you started from and how suitable your seed world is, it may take some time to find the right biome or village.

Plains are empty grasslands with few trees, savannas are brown grasslands with occasional acacia trees, and villages are located in several different biomes, but not all have stables.

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2- The method of obtaining the necessary supplies

To breed horses, you need to have the right feed so that sparks can fly between them. In this case, two apples or two golden carrots.

Apples are obtain by catching them when they fall from a tree.

Then mix the apples with eight gold bars to make a golden apple or carrots with eight golden nuggets to make a golden carrot. ..

3- Breeding horses – How to breed horses with Minecraft

If you want to breed horses, you need two horses to become parents. Unless you are trying to get a certain color for a pony, two horses will do regardless of color.

The only exceptions to this are skeletal horses and zombie horses. None of these subspecies can be fed, so they cannot reproduce at all.

The only way to increase the number of these horses is to use eggs or find wild skeletal horses.

4- Mules grow

You can breed mules by mating horses and donkeys. The mule falls between the two animals in terms of weight and speed. For this reason, mules are some of the best seeds you can get in the game.

Mule breeding is the same except for the family, so you can get mules by taking horses and donkeys from the same pasture and feeding them carrots and golden apples.

5- To tame the parents

Note that domestic horses are requiring breeding them. Two wild horses cannot reproduce, and no tame horse can reproduce with wild horses.

Taming a horse is not that complicated, but there is a guide if you want to do it correctly and efficiently.

Make sure both horses are tamed before, mate. There should be no problem. It should also be note that the resulting ponies are wild and must be tamed when they become adults.

6- Use of food

If you have two horses in the ring, or a horse and a donkey, if you have a mule, make sure you have two golden apples or two carrots and give them to each horse. Prepare food and give it to the desired animal.

When the heart shows up in the beast, you will know you are right. If you do this with other horses, you must also have a heart. If two horses have a heart, they will fall in love, breeding will begin.

7- Love mode

Horses in love mode must be eight blocks apart to find mating. They “kiss” for a few seconds when they get close, the ponies show up, and the breeding process is complete.

The animal will be in love mode for about 30 seconds. If it is not turned on during this time, the core disappears, and it goes to sleep. At this point, feed him again, and he will soon be back in love mode.

8 – Deadtime

Once the breeding is completed, and the foal is born, the parents can not breed again for 5 minutes.

During this downtime, you can give each horse as many suitable items as you want, but the love mode will not be activated.

It is therefore recommend to keep some mares and mares, so to speak, to get bigger stallions. You can continue breeding in collaboration with other pairs while the pair time out for 5 minutes.

9- Aging

It takes about 20 minutes from foal birth to puberty. At this point, you can ride on it or tame it.

This ripening period can be shortened by feeding pony sugar, apple puree, wheat, or hay bales. Each feeding removes 10% of the remaining growth period.

You can keep feeding the foal until you have a few seconds left. You can keep feeding it until you are an adult.

If your herd cannot wait for the foals to mature naturally, it is recommend that you have a wheat or sugar farm of the appropriate size.

10- Genetic probability

Raising a child is simple, but the contraceptive mechanism is complex. It is good to look for a guide to understand this mechanism better, but here is a rough overview.

There is a 17.78% chance that a foal will have the same color and statistics as the contrast of parent a, parent B, or one or both parents. It is also not likely that the foal has a different color or statistic than its father.

If you need faster, stronger horses and different colors, breed more horses to get the right combination.

You can make a successful horse farm before saying, Jack Robinson.


Horses can be found in the most open and grassy areas and usually in flocks of 2-6 units.  It is very easy to tame a horse with Mine craft. Other animals and all you have to do is find a horse that you like, preferably alone, completely unarmed and have everything in your hands.

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