In 2014, Divinity Original Sin I initially released by Larian Studios. Today, it is one of the widely played games in the world, with over 1 million global players. What’s so special about this game? Well! It is a single-player as well as a multiplayer role-playing video game with a world-class touch of fantasy that takes the player into the Rivellon. Those who have played Divinity Original Sin II, they must have explored the endless world of Rivellon or, as I say it, the world of spells. In comparison, if you are a first-time player, you may require a Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough special to get you through the most challenging levels in the game. If yes, then you are on the right platform. 

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Today, we present a brief guide on Divinity Original Sin 2 and a complete walkthrough that will help you overcome the levels where you generally get stuck. But before you start playing, hold your horses and let’s learn about the storyline of the game. It will help you understand the main moves of the game and the concept behind every quest. 

Let’s take a glance now!

What is Divinity Original Sin 2 All About? 

To begin with, the game Divinity Original Sin 2 begins centuries after the Divinity Original Sin Part I. The sequel is set in a world of fantasies called Rivellon. To the reader’s surprise, the sequel of Divinity original Sin has some interesting modifications in graphics, player’s potential, challenges, as well as sound. Rivellon is filled with source energy, and the people of this world are known as Sourcerers. 

According to the backstory, at a time, Rivellon was at the edge of destruction because the space between this world and Void was persistently decreasing. Henceforth, in order to protect it, The Seven Gods of Rivellon donated a countable portion of their power to the Divine (Lucian). As a result, Lucian became the third party between Void and the world, preventing each other from coming together. 

However, the Divine is no longer alive. Yes! You guessed it right, Rivellon is once again at the risk of destruction because Void is coming. To the reader’s surprise, a Void is a place where monsters live. And if the veil between the world and Void weaken to zero, all people of Rivellon may die. Same as in Netflix’s series Stranger Things. 

Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough

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Now, when you enter the game, you (the player) act as a sorcerer (the one who casts spells and has some other skills as well). 

You will come across many complex challenges such as fighting monsters from the Void and escaping jail, etc. 

What is Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough? 

A walkthrough is a custom guide that will allow you to win the game in a perfect manner. Divinity Original Sin 2 walkthrough has all the answers you need. You will know what to do at what chapter! Henceforth, winning the game at the end. So, shall we get started? 

To begin with, Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough Guide given below has four chapters in total. The guide also covers the “escape from the boat” in the beginning as well as the “intermission challenge” that arrives after Chapter II. For tips and tricks, scroll down to FAQs and more. 

#1: ESCAPE From the Boat

When you enter the game, you will realize that you are on a boat with no way to reach the shore. This Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough part will cover the escape from the boat. So, let’s begin to follow the instructions given below: 

  • First of all, you cannot explore the boat until you free yourself.
  • Look around. Do you see a book of songs? It is probably placed on the main deck.
  • Grab the book. As soon as you do that, the dragon head in front of you will begin to speak with you. 
  • Now, move a little bit, you will be able to do that.

Tip: Don’t worry! You can say anything. It will not impact your performance in future in any manner. 

How to reach prison on the boat?

  • Now, when you begin to explore the area, you will come across NPC.
  • Who is NPC? They are traders who will offer you a side quest, main quest, or challenge to combat. 
  • When you observe the blood pool in the other room, talk to the NPC, and they will tell you what happened.
  • Now that you enter the next section of the boat, you will see that it is a type of prison and prisoners and NPCs are also present there. 
  • Talk to the NPCs and avoid prisoners. 
  • As you talk, hold the “Alt” key to highlight the valuable items around the prison. Collect them for benefit ahead in the game. 

Tip: Please don’t avoid food items and bedrolls because you cannot survive without them. 

Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough

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  • Now, do you see a key (while you hold the alt key)?
  • Collect this key and undo the next door, which will take you to a smaller room. 
  • Here, there are many beneficial items – keep collecting. 

Tip: for recipes, tap/click on the posters

  • Now, it is time to escape the boat so get ready. 
  • When you go to the back of the boat, one of the NPC will start a fire causing everyone on the boat to die but you. 
  • Now, you have much-much time to loot anything and everything on the boat. 

Tip: loot the boat because you will require inventory at large in the chapters ahead and fewer opportunities because of combat. 

How to get onboard on a lifeboat in Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough? 

This is a mainstream section as lifeboats will allow you to reach the shore and escape the boat. 

  • Go to the place where the fire initially began. 
  • Water barrels will be there, which will allow people to escape the boat when something goes wrong. 
  • But, they are on fire, and you need to put the fire out with the help of a dog. 
  • If a dog is not present nearby you, quickly grab keys from the NPC and go up to unlock a door. 
  • You can also smash the door if you don’t have a key. 
  • In this room, there will be notes in the back. Thus, learn from these notes. 
  • Now, enter the dining room. Do you see a gold cup? Collect it. 
  • Next, observe or look around for a door with a skull as decoration. 
  • First of all, open the door using a key placed on the right lower side. 
  • Use a water barrel to put out the fire. 
  • Is there a body in the room? Loot it.
  • This key will take you to a door behind which there are bodies will lots-lots of coins. 
  • Now, take the stairs. 
  • On the main deck, there are enemies, however, weakened from the fire.
  • It is time to combat them. 
  • Now, move on to the lifeboats placed on the side. 
  • An alternative dialogue box will appear with two options – flee or save people. 
  • Tap on save people down below option. 
  • Another combat awaits here. 
  • When the combat is over, you will find yourself on the lifeboat fleeing.

Tip: It rarely happens because you run out of time. Henceforth, your loss will still get you out of the boat. However, you will reach the next challenge – the Merryweather!

#2: The Merryweather – Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough

Believe it or not, but this chapter is accomplishable within two steps only. This chapter contains information that you will have to read. When you read everything, the chapter is over, and you can skip to the next one. 

You can give it some time and read everything if you haven’t read the “escape the boat” section above. If you have, you can skip it without reading. 

Note: The Merryweather is the boat/ship talked about in section 1. 

#3: Escape from the Reaper’s Eye

This chapter begins when you reach onshore using the lifeboat. Here, you have to focus on one goal only. That is, escape Fort Joy from the Reaper’s eye. To do this without failure, you will have to take a quest called “The Escape”, which is the 4th quest in the game. The other three are The Purged Dragon, The Shrieker, and Vault of Braccus Rex. 

Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough

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Before you go ahead, it is noteworthy to mention that you can avoid the “The Escape” question by simply preferring “Withermoore’s soul jar”, where you can combat with each majestic in the Fort and kill them to complete this level. 

How to complete the “The Escape” Quest in Divinity original sin 2? 

  • Finish the first entry when you escape the Merryweather ship. 
  • When you wash up the shore, you will realize that there are enemies present there. Attack them to obtain a second entry. 
  • Quickly rush to the Fort Joy, if you reach in time, you will the Atusa’s murder which will obtain you another entry. 
  • Next, you will find fane as well as vines to climb nearby. An elf will try to talk to you, don’t do it. This will obtain you another entry.
  • Moving on, manipulate an elf into eating Atusa’s limb (leg). As a result, the elf will remember Verdes, henceforth gaining you a bonus entry. 
  • Next is Withmoore’s soul jar quest, which is part of the escape. You can ignore it or take it. 
  • Enter the Hall of Penitence present in the castle and sneak inside the bedroom to find a letter leading you to earn two entries. 
  • Next, enter the dungeons in the castle. Here, you will come across a talking lizard Varsya. Gain information from her on how to reach Hollow Marches in Fort Joy. 

 What to do next in the Hollow Marshes? 

  • First of all, ring the bell. Avoid exploding plants. 
  • Someone will try to talk to you. 
  • Tell them you are not majestic.
  • If they believe you, heaven will unlock. 
  • Next, talk to Exter, who is currently in Sanctuary of Amadia. 
  • He will tell you about a plan to save Gareth from Braccus Armoury in the Hollow Marshes. Proceed with the plan. 
  • Now, in the Hollow Marches, attack and kill all the strikers using the Purging wand, which you have gotten from following Exter’s plan. 

Tip: You can also obtain a purging wand to complete the imprisoned dragon quest. This will allow you to avoid helping or meeting Exter at all. 

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  • Talk to Gareth for the second last journal entry accomplishment. 
  • Finally, attack him. 
  • You will meet Alexandar in the Hollow Marshes. Confront him and then beat him a few times for bonus entries. 
  • Malady will appear when Alexander loses the combat. It will get you two more bonus entries. 

Now that you have killed Alexander, you can skip to the next chapter. Or, you can take other challenging quests if you want. The choice is yours!

#4: Lady Vengeance – Intermission during Divinity Original Sin II

This section will allow you to obtain extra credit and items in the game. To begin with, it is called Lady Vengeance because she has a large barrel under the security of Seekers. Since you are on the boat, you have to keep going on to reach the next section (I, The Godwoken). 

But for challenges and adventure, you can proceed to finish the following: 

  • Talk to the party members and gain points. 
  • Go to the bottom of the boat. You will observe a large talking mirror. Interact endless to obtain respec allowing you set custom “conditions” on how you want to be treated by the party members. 
  • Complete the Lady O’ War Quest. 

How to complete Lady O’war quest? 

  • On the deck, find a dead body. 
  • Collect Sodden Dairy. Read it to get the password, ie.., fortitude.
  • Talk to Malady. 
  • Now, go downstairs (below the deck) in the boat. 
  • Use a password to unlock the room’s door. You will obtain a journal entry. 
  • Now, go back up and talk to the imprisoned Magister. 
  • Then, visit Alexandar in the boat prison. 
  • You will see his body in the cell guarded by a jailer. 
  • Ask the jailer to open the cell. 
  • Loot the necklace from Alexander’s body. 
  • Collect the strange gem from the necklace and once again go back to the ornate room.
  • Speak password “fortitude” out loud to the gem. The door will unlock.
  • Read the letter placed on the table and obtain a journal entry. 
  • On the desk, you will see a book of songs again. Collect it.
  • Talk to the dragon on the main deck. 
  • Combat with Dallis. 

Now that the quest is complete. 

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You can finally sail the boat. However, there will be combat. It doesn’t matter if you win the combat, but you must not die. Your goal is to survive. After the combat is complete, you will get to the next section. 

#5: I, The Godwoken 

This is the second last chapter of the Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough. If you have accomplished lady o’ war during the intermission, then you are only required to finish the “To The Hall of Echoes” quest in this one. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Once you win the combat with Dallis. 
  • Make your way to the tree. It will obtain you one journal entry.
  • Now, cast a blessing spell on any one of the seven Gods you like. Speak to the Gods. 
  • As a result, you will once again find yourself on the Lady Vengeance level. 
  • Here, find Malady, who is near the jail cells below the deck. 
  • Talk to Malady, and she will teleport you. 
  • The quest is complete. 

You will automatically enter the next and last sections. 

#6: Mastering the Source – the last stage of Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough

To your surprise, it has only one quest called Powerful Awakening. Here’s how to begin: 

  • When Malady tells you to seek Siva for help. 
  • It is time to go to the East Side of Driftwood. 
  • Before you reach Siva, you will have to fight with many enemies on the way. 
  • When you meet Siva, finally free her. She will take you to her house. 
  • Keep instructions in mind that Siva delivers. 
  • Now, perform rituals with Siva in the basement. 
  • In the next steps, you will have to complete the following quests for Gods: Shadow over driftwood, On the Ropes, Unlikely Lovers, and Source Vampirism. 
  • Divinity Original Sin 2 Walkthrough

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By completing all the quests using skills and instructions you get by talking to NPCs, Gods, Elfs, etc., once you complete this level, you will be able to restore the Eternal Rule in Rivellon. 


Please note that quests are the most crucial part of the game. More often than not, players often miss upon some amazing quest to reach the climax quickly. welL! Next time you play the game, don’t miss The Purged Dungeon, A Taste of Freedom, A Web of Desire, and Hide and Seek. 

For more details, tips, and tricks on the game, summon us. Our gaming experts come back with much more, so don’t forget to bookmark this reading. Thank you!

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