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If you are an avid fan or gamer who loves to indulge in RPG games and you like Sci-fi themed things, then you are in for a massive treat! Here, in this article about Morrowind Console RPG commands, we are going to share details and console commands of the game; Elder Scrolls- Morrowind.  

This new era game of RPG already has a huge fan base due to the tremendous success of the initial segments. Elder Scrolls is known for its crazy storyline and the vast number of missions. However, in the Morrowind part of the game, the developers have taken it to the very next level. Along with the same diverse and intense missions like the earlier games of Elder Scrolls, in Morrowind, you get to explore a vast and open map as well! This makes this series of games even more fun to play than too on various consoles. This detailed role-playing game also consists of many individual characters that add even more fun to the game.  

Various Aspects of Elder Scrolls- Morrowind 

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As we mentioned above how the new edition of Elder Scrolls has managed to take the game to the next level. Let us discuss some cool, unique aspects that have been added or improved in the Morrowind edition of Elder Scrolls. 


Bethesda Game Studios create this popular role-playing game, and it has shown a significant change in the characters that they have added in this version. You get to indulge in a lot of magical and sci-fi action due to the diverse characters that you get to meet along the way. 


Along with the characters, another amazing improvement that was made in Elder Scroll; Morrowind is the added maps. Any gamer or player will have an immense space to move around and interact on the huge map. Moreover, the separate corners of the maps have something new to offer. You can travel around see all the different things and themes the various sects of the map have to offer. 


In Elder Scrolls- Morrowind, the plot will never let you down, even though the elder scrolls series is known for its great plot lines and story mode. The gamers simply love to indulge in the plot of Morrowind as it takes unexpected turns quite frequently. Also, there are many moves that you can make in this edition of Elder Scrolls so that you direct the plotline in your way. By doing so, you get a very personalized feel while playing this game. 

Mystics and Powers 

When you first start playing the Morrowind version. You can instantly see the striking difference in your character’s moves and powers. The developers of this version of Elder Scrolls gave special attention to powers that you get to play with. As mentioned earlier, in Morrowind, the strengths and abilities of the game have been improved a lot!


No matter which RPG-based game you are playing, the controls play a massive role in any game. Like any other RPG game, in End Scrolls Morrowind, the authorities also play a vital role. However, the makers of Morrowind managed to put out an excellent set of controls so that every gamer can make the most of this game. 

Morrowind Console Commands 

Now, since we know some basic stuff about Elder Scrolls- Morrowind, let us check out some console commands that you can add and enjoy while playing this game. These console commands of Morrowind will help you to reach further in-game. Moreover, with the help of these console commands, you can do multiple creative things with your character and its powers. 

Before we dig in some basic console command controls, it is advised that you develop a habit of saving your game of End Scrolls after every essential and progressive move. 

How to Add and Use these Commands?

In order to use these commands and enter them in a simple and short manner, you have to use the < and > buttons while you are at the regular screen of Morrowind. 

 If you wish to add a command regarding anything, then you have to type it between < and >. Also, try to keep the capital letters in mind while typing then, as these are all case sensitive. 


For Morrowind console commands, there are various things that you switch on and off in the map and game. For all such things, you have to use the term Toggle while adding the commands. So, for instance, you have to add or remove the sky element from the game, then all you have to do is at the home screen type in Togglesky between < and >, and you can switch the sky element on and off! Just like you did with the sky, you can replace the word with Stats, Healthbar, Item, AI, world, etc., to add or remove several elements from the game. 

Basic Commands

Check out some of the basic commands that can you can type in within < and >.

Command Effects Command Input
Unlock Item <Unlock>
Display Group <showgroup>
Get a Spell <spellID>
Flying mode <setflying>
Walk on Water mode setwaterwalkinng <#>
Fog of War Mode <togglefogofwar>
Show Stats <togglestats>
Add or remove world <toggleworld>
Fast Movement <fixme>


Now, once you have figured out the basics of how to toggle things in End Scrolls Morrowind using console commands, you can do much more! 

Now, a gamer may want to some basic boosters in the game of Morrowind so that he can lead the plot without any difficulties. For this, we can use the term “Set” in the console command section. For example, you want your health bar to reach its maximum capacity again. Hence, then all you have to do is type in SetHealth, and you are good to go. Just like the toggle button, you can use these codes for various things. 

Just type in Level, flying, Fatigue, fix me, etc., after typing inset as a console command and see the magic. These commands will surely make the Morrowind game plays a smooth sailing experience for any gamer!

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Now, after the basic details and Console Commands of End Scrolls Morrowind, you can further upgrade or modify the game with Mods. However, downloading and applying these Mods on End Scrolls is not an easy task. That is why in the Morrowind edition, we suggest you use the above-given console commands to make the most of this RPG game. 

Also, if you want to bring in any essential changes in the gameplay of Morrowind or its display. Then, you can check out the game settings and adjust them according to your liking.  


We hope that now you understood and various elements and console commands of End Scrolls Morrowind’s. With the help of these basic details and tips, you can enhance your gameplay to the next level. Make sure to share these fun commands with all the fans of End Scrolls Morrowind. So, that they can enjoy End Scrolls to the fullest as well!

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