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The thing you should know before playing Morrowind

Morrowind is the sequel to a series of games, The Elder Scrolls, specifically Arena and Dagger fall. Morrowind is an RPG that stands out, apart from its impressive technical section, for its total freedom. And it is that in few games, you have the opportunity to explore the world where you play as you do in this one. It is technically possible to travel the island where the game takes place from one end to another, although it will take us days to do so. The game is developed in the first person by default to cause immersion of the player in the character he controls. However, it is possible to adopt a position in the third person to see and control your character in morrowind console commands the same way.

Morrowind province map

The morrowind console commands is the northeastern province of the Tamriélico Empire, border to the north and east by the ocean, to the west by Skyrim, to the southwest by Cyrrodiil, also known as the Imperial Province, and to the south by the Black Swamp, also known as Argonia.


The district of Vvardenfell (where the game morrowind console commands mainly takes place) belongs to the province of Morrowind. Vvardenfell is an island located east of Tamriel, above the Sea of Ghosts ( Sea of Ghosts ), characterized by a giant volcano called Red Mountain ( Red Mountain ). It has nine regions, each with its flora and terrain. They are called: the Acadian Islands, the Ashlands, the Azura Coast, the Bitter Coast, the Grazelands, Molag Amur, the Red Mountain, the West Blade, and Sheogorad.


Vvardenfell is governed by the Great Council, which has representatives from the three Great Houses present in Vvardenfell: Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni. Duke Vedam Dren de la Casa Hlaalu is the president of the council and leader of the Vvardenfell district.


The emperor directs import and export through the Eastern Empire Company, which negotiates very closely with House Hlaalu, which is favourable to the Empire. The company operates ebony and glass mines on the island.


The people of Vvardenfell are members of the three Great Houses, native Ashlanders and members of the Temple. Foreigners are not well receiving, especially in the eastern area ( Casa Telvanni area ). The imperial guilds are well regard and openly accept foreigners. The Hlaalu House also welcomes you.


The inhabitants of Vvardenfell walk or use the so-called bog strikers. There are also boats to transport people and cargo ships.


There are two main religions, the Imperial Cult and the Temple, which worship the Almsivi. In addition, the Ashlanders have their Nerevarine Cult. Some still practise ancestor worship. Even Daedra worshipers are known to exist.

How to Play Morrowind on Android, The Legendary RPG on Android - Tech Genesis

Tricks of playing Morrowind

Morrowind is a fantasy action role-playing game created by Bethesda Game Studios and released in 2002. Held in Vvardenfell, it takes the player to the belly of Red Mountain, a volcano that the god Dagoth Ur is trying to pull out. Shine. Morrowind of his imperial rule. If you are looking for help while traveling, you have the following cheat code edits, along with some tricks.

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Activate the console. Some useful combinations morrowind console commands

The console in the game is activated simply by pressing the \ key, usually located just to the left of the one corresponding to the number 1.

To use some of the morrowind console commands listed below, it is necessary to use certain symbols such as double quotes, hyphens and underscores, etc. The following is the way to write some of these symbols with the appropriate combination for Spanish keyboards:

  • the symbol” (double quotation mark): In the console, it appears with the combination of uppercase keys {
  • The {key is also the accent and umlaut key.
  • _ symbol (underscore): Appears with the combination of capital letters?
  • The key? are the question mark and the single quote
  • symbol – (normal short dash): Appears by pressing the key? (or single quote).
  • 4)> (greater than) symbol: Appears with the uppercase combination. (period or colon key)

Note that the key indicated as “uppercase” is not the caps lock key, with which it is sometimes confusing, but the normal uppercase key.

With these combinations, it is therefore feasible, on keyboards, to add commands to the console that would not be possible, such as player-> AddItem “object_name” 1

Capture Screens

If you have tried it, you will already know. Find the Morrowind.ini file and then the Screen Shot Enable = 0 line. Change it to 0 to a one, and you can get stressed with capturing. They will be saved in the main directory with the name Screen Shot X.bmp.

Change appearance during gameplay morrowind console commands

When you get tired of always seeing the same aspect of your character, press \ (or “º ª”, next to 1, as you wish) to remove the console and type the following:

You will return to the gender and race selection menu. Yes, SAVE your game first. Because several things can happen to you:

  • The character will be reset to level 1 if the class selection window appears.
  • Pass two, and you have saved (as happened to a server).

Rename the character

So you can change your name. At first, the change will not appear, so that it appears to save the game in that auxiliary game and restart. You will see your name changed.

Obtain Daedric armour easily.

To obtain a complete Daedric armour easily, you have to have completed the mission of the main plot, Healing of Corpus, before. Then it’s as simple as going to Tel Fyr and killing Divayth Fyr and stealing the Daedric armour he’s wearing. You have to do it after that mission since it is Divayth Fyr who has to heal you from the Corpus, and if you kill him, you will never be able to heal yourself, and you will never be able to complete the Main Plot morrowind console commands.

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The chollazo of being an alchemist

This is a small exploit strategy that many players use. It’s about putting alchemy skills as primary/secondary skills and going to different alchemists (some in temples and the Wizard Guilds of Sadrismora and Balmora). Those NPCs can play their products every time you talk to them, and the only downside is that they don’t have a lot of money. The best thing is that you can buy many crab meat, salted rice, and quail eggs, make potions to regain your fatigue and sell them. That way, you will earn a lot of money, and you will level up very quickly morrowind console commands.

Character generation in morrowind console commands

If desired, you can configure your character’s traits, abilities, and parameters at the start of the game and through tutorials, thanks to career composition and selecting professions with specific skills.


The race of your character will not only determine an aesthetic question. Still, it will also indicate the place of birth, his affinities and natural abilities, attributes, and even a description that perhaps fits the character’s morale. One has to choose a race and think about all these things. For the beginning of the game, you will have to make this decision, and once you choose, there is no going back unless you want to start over, from 0.

Each race has its own culture, some for Magic, some for war, some for stealth and the field of stealth, but if you need a wizard oak, create it. There is nothing to prevent. It’s up to you to decide. By clarifying the strengths and weaknesses of that choice, you are free to do whatever you want.

A testament to OpenMW and TES3MP at the same time: ElderScrolls
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Signs of birth

In Tamriel, people are born under the influence of certain constellations and are said to be “lucky in some respects.” These people are usually blessed or cursed with significant strengths or weaknesses that result from the magical combination of stars.


Primary attributes range from 0 to 100, but Magic, potions, and even disease can modify them. By advancing a level, you can increase your attributes.


The skills are divide into three sections: the fighting arts, the magical arts, and the stealth arts. And each governs an attribute. To level up, you must develop these skills. When you use a skill for a long time, it goes up one point. When some gained 10 points in total between all the skills worked, you will go up one level.


Each class brings different skills that correspond to the role the class plays in its description. The skills, specialization and favourite attributes of each class can be found by choosing the class in the game. Keep in mind that the name can sometimes mislead you, and the warrior may not precisely match what you imagine. So please read it carefully and interpret the explanations and usefulness of the various skills.


Understood in the six schools of Magic, these skills will be developed using spells belonging to each school. Detail of the schools of Conjuration, Illusion, Destruction, Reestablishment, Mysticism and Alteration.

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