PC gaming has vastly increased in popularity over the past decade and having the best possible PC, gear and accessories has become a necessity for many gamers. These can include a specialized mouse, headsets, CPU parts or even multiple monitors, anything to gain the smallest edge over the competition. 

Below are listed six must-have accessories for all PC gamers so read on if you are interested in having the best possible setup to take on any competition across the world. 

Six PC Accessories Gamers Must Have

Below are listed the six items all gamers must have or else they will find themselves at a disadvantage. 

  1. A Good Gaming Headset- Probably one of the most important parts of any gamer’s setup is the headset. A good headset allows you to not only communicate with your team, but also pick up on sound cues that are easy to miss on speakers or with inferior headphones. One cannot consider themselves a serious PC gamer without picking up a decent headset to talk with their teammates and echo locate even the sneakiest opponent. There are plenty of different brands to choose from, so do your research and find the best option for you! 
  2. An Ergonomic Chair- If you have ever stood up from a long gaming session and felt like every single joint in your back and knees popped, then you know how necessary a good ergonomic chair is. While Herman Miller chairs are considered by many to be the cream of the crop, you don’t necessarily need to drop a thousand dollars to get yourself a good chair for gaming. Much like headsets, just do your research to find the best gaming chair in your price range so your body can remain comfortable during those marathon gaming sessions! 
  3. A Gaming or High-Resolution Monitor- While a high-resolution monitor is more of a necessity for First Person Shooters or MOBAs, it is still a valuable addition to any PC gamers setup. As with the above items, there are various brands from Asus to Samsung that make high quality gaming monitors, so you can research and find the one that best suits your needs. However, you should make sure that it is compatible with your setup and can run at 144 fps or higher for the best possible gaming experience. If you are playing games on monitors running lower fps, you will be amazed at how smooth in game movements will seem once you upgrade to a better monitor! 
  4. Gaming Mouse- Usually one of the first accessories most gamers buy, a good mouse can make a huge difference on the virtual battlefield. Whether you choose a sleek corsair mouse, a flashy razor or even a button-stacked G-series from Logitech, you will be able to easily out-maneuver your opponents. In addition to having increased sensitivity and precision, many gaming mice have additional programmable buttons so you can do more than waste your mouse hand on just pointing and clicking. Do your research and find a mouse in your price range that fits your gaming style or pick the recommendations from the selections above and up your game today.
  5. MouseOne Paracord Mouse Cable Once you invest in your mouse, a zerocable from MouseOne is a must for any PC gamer. While most gaming mice are designed to move fluidly, some manufacturers overlook the mouse cable, causing it to get caught up on your gaming surface, slowing or hitching your movements. Another great part about MouseOne cables is that they allow you to customize your mouse cable from a variety of different colors, so ditch the boring grey and pick from their various vibrant colors to smoothen your mouse play!  
  6. Gaming Keyboard- While not as necessary as a good mouse for many games, a high-quality gaming keyboard can make all the difference when it comes down to who can click that key the fastest. As with mice, there are various brands from corsair to razor that make high quality gaming keyboards to take your inputs to the next level. No matter which one you pick, the ability to precisely input a key at exactly the right time or in the blink of an eye will always give you the advantage over those without a gaming keyboard. Do your research, crack your knuckles, and get your new keyboard to take your game to the next level! 


In conclusion, make sure to pick up all the items on our list if you want to take your PC gaming sessions to the next level! Don’t lose a game because you didn’t want to spend $12 on a MouseOne Zerocable and your mouse got caught on your undersized mousepad, so get these must have items for PC gamers today!