Call of Duty: List of Bunker Codes

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 has been released. And believe it or not! Millions of gamers out there cannot wait to download and continue their journey of bunkers from Season 3rd to 4th. However, if you haven’t finished Season 3 and won the championship, now is the time to hurry up! Henceforth, to help you through, we present this reading to deliver a true-and-tried list of Bunker codes for you. How will bunker codes help, you may ask? Let’s read further to know: 

bunker codes map

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To begin with, Call of Duty Warzone is a game of loot that enhances the level of suspicion and excitement every step of the way. When you enter the game, you enter the Veradanks region, which is full of treasure. The more you loot, the more your powers increase. For the most part, this game gives a real-time experience by allowing a maximum of 200 players to enter the same field. Meaning, if you do not loot a bunker fast enough, another player will! And, this adventurous game increases the level of dopamine in the player’s body. There’s a rush to win. Therefore, if you are a properitrix of such a rush while playing Warzone, this bunker codes list is made for you!

Read ahead to find what’s hidden in your bunker treasures. But before, let’s have a small introduction to the Call of Duty Warzone Plot and how to play it? It helps us to connect with players who do not have much experience with Warzone games. 


Warzone Call of Duty is a premium online multiple players gaming platform. The game requires unparted attention to achieve goals and treasures. To loot in the game, players look for Veradanks’ region map. In Call of Duty Warzone Season 2, Nuke Event ended up in the permanent destruction of the original map. This is why players look out for bunker cheat codes and map locations online in order to successfully complete the loot. Now, a map from 1984 is accessible, which is not as effective as the original one. 

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However, the use of bunker codes to unlock or loot the bunker ahead of you in the Warzone is not illegal. According to the rules and guidelines of the game, Bunkers are required to be opened using a digital code that the player can get by performing the given task. Or if he/she has the access code or bunker code. In the event that you end up opening all the bunkers using bunker codes. It will mean that you didn’t really enjoy the ethnicity of the game. Henceforth, it is crucial to understand that winning the game by applying codes is not fun or entertaining. 

The following list of Warzone bunker codes is only available for the time when you are stuck in the game. Or on the verge of losing. We do not promote the non-legalized use of codes in any way possible. Please apply the codes at your own risk. 

Note: Bunker Codes are the numerical codes to access bunkers. But, it is noteworthy to mention that not all bunkers are accessible via codes. Some bunkers demand the player to collect cards. Or, some bunkers also demand to fight a battle and win. 

How to find bunker codes on the Veradansk map? 

In the event that you are playing Warzone for the first time, it can be challenging to read the map and tell where the bunker is exactly. So, first of all, let’s learn how to discover a bunker in a warzone using a map? To begin with, a bunker consists of a metallic door with three yellow bars. But, not all bunkers are the same. Some bunkers, especially those which require bunker codes to access, will have a keypad. 

bunker codes

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According to the previous observations of other players, the following are the authentic locations of most-visited bunkers in Warzone. After season 2 of Call of Duty Warzone, more than 50% of bunkers became inaccessible or disappeared from the map due to the Nuke Event. It was an unfortunate incident, though.

Bunker no. on Map Location of the Bunker
00 Promenade West > Coast South > Cliff (head down) > Find the bunker in a strange place
01 Go-Kart Track > Southwest of Boneyard > Go North
02 Bunker 01 > Go to North (drive).
03 Bunker 02 > Find the Trap Door
04 Southeast of Dam > Observe the Cliffs > Large Russian Sign > Go Above
05 Crash Site > Go West
06 Mid of Quarry and Lumber > East Side > Go Above Train Tunnel
07 TV Station > Go East, Or

Stadium > Go Northeast. 

Further, find the trap door.

08 Bunker 07 > Go Inside > Head down the stairs
09 Prison Bunker > Go Northeast > Below the Bridge > Cliff
10 Tavorsk Park > South > Southern Edge of Vera Dansk region


Now that you know the locations and premises-to-premises or point-to-point map direction. Let’s move on to the list of bunker codes to access the keypad bunkers in Warzone. Are you ready? Hold your horse because you are going to loot all the treasure!

Bunker Codes for Call of Duty Warzone All Seasons: True-and-Tried!

Bunker Name Warzone Season Bunker code Accessibility
North Junkyard  Season Six 87624851 No
Warzone Farmland Season Six 49285163 No
South Junkyard Season Six 97264138 Yes
Warzone Prison shack Season Six 72948531 Yes
TV Station Season Six/two/three 27495810 Yes
Nuke Park Season Six/two/three 60274513 Yes

These are the bunker codes that you can enter when the keypad appears in front of you. When you reach the bunker, be careful! There can be bunker campers around you. These bunker campers are akin to stealers. They react instantly when you enter the code and open the door to the bunker. And, then, they prevent you from looting it. Instead, loot it themselves. Thus, because of bunker campers, all your hard work goes down the drain. 

What are the different types of Bunkers codes in Warzone? 

To begin with, it is not so difficult to access bunkers with a keypad. Because you have got all the codes beforehand. However, Warzone is not a game of ethics. There are bunker campers and players who strategies to steal your loot when you come out of the bunker. And to be honest, there’s no potential strategy to prevent yourself from these campers and stealers. Thus, we recommend that you focus on learning the different types of bunkers in Warzone. The more knowledge of the game you have, the faster you can react to win. So, let’s begin:

Red Access Card Bunkers

For the most part, there are fewer or equal to six bunkers that are accessible via code in Call of Duty Warzone. You will also come across some bunkers which you can access using a Red Access Card. Now, the main question stands, where can you find these cards? First of all, there’s no exact location to find these cards. While running or driving, you may come across orange chests. These cards are usually there only. 

Source: The load out

Unfortunately, after the Nuke Event in Season 2, the third season of Warzone Call of Duty map deleted or omitted all the red access card bunkers. Therefore, If there’s a glitch in the game, you may come across some red card bunkers. Here are their names: 

  • Prison Red Card Bunker
  • South of Hill Bunker
  • East of Quarry Bunker
  • South of Military Base bunker, and
  • Dam Bunker.

So, To reach these bunkers anyway for fun and explore, view the table for locations. 

Bunker 11/ The special Blue-coined Bunker code

When you see Veradansk’s map, you will see that only one bunker is marked as blue. Well! This is because it is a special bunker. The speciality is that treasure in bunker 11 is coined by the entire community of Call of Duty. As a result, it is very exigent to access it. And when there are challenges in Warzone, the game becomes more exciting. It is situated in the Military Base Northwest. 

Source: DownSight

To access this blue bunker, you will need an easter egg. But again, due to the unfortunate event in season 2, the entire map of the region has been changed. Hence, this bunker is not accessible for now. 

Stadium Bunker: Three-locked bunker

When you play Warzone endlessly, you come across new information every step of the way. But, announce yourself lucky if you come across the stadium bunker. There’s no stadium bunker code as it is accessible via blue access cards. You will need three cards because there are three locks on this bunker. And, yes, you guessed it right! It is a premise for giant loot. 

Here’s good news: Stadium Bunkers are now accessible. To find blue access cards, keep an eye on cards named EL-21, P2-16, and CL-19. But, please note that these cards are findable on three different levels, i.e.., parking level, executive level, and concourse level. 

It is also noteworthy that these cards disappear after entering 5 minutes in the game. Hence, set your priorities beforehand. 

Airport Bunker: Full of Surprises

Do you know? Airport Bunker has been the lowest explored location in Warzone Call of Duty. The reason is, Airport Bunker is poorly unattractive, and players do not take it seriously. However, believe it or not, the best-of-best treasure is where there is filth. Although, it is true that Airport bunker is not much of a loot type. There’s slightly something that you can loot. And, this is why it is the easiest one to get in. 

Source: EarlyGame

Call of Duty Season 2 New listed Bunker Codes

If you are wondering, this is it! These are all the bunkers you have to explore. We request you to wait. Because our list does not end without Call of Duty’s brand new listed bunkers. And, to your surprise, there are three of them. 

You can find them as follows: 

1st Bunker: Jarvdinsk Spomenik > Arklov Peak Military Base > Go Above.

Furthermore, the 2nd Bunker: southeast of the Novi Grazna Hills > Zoszni Spomenik

3rd Bunker: Tavorsk Park > Styor Spomenik

Another amazing fact about these bunkers is that you do not need any type of Bunkers code, red card, blue card, or easter egg to access these. Thus, They are open to all. But, of course, there’s nothing in these bunkers to actually loot. Most players go there to see the “zombies icon” and percentage that appear there. According to a few resources, rumours of a soon-to-be zombie outbreak in Warzone are going around, especially when the percentage turns to 100%. 


So, To download Warzone Call of Duty for PlayStation, Xbox One, and PC, go to Keep in touch with our article to get new updates on warzone bunkers and season 4 maps which are coming very soon. Till then, Enjoy the loot!

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