Solutions For Earning Wow Classic Gold

Solutions For Earning Wow Classic Gold

Making maximum WoW (World of Warcraft) gold has become a very annoying problem for all the WoW players. Earning sufficient gold for the first mount is a big achievement in itself. Further, when the game starts and you need different equipment to enjoy the game, then you come across the fact that every single equipment is highly expensive. When any new game is launched the liberty range is pretty high but as the game continues to gain more and more popularity the difficult range starts to increase and the liberty goes down. Hence, it becomes extremely important to play the game with full efficiency to earn gold.

Players of the game can be broadly classified into three categories, novice player, casual players and the experience players with gaming skills. Let’s take a look on some of the simple tricks that can help players of every category to make classic gold.

Novice Players

If you have recently started enjoying the World of Warcraft the it is always a good idea to make good through classic farming method or by gathering method. This is so because whatever you will earn by this method will be hundred percent profit. Another interesting aspect of these methods is that you do not need to spend any gold, or have fighting skills or any other additional power to enjoy the game. This way with time one gets to learn a lot and also it’s a fair opportunity to make more money.

Novice players should focus more on the items that have high profit margins and low investment at the same time. Trade goods and professions are some of the good items to buy. Here is a complete lists of items that one can buy to make maximum profit:

  • Food items
  • Instead of buying heavy items as a whole, instead; Split big items in small shares.
  • Enchanting materials
  • Metal ores or heavy bars like silver bars, gold bars, iron ore and so on.
  • Six externals; they are , fire, life , air, shadow, earth and water)
  • Leather items
  • Precious gems
  • Herbs
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It is very crucial to know in detail about the market your are investing in, so it is better to focus on only Twenty to forty items first and then widen the scope. Also, do not step back in making investments when you see higher opportunities. There is a possibility of losing the investment made but that can be later recovered by investing on other valuable items. So don’t stop and continue to learn more.

Casual Players

Casual players who have little knowledge about the game often have this one point in mind, how to earn maximum wow classic gold in limited time and effort. One of the simplest and the most effective solution for these layers is the auction house. Before opting for auction house it is very crucial to gather some information about the prices, else there are high chances of losing huge amount of investment made.

Experienced Players

Experienced players know every detail about the game that is helpful in making maximum gold. For instance, from to gather minerals, what exactly to look when buying and how to decide what to sell in the auction house. However, there is still scope of making huge amount of money by using years of expertise. Now the question is how to make excess amount of gold using relevant experience? First of all target a raid and then stock some BoE materials that will be very precious and will help in earning good amount of gold at them end.

The points we discussed above are some generalised ideas on making cheap wow classic gold, based on what type of category player you are. If you are looking to have the most expensive items of the game then you need to have professions such as enchanting or the engineering. I strongly recommend having a gold guide as this is of great help in learning about every single aspect of making WoW gold.

Ways To Buy Classic Gold

There are three completely secured ways to buy wow classic gold. They are as follows:

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Mailbox – There are some players who are enjoy this game from the very early days but are still not very familiar or comfortable with the various ways of purchasing wow gold. Mailbox delivery of gold is one of the oldest and the most secure way of purchasing gold. It is also one of the easiest way as one simply need to provide their character name and the gold amount of directly transferred to the game. The only limitation of mailbox delivery is the time. It takes almost an hours get the gold amount transferred to the account. This is one of the highly preferred ways as one can order the gold based on their convenience and that too without being online.

Auction House – the second number is of auction houses, it is also very safe secure way but it requires a little more effort on the buyer part. This way of purchasing gold is preferred by people who are looking for more security and are ready to perform any action to ensure safety. Everyday almost thousands of people make transactions using auction house, this itself is a proof of its security. In this while making the purchase you need to tell the item name along with the character name. After that only the purchase is possible from the item list.

Physical Purchase– this required maximum effort from the user part for making the purchase. You will have to be online at the time buyers will have the gold. In case you are not available at the time of delivery then supplier drops an email and will ask to opt for some other form of delivery. This is why it is considered as one of the most complicated way of purchasing wow gold and also requires travelling. However, this is one of the fastest way of getting gold (only if stock is available).


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