Learning French is not an easy task for many of us, but it is not impossible. The basic way to learn a language is by joining language classes and learning from there. With this method, there are many fun methods like listening to songs, watching french movies, or listening to french radio podcasts.

 Another fun way to learn French is by playing French games. Playing games is a fun way to pass your time and if it can help you strengthen your language skills then why not. In this section, we will mention some of the best games that can improve your French skills and make you a master of usage. 

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  1. Monopoly

We all have played this game as kids or as adults and we loved it for sure. This classic board game is available in many languages like English and French. As you remember in this game in different places players had to go through different ages and do different activities. 

So playing this game in French will be very helpful for players to learn different details and strengthen their French vocabulary. This is like training your brain as a child in pre-school where you did small activities which helped you your whole life.

2. Go Fish

This card game is known as Pige dans le lac or Pêche in France. It is not as famous as it is in European countries but this can be a very good game to strengthen your French skills. You just need three players to play this game and the aim is to have the most amount of pairs till the end of the game. 

You can eliminate your opponents and you can play this game with your friends and family. This game will help you practice numbers and words which is very important for practicing one language.

3. Who am I?

It is an amazing game to play with your friends at gatherings and house parties. In this game, your friends will write names and stick them in your head and they will give you hints that you have to disclose. This is a fabulous game for your speaking practice and its rules are very easy so you won’t face problems playing this game.

 It is a pretty famous game in France and it’s called Qui Suis Je? In french language. For playing this game all you will need is three to four friends, a pen-paper, and some sticky tapes.

4. Trivia Crack

This whole time we are discussing card, board, or physical games, this time we will talk about a phone game. It will improve your French skills and increase your general knowledge. This is the online version of the old game “Trivial Pursuit”. 

In this game, you have to compete against your opponents by answering general questions and stuff. You just have to play it in french that’s all, it will improve your french vocabulary and it is a great dose of daily practice. The fun fact is this game is very addictive so you do not have to worry about liking or disliking the game just play along and have fun.

5. Mille Bornes

This is a classic french card game that almost everyone loves in France. The goal is very simple, you have to win the race. There are different cards with different tasks throughout the game, here you can learn many new words and usage of sentences.

 In total a great french exercise, which is the reason you are here searching for games that will help you strengthen your french skills. It will be fun to play it with your friends and family. Challenge your friends by saying “On fait la revanche?” which means “We do the revenge?” which is very breathtaking.


Here we are enclosing this session after mentioning the best games to improve your french skills. These games are very fun and easy to play. They will also help you to socialize with others. Many french tutors suggest playing these games to improve students’ French skills and learn faster. All the games we mentioned are very basic so you won’t face any hardship playing these games and have some quality time with your friends. 

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