About Ocarina of Time Walkthrough

If you are an avid RPG and online gamer, then you must be looking for an Ocarina of time walkthrough. Before we dig into Ocarina of Time and how it is supposed to be played. Let understand more about Ocarina and its various aspects.

The game of Ocarina is surrounded by Master Quest and the main theme plot. In this game full of quests, one has to work on his mystic skills to go ahead. 

Along with the essential and regular play, the game of Ocarina offers some beautiful graphics as well.

However, a lot of people who love Ocarina of Time are unable to complete the game due to its various layers of missions. Hence, here we will give the fans of Ocarina a brief walkthrough that will help you to complete this game while enjoying the various quests it has to offer!

More Details About the Quests 

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The game of Ocarina offers you various side missions as well as main quests. Moreover, the map and the multiple characters you meet along the way make it more fun. However, in order to get the most of the game, you have to follow the Ocarina storyline.

The Start- 

Here, you start the game of Ocarina by walking up in unfamiliar surroundings. First and foremost, you have to get up and be comfortable with the controls. Now, once you know how to move around, it is time to head downstairs and get the sword. The sword will play a vital role in this game as it will help you cross various missions. For this, you have to go out and find the sword.

Second Quest-

Here, you will have to play the role of a savior. As you enter the tree quest, you will be able to foresee some evil omen. In order to stop this terrible omen from happening, you will have to destroy the egg. So, you better rush up to the room where the egg is kept and destroy it as soon as possible.

The Third Episode 

For the third mission, you have to head out of the indoor dungeons. As you might have noticed in the game of Zelda by now, several different corners of the town are unexplored. Now, for this third main quest, you have to reach out to the middle of the town and look for a female character. This female character will be waiting in the middle of the market for you. Once you find her and interact with her, move to the next part. Here, you will notice that she has given you something.

Here, your mission, in a nutshell, is to go inside the massive castle that the guards and army protect. Hence, entering the castle with ease will not be possible. Picking up a fight will be a foolish. Hence, the best move that you can make is to sneak behind the guards and the army. However, keep in mind that you will have to enter and redo the whole quest once again if you blow your cover.

Part 4

This is where the Legend of Zelda – Ocarina time quest gets a bit difficult. Here, to cross this main quest, you will have to travel too far off in the jungle. In the wilderness, you will have to meet up with a female character to help you lead the way further.  So, in this long journey, you will find that the Jungle of Ocarina holds a lot of creatures that are after you.

In this fourth part of the quest, you have to put your guards up at all times! Once you are in the jungle, try to find the best and the easiest way to head back soon. This will help you to save your character from various dangerous elements that the Legend of Zelda is famous for.

The fifth and final main quest

Now, once you are out of the dense jungle full of threats, you have to head back to the town. As you might have noticed, your character is constantly in danger in this RPG game. So, in the fifth segment of the Walkthrough, you have to go ahead and find your way out of the jungle. After heading out from the jungle, try to spot a dungeon in the lower parts of the map. Here, you will most likely enter the final part of the quest of Ocarina.

Now, you have to collect all the explosives and try to blow up the base as soon as possible. However, keep in mind to keep the best weapons on you as you will be heavily under attack. 

Once you spot the place, you have to fix up the bomb, run away and then blow it up. Now, you have to move to the next part. You have completed the main quests in the Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of time. 

What More?

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Since we are over with the Ocarina of time walkthrough. We are going to share some incredible facts about this installment of the Legend of Zelda series. 

Link to Mario

Not many Zelda fans know about this, but in the game, many characters that you meet along the way are heavily inspired by the Mario series. Both the games have a history of sharing some similar things in the past, so this comes up as no surprise! 

Fishing Game by Fluke

Well, this is a fact told by the makers of Ocarina of time. They shared a story that the small fishing pond that people enjoy spending their time in. The fishing game was added by chance but it turned out to be a great hit with the people! We hop that you enjoy this as well! 

The Blood Effects and Censorship

The game Legend of Zelda was, when first made, had a lot of blood gushing and other gore details in it. Especially in the Ocarina version, the makers wanted to add a lot of graphic information, but they failed to do so and removed it because of the large fan base. The vast fan base of all groups and ages forced them to put on a clean sensor on this popular game of Zelda. 

Love Story!

Not many fans are aware of this, but initially, some characters in the game were supposed to have love stories. The creators wanted them to have a love affair on the side track so that it will add more depth to the storyline. However, the bounded love idea was dropping later on as it went ahead with no link-ups between the characters. 

All in all, the love story between any two characters in this world full of dungeons is not missed by anyone. However, the base of the storyline of Ocarina of time is extremely interesting! 


We hope that you enjoyed our crisp Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time walkthrough. By keeping these small tips and storyline in mind, you will surely get to the end of the game in no time. Moreover, we also hoped that you liked the small fun facts that we shared about the Ocarina of Time in the end. 

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