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List of the master quest in the game the legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time walkthrough

The Legend of Zelda: ocarina of time walkthrough Master Quest game is a remake of Nintendo’s original Ocarina of Time. The Master Quest contains almost the same content as the original Ocarina, but with a redesigned and more difficult dungeon similar to the Second Mission.

Time Master Quest was available on a special bonus disc that also included Ocarina of the original time. This album was distributed in limited quantities by pre-order from Kaze no Tact. Also, in some areas, it was sold as a package with the Wind Tact. It can also be used as an Ocarina 3D mode of time after completing regular play for the first time.

Ocarina of time changes

The most important feature of Master Quest is that all dungeons in the game have been modified to enhance the game’s difficulty. Each features a different design and changes the level progression. In addition, some Gold Sculpture locations in the dungeon have been moved, requiring certain items that were optional in the original version to complete the game.

Master Quest Tutorial

Originally designed for the unfortunate add-on to the Nintendo 64DD disk drive, Master Quest remixes the content of the ocarina of time walkthrough, offering new adventures to those who have already finished the game. In other words, what was on the left side becomes the right side.

  1. Kokri forest master quest:

The game begins with Link sleeping dreaming in bed. Navi dropped in at Link’s house and sent a message to meet the Great Deku Tree. Leave Link’s house and go downstairs to meet Sarria. From here, you’re ready to find the land of Hyrule!

Your first goal is to find the Kokri sword in a small hole behind the maze of training ground fences.  Crawl around the hole and collect the rupees hidden in the grass. Avoid rolling rocks and go around the path until you find a large treasure chest in the upper left corner of the area. Select and equip Kokri Sword from the equipment screen of the start menu. You can use your sword to mow the grass and earn more rupees.

Lost woods zelda ocarina of time map - Angkoo
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  1. Deku tree master quest:

To save the Great Deck Tree, you need to break the curse in it. Once inside, take a look at the centre’s website. It will help you in the future. Go up the ladder to the next platform. You can then look for the heart at the end of the log and go to the right or the large treasure chest with the dungeon map to the left. Destroy Goma Egg before hatching.

Gold Sculpture-To get the hidden spiders at this level, you’ll have to roll inside the box or use a bomb to break the box (if you choose to return later).

Climb the vines to the top floor and step on the switch. This illuminates the torch. Enter the door to the exact right of the switch.

Step on the Oval Room, 3F-Switch to jump platforms to two platforms and kill all Goma babies and eggs. The plants are also taken out, and as soon as the room becomes empty, the door is unlocked, and a treasure chest appears between the left alcove. Open it to get a slingshot.  Get out of the room.

  1. Hyrule Castle master quest:

Meet Maron in the centre of town. She is a short redhead in a white dress. After she talks to her, she walks straight to the entrance to the castle and returns to the city. Go back to the castle entrance and talk to Maron again. She will give you a chicken egg. You can’t enter the castle through the door, so you’ll have to sneak past the guards.

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Climb the vines right next to Maron, climb the cliffs down the ladder, exit the door, or jump and roll on edge.

Go up the road and turn left at the fork. It would be best if you climbed a hill somewhere in the middle to avoid two guards on the path and another guard at the top of the upper ledge.

  1. Goron City master quest:

Climb the mountain and kill the disturbing red tektites spiders. Fold the corners until you reach the red flag. Keep the flag to the left and watch out for Goron rolling. Go straight through the rock rings towards Goron City (drop and crush them for hearts and rupees).

Cross the wooden shelves and jump straight down. Stand on the rug and play Zelda’s lullaby game to open the door to Darina’s hideout. Talk to Darnia and then play Sarria’s song to cheer him up a bit. Darina offers Fire Spirit Stones instead of purifying monsters in Dodongo Cave. He gives you a Goron bracelet to collect bomb flowers and other heavy rocks ocarina of time walkthrough.

Exit Goron City and pass the Rock Ring. Bomb flowers are needed because the entrance to Dodongo Cave is blocked. There is a bomb flower on the left side of the rock circle on the outskirts of Goron. Would you mind picking up the bomb flower and throwing it on the shelf? If you do not blow up the sealed entry first, try again. Jump off the cliff to the entrance to Dodongo Cave.

  1. Dodongo’s Cave Master Quest:

Pick up bomb flowers from both sides of the room and throw them into a cracked wall. The Dodongo Cave has three raised platforms on the left and right, around the central ring, and a rock lizard mouth at the opposite end of the entrance.

Two dex clubs on the right sell shields and nuts, but you probably don’t have to worry about them. The locked gates on the left side of the Deku bush contain a mysterious stone. However, you won’t be able to get the Mask of Truth until much later (or rather), so ignore it now and come back later.

Jump to the central platform, grab the bomb from the bomb flower, turn left to jump to the pillar, and jump to the walkway on the left side of the room. Throw a bomb at the locked door on the right to reveal the niche with the treasure chest. There is a dungeon map inside ocarina of time walkthrough.

Jump over the lava and land in front of the rock. Drop the bomb, detonate it and display the switch. Step on it to move the moving pillars and climb the ladder. There is a stone-like this on the right side of the room, but don’t worry, there is nothing underneath.

  1. Lon Lon Ranch Master Quest:

A visit to lon lon Ranch is a worthwhile effort to give you another heart, new songs to play, bottles, and even some gold sculptures!

  • Get the bottle

During the day, enter the ranch and head to the barn on the left. The place is full of cuccoos! Dozing Talon instantly recognizes you and suggests you play a small game of 10 rupees. He intends to throw three of his super cuccoos into a crowd of regular cuccoos. Your job is to classify them by picking them up within the allotted period. The trick here is to talk to Talon from an angle where you can see where Super Cook will land at the start of the mini-game.

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Hyrule Castle - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Wiki Guide - IGN
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  • Heart piece

There is a heart piece in the silo at the back of the ranch. A cow is sleeping in the many boxes of hay and lon lon Ranch. Move these boxes until you have access to the corner wall with the crawl space. When you crawl, you will see a piece of your heart ocarina of time walkthrough.

  • Make new friends

Maron finds himself in the centre of the pen with a foal named Epona. Talk once and stand in front of the whip to take out the fairy ocarina. You learn Epona’s song from her. This song can later be used to summon Epona or obtain lon lon Milk from cows.

  • Sculptures

There are four sculptures in lon lon Ranch. One is on the side of Talon’s house, one is on the wooden wall on the right side of the barn, one is on the back of the wooden part of the enclosure, north of the entrance, and the last one is on a tree near the enclosure. The cuckoo is hanging. Outside during the day.

  1. Jabu jabu’s belly master quest:

It is recommended to equip the belly of Jabu Jabu with a Dekushield. It will help eliminate Octoroks (the Deku shield bends). Kill all the enemies in Jab Jab’s mouth and blow up the rock in the middle with a bomb. Yes, they are wall cows. It shows the switch. Step on it to spawn a chest. Open your chest and grab the map of the dungeon inside.

Then shoot the cow’s head on the left with a sling to get a treasure chest with more des nuts. Then shoot the cow’s head on the right to open the door.

  1. Temple of Time Master Quest:

Once you have all the spirit stones, visit the Princess of Hyrule Castle. A cutscene showing Ganondorf chasing Princess Zelda is unfolded. Zelda and Impa ride horses to run out of the castle, and Zelda throws Ocarina of Time into the water. Take the Ocarina from the water dropped by Zelda and take it with the Spirit Stone to the Temple of Time accessible from Market Square.

After both, go to the Temple of Time and play the Song of Time in front of the altar to open the gates of Master Sword.

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