With the digital revolution transforming our daily tasks, note-taking apps have become essential for students, professionals, and creatives. Among the leading options, GoodNotes and Notability stand out. Each has special features suited to various need. But which one ought you to pick? In order to aid in your decision, let’s dissect their features.

User Interface and Experience

GoodNotes: GoodNotes features a clean, user-friendly interface designed to replicate the feel of writing on paper. This traditional layout appeals to users who prefer a straightforward approach. Its customizable toolbar lets users quickly access their most-used tools, enhancing the note-taking experience.

Notability: Notability’s modern, sleek interface is about simplicity and efficiency. The app’s split-screen mode is handy, allowing users to view and edit two notes simultaneously, making multitasking easier.

Note-Taking Capabilities

GoodNotes: GoodNotes excels with its handwriting recognition and conversion feature. The advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology can convert handwritten notes into searchable text. It supports various templates and paper types, catering to different note-taking preferences. Additionally, GoodNotes offers extensive annotation tools, making it ideal for marking up PDFs and documents.

Notability: Notability stands out with its unique audio recording feature, which is perfect for capturing lectures and meetings. The app syncs audio recordings with your notes, so you can playback and review specific parts quickly. Notability also supports adding multimedia elements like images and web clips, providing a versatile platform for creative projects.

Organization and Storage

GoodNotes: GoodNotes organizes notes with a simple folder system. Users can create nested folders and notebooks for easy categorization. It supports iCloud syncing, ensuring your notes are consistently updated across all devices.

Notability: Notability organizes notes using subjects and dividers, offering a structured way to keep them in order. The app provides automatic backups to cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox, ensuring your notes are secure and accessible from anywhere.

Collaboration and Sharing

GoodNotes: GoodNotes recently introduced real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to simultaneously work on the same note. This feature is excellent for group projects and team efforts. GoodNotes also supports exporting notes in various formats, including PDF, image, and GoodNotes file formats.

Notability: Notability also offers real-time collaboration, making it easy to share and co-edit notes. Its robust sharing options allow notes to be exported as PDFs, images, or Notability files. Integration with cloud services ensures seamless collaboration and sharing.


GoodNotes: GoodNotes operates on a one-time purchase model, providing full access to all features without ongoing subscription fees, making it a cost-effective option.

Notability: Notability follows a freemium model, offering basic features for free and a premium subscription for advanced capabilities. The premium subscription includes unlimited audio recordings, handwriting recognition, and more.


Both GoodNotes and Notability are potent tools for digital note-taking, each with its strengths. GoodNotes is ideal for those who value handwriting recognition, customization, and a traditional note-taking experience. Notability is perfect for users who need audio recording, multimedia integration, and a modern interface. 

Choosing between GoodNotes and Notability depends on your specific needs and preferences. Trying both apps can help you determine which enhances your productivity the most.

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