We’ve got you covered if  you’re one of the thousands of brand-new gamers who just started playing “Fortnite.” Our gameplay suggestions are also for the countless gamers still pushing for the highly sought victory royale.

Here are 5 secret tips to improve your gameplay in Fortnite.

1. Resist Landing In The Main Areas

There is no suggestion in the videogame that any of the several spots shown on the map shown as main areas in “Fortnite” are predefined landing zones. They are not; instead, they frequently serve as hotspots where competitive play is prevalent.

If you’re not prepared to fight as soon as you land, you’ll probably perish. Additionally, a certain amount of luck plays a role in what supplies and weapons you’ll find.

All around the map, a tonne of houses offer a tonne of stuff. Alternatively, do yourself a favor and visit that place.

2. Change The Controls

Go to your configurations and attempt to modify settings to accommodate your performance better. This is probably one of the most crucial first steps you need to take to better overall performance in Fortnite.

Here are some essential controls that you can turn on:

  •     Auto-Equip The Best Items
  •     Tap to Search
  •     Cancel Sprint
  •     Visual Sound Effects
  •     Uncap Fake Framerate

Additionally, we advise trying the Builder Pro and Combat Pro styles to find out which suits you best. Your preferred playstyle will dictate the setup you need to have activated and disabled, so just be sure to explore your options and fiddle with them during games.

3. First Must-Haves


Trust us, get a shotgun. It doesn’t matter which one you get as long as you have it. Pistols are cool, but make sure you obtain a shotgun before any other weapon.

Here’s why- most of the Fortnite combat is done in close proximity to the target. Shot guns are the most suitable weapon to use here.

You’ll likely encounter other players inside buildings. Here, even a single well-targeted bullet from any shotgun can take them down.

Shield Potion

Shield potions are life savers, even more so than medical kits and bandages. This is because they don’t replenish your health bar and instead give you an extra health bar in addition to the old one. Consume the potions as soon as you find them instead of waiting around to get to safety.

4. Build A Protective Structure- “1×1”

Anyone who has played Fortnite knows that building things is the most critical survival mechanism in the game. Building structures out of thin air is as convenient as it sounds. And you can do it in a snap.


A simple 1×1 structure provides you with a wall of protection almost instantly. Plus, it gives you the tactical advantage of having a higher ground – something that can make it or break it for you in Fortnite.

You can get better at building structures by practicing in secluded areas. If you have “save the world” mode access, you can practice there easily.

5. Listen To The Sounds

There are ways you can use sound in Fortnite to your advantage. And this is why we suggested earlier that you turn on the “visualize sound effects” option in the settings.

Receiving visual information on sounds such as footsteps and nearby vibrations can help prevent your character’s ambush. Sound visualization allows you to be one step ahead and determine the location of your foes to plan an attack on them.

There are some things worth keeping in mind if you rely heavily on sounds to get by during each fight. In a heavily crowded area, it’ll be tough to recognize which sounds are important and what to ignore. Try not to get overwhelmed and turn off this feature when you need to.


Now that you know all our secrets, try incorporating them into your gameplay, and you’ll be able to see what improved at the end of the match. Improved gameplay makes us want to stick around and better ourselves in a game. 

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