The term pokemon in the gaming world is itself full of excitement and thrills. From the late 1900s to this date, it has been one of the best and most-loved animated cartoon themes ever. To spice things up among pokemon gaming communities, the Pokemon Fusion Generator tool is here. Can’t wait to know what it is? And, how does it work? Well! You are about to find out. Let’s get started: 

What is the Pokemon Fusion Generator? 

To begin with, as the term “fusion” suggests, Pokemon Fusion Generator is a tool on the web that allows pokemon lovers to fuse any two kinds of Pokemon to create a new one. The final outcomes of two pokemon fusing into one are quite exciting. For gamers and pokemon cartoon series viewers all over the world, Pokemon Fusion Generator is a tool to find out how the genetic mutation between two entirely distinct Pokemon will work. 

Since Pokemon is fiction and originally comes from a Japanese video game series by the same title – it is adventurous to craft new pokemon characters using two existing ones. Also, there is no mechanism to tell if the fusion is accurate or not. 

Case Study: 

What is more surprising about random Pokemon fusion generator GEN 1 – 8 — is that you do not have to analyze pokemons based on size, shape, generation, color, or powers to fuse. For example, you can fuse the largest Pokemon in the world, i.e., Eternatus (approximately 65 ft) and Flabebes (approximately 4 inches), one of the smallest Pokemon in the world. 

We did an experiment on online Pokemon fusion generator website, to find out what the fusion of Eternatus and Flabebes will look like. Here is a look: 

Pokemon Fusion Generator

The website created a fusion Pokemon named Flonatus. According to the previous character dispositions, Eternatus is a poisonous dragon. Whereas, Flabebes is a short fairy with flying capabilities. Hence, their fusion, i.e., Flonatus, is both fairy and contains poison. So, we can call her a poisonous fairy. Surprisingly enough, after Fusion, Flonatus is approximately 33 ft. 

Not only this, but after fusion, Flabebes is a 33 ft fairy, a.k.a., Flontus, who finds her dwelling on flowers. She potentially poisons it as well because she is fused with the largest dragon in the pokemon world. 

Similarly, you can create a pokemon fusion of any two pokemon. For example, here, we randomly created a fusion of Jigglypuff and Rapidash. It is called JiggyDash. 


On the web, there are multiple webpages that allow random pokemon fusion generators Gen 1-8. Some of these websites are so competitive that they have all the Pokemon available for you to initiate fusion. It is definitely a game-changer for pokemon lovers who are often curious about what it will look like if Pokemon ever reproduce!

How does Pokemon Fusion Generator work? 

Do you want to spend some time exploring the pokemon world? Well! There is no better place than the Internet for this. We check out some best websites to view Pokemon Fusion Generator tools and explore how they work? The results are amazing. Below, check out the list of best pokemon fusion generator tools along with the guide on how they work:

To begin with, is one of the most effective pokemon fusion generators as it contains all the pokemon from 1st to 8th generation. Visit to generate your own new Pokemon. Here is how it works: 

  • Go to the official Japeal PKM website using the URL provided above. 
  • Click on the left side circle to select the Pokemon of your choice.
  • You can either type the name of the Pokemon or navigate to distinct generations to find it. 
  • Similarly, click on the right-side circle figure to select the second Pokemon of your choice who you want to fuse with the first. 
  • For example, we picked – Charmander and Blastoise. 
  • Finally, click on the “FUSE” button in the middle. 
  • The fusion result is Blasmander. Check the image. 

Pokemon Fusion Generator

Blasmander has both water and fire qualities. 

If you want to improve the fusion result, you can tap on the “Evolve” option. By clicking on the Evolve button, we get “Blast Meleon.”

The exciting part about is that you have multiple features to explore. For example, you can click on the “interchange icon” to give one pokemon priority over the other. Pokemon selected in the left side circle generally have primary priority and power. 

Thus, you can pick the strongest Pokemon and put it with the cutest Pokemon. You will get a strong + cute pokemon combination out of it. You can easily copy the link to the fusion Pokemon you created by clicking on the “copy link” option below to share it directly with your friends or on the discord community page. 

Alexon Sager Pokemon Fusion Generator tool

The Internet takes you to strange places. But, Pokemon Alexon Sager is a website on the Internet that will give you a refreshing feeling if you are bored of exploring the same pokemon in video games. Because the website is completely free, you can spend unlimited time here using the pokemon fusion generator for surprising results. 

To use it, follow the steps below: 

  • Go to
  • In the first column, select primary Pokemon. For example — Gold luck. 
  • In the second column, select secondary Pokemon. For example — Oregon. 
  • Above, you will see the fusion’s final result. Fusion of Goodluck and Oregon is called Golgon. 
  • By clicking on the interchange icon between two columns, you can also re-prioritize. For example — a fusion of Porygon and goldluck is Poryduck. 

Or, you can click on the “random” buttons on both sides to allow the Pokemon fusion generator to pick pokemon to fuse randomly. 

Pokemon Fusion Generator

One of the mainstream downsides of this generator is that it does not show any other details about the new Pokemon. For example, you cannot explore its powers, weaknesses, etc. Yet, if you just want to randomly match popular pokemon online, Alex Onsager is the hotspot for you. 

Infinity Pokemon Fusion Calculator

Infinity fusion calculator is yet another best tool to randomly fuse Pokemon. According to our experiment, the IFC tool stands in third ranking because of its high-end detailing quality. It informs the viewer about how much a pokemon’s power decreases or increases. It shows factor points like Hit Points, attack, defense, and speed. Not only this, but when you fuse a combination of pokemon on an infinity fusion calculator, it shows two fusions. 

For example, using the Infinity Fusion calculator, we fused ledyba and Litwick, which were picked by the tool randomly. The result shows (Ledyba + Litwick) fusion to have less power in total than (Litwick + Ledyba). The first combination fuses into a bug with fire qualities. In comparison, the interchange fuses into a flying ghost. 

Pokemon Fusion Generator

Check out the logue ahead to find out how the pokemon fusion generator work: 

  • Go to — it is a 100% free website. It is also ad-free, which makes it superior. 
  • Click on the arrow icon in the column to pick the first Pokemon.
  • Similarly, a second arrow to select the second Pokemon. 
  • Or, you can press the “Random” button to allow the tool to pick a pokemon combination for you. 
  • Tap the cursor on the “Fuse” button to find out the results. 

Note: All or some combinations showcased on the Infinity fusion calculator profile are made/designed/shared by Reddit pokemon or discord pokemon communities. Hence, if you use these in the future, don’t forget to share the credit. 

Topmost shocking pokemon fusions created by FANS!

There is no doubt that fans sometimes go over the top while fusing pokemon using a pokemon fusion generator. The simple reason is there’s curiosity. However, there are times when pokemon fans come up with final fusion results that are so shocking that you cannot decide if you should keep looking or not. Let’s see these shocking fusions: 

Machamp + Charizard = Charichamp

Why is Machamp + Charizard Pokemon Fusion shocking? Well! To begin with, it creates a colorful monster with buffed muscles and a tail striking like a wildfire. Surprisingly enough, this is not the first time Machamp and Charizard have fused into Charichamp in a fan’s fantasy. Here’s an epic Charichamp pokemon card created in 2018. So, our Charichamp is already 4 years old and throwing off the fire. The credit for this creation goes to “ARandomBlackMan – internet user.” 

Pokemon fusion generator

Source of the image:

Venusaur + Parasect = Parasaur (Nature’s beast)

When you see Pokemon fusion Parasaur for the first time, you will definitely be terrified of it. The combination is concluded into a heavy and thorny monster with a big carnivorous flower on its back. Plus, it has terrified teeth drooling with saliva and a dragon-like tongue. According to fan fiction, a parasaur can be distinct in color depending on the season. Parasaur often loses control when they are hungry, and their powers go wild.


Here’s a fun fact: do you know? In the 2017 popular game series ARK: Survival mode, Parasaur is a popular and terrifying dinosaur. 

Pokemon Fusion Generator

Arcanine + Gastly = Gasnine (It is a disaster with four feet)

Have you seen Beauty and the beast? Well! Gasoline pokemon fusion is somewhat Beauty mixed with beastness. It is unknown what are the powers of the pokemon fusion of Arcanine + Gastly. But, by using the infinity pokemon calculator, we concluded that a Gas Line would have Flash Fire ability, sense of justice, and levitating intimidate level. She is a ghost of fire. 


Pokemon Fusion Generator

Sounds surprising, right? You can also have unlimited fun sitting at home, trying to list all the terrifying or cutest pokemon fusion results. Share your unique results online with us in the comments. 

How to create your own pokemon fusion art?

Are you a pokemon fanatic? If yes, then you are going to have an amazing time using this guide on how to create your own pokemon fusion art, especially if you come from an art background. To the reader’s surprise, sharing your pokemon fusion customized art online can also help you earn fan-following and followers on social media. You can share your art on discord pokemon specific communities and Reddit. It is called Fan Art. 

STEP 1: Choose a combination of Pokemon 

Let’s suppose you are drawing a fusion of Machamp and Charizard. You have to pick the strongest qualities of both characters to make the fusion worth it. 

Pokemon Fusion Generator

STEP 2: Start with an outline

Whether you are drawing for the first time or you are a regular artist, always begin with an outline to create Pokemon. Don’t go into severe detailing in the beginning. Choose to give Pokemon the body of the strongest character. For example, among Machamp and Charizard. Charizard is a dragon, whereas Machamp is a muscled turtle. So, go with the dragon’s body with muscles and four hands. 

Similarly, use your creativity to your advantage. You can also use the Pokemon fusion generator tool to see what two pokemon will look like if fused. Then, you can create unique art based on the results. 

STEP 3: Focus on the details

Once the outlining of the pokemon fusion sketch is done, it is time to focus on details. Use sharp lines to make muscles visible in the dragon as it is its best quality. Similarly, use element colors to bring out the best of the best outlook. For example, Machamp often has yellow-lightning eyeballs. You can add this feature to the dragon to make it perfect. Similarly, Charizard has a terrifying lizard tongue that you can combine with machamp’s big mouth. 

Pokemon Fusion Generator

Disclaimer: Please note that our website does not promote copying or plagiarizing existing pokemon designs or pokemon identity theft. It is crucial for fans and readers to note that selling or claiming rights to pokemon art (even if made by yourself) is illegal because the characters belong to The Pokemon Company, including Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. 


We are coming to the conclusion of this reading now. For more information about pokemon online fusion tools, random fusion generators, upcoming pokemon games, and others — keep us in your bookmarks. Thank you for having this pika-pika journey with us. Good luck.