Is working regularly without any long breaks making you feel bored at your workplace? We are human and doing things on a repetitive basis can make us feel bored. But what can you do after all work is the topmost priority? But this is also true that doing work when you are bored will not make your efforts productive. Did you want to know what are the things to do when bored at work? The things that are fun on the one side and productive on the other side. So, certainly, you are headed in the correct direction. We will give you the best options that not only save you from getting bored at work but also develop some positive changes in your personality. 

10 Fun & Productive Things To Do When Bored At Work 

1. Open To Learn Something New 

Many times we think, we will learn something but because of lack of time, we gave up on learning. So if you feeling bored at work then starting to learn something new will be something productive you can go with. You can purchase some new online course that helps you in your work, read industry-related articles or books, and watch educational videos to grow your skills. It also keeps you updated in your field. 

Open To Learn Something New at workplace

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2. Best Time To Take Your Creativity On The Table 

Brainstorming innovative and creative ideas is the second best things to do when bored at work. You can push your mind to think of some innovative ideas, it can be some start-up-related idea, or health-related, or anything. Also, you can find the solution for the challenges you or your team are facing. You can share your ideas with supervisors or team members. Who knows, maybe your idea can make a big change. 

3. Professional Development Activities 

There are various seminars, training, and workshops arranged by the industry where we can learn a lot of things related to our field. But because of our work and lack of time, you are not able to take these sessions. Taking webinars, and workshops according to your interests is another things to do when bored at work. This time investment helps you in gaining new insight into your industry. 

4. Time To Recharge Yourself 

Boredom at work is a sign of burnout. You can take regular breaks to relax and recharge yourself. You can choose any meaningful activity for recharging your energy like going for a walk, doing some exercises or yoga while sitting on the chair, or engaging in any activity or just breathing or meditation that can help you destress. There are PlayStations at the workplace, you can also choose to play to regain your power. 

5. Set Your Personal Goals & Prioritize 

One of the finest things to o when bored at work is to revisit your personal goals and priority. Plan your day, create to-do lists, and prioritize tasks that are important to you. While working, you neglect your personal goals and interest, so it is the time when you can set your personal goals and make strategies to achieve them. Whether it is related to health or traveling or family work or anything. 

things to do when bored at work

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6. Connect with Colleagues 

You can discuss important topics with your coworkers. Establishing connections can result in new initiatives, partnerships, and a more productive workplace. It can create a fruitful atmosphere around you that help in making your surrounding energetic. Also, it will offer you new networking opportunities and a bond of lifelong friendships. 

7. Clean Your Inbox

Is your inbox filled with old emails and it seems like it will be out of storage soon? You sure did not get time to free some storage from your mailbox. You can do it now. It is the best time to clean up your inbox and make some space for the upcoming emails. 

8. Arrange Your Workspace

Sometimes messy and unorganized workspace becomes a reason for your boredom. Cleaning and arranging your workspace will not only create positive vibes in your workspace but also your mind as well. You can give it a professional look so you will able to work for long hours without getting bored. 

9. Pick A Book To Read

There is a sea of books waiting for you to dive in and enjoy for a while. There are always many things to learn from books. You can pick any genre like fiction, sports, suspense, inspirational, and many others. No matter what you choose, you will gain something from it. You can also write down the learnings from the book and share it with your friends or write a blog about it.

Pick A Book To Read at workplace

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10. Maintain Your Finances

Managing your finances is one of the ultimate things to do when bored at work. You can pen down your income, unnecessary expenses, and savings and do an analysis. It will help you in planning your finances most effectively. You can get to know how much money you are saving and if you find no savings then it is time to prioritize saving pennies for your rainy days.


Being bored at work is okay but not using that time wisely and wasting it is not cool. There are many things to do when bored at work. You can spend time with your teammates, read some good books, pursue some hobbies, initiate good bonds with your colleague, or make a personal to-do list for yourself during this time. You can make this boredom turn into a fruitful break where you channel your energy and get back to your work with positivity. So, instead of getting bored do some meaningful things for yourself and enjoy your boredom break. 

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