Lost Ark’s most difficult resource is gold. Adventurers must work hard, be focused, and engage in many activities to earn a steady income stream. Players will usually need to sell their wares at the Auction House to earn gold.

There are many ways to make your gold more stable than others. This Guide will help you find the fastest ways to get precious metal in Lost Ark. These are the fastest ways to get Lost Ark Gold.

Play The Chaos Dungeons Every Day

You can also earn gold rewards by doing Chaos Dungeons every single day. Chaos Dungeons, which are not part of the main quest, are unique dungeons found in Lost Ark. Chaos Dungeons’ primary goal is to kill enemies in a given time. The quest ends when you reach 100%. Chaos Dungeon is easy for most people. The first wave of enemies and monsters will be the same. A portal will then appear, which will allow you to access the next section with stronger enemies. This process continues until you reach the 100% mark.

Sometimes a Purple or Gold portal will appear in place of the regular one. These portals offer unique loot and rewards. A Gold portal, for example, will give you gold and other rewards. The Purple portal, on the other hand, will allow you to battle with a stronger boss and provide better loot than standard bosses.

  • How To Open a Chaos Dungeon?

Chaos Dungeons can be a great way to get Lost Ark gold. To become a treasured steel farmer, you must complete chaos Dungeons at least two times per day for every character.

After completing Ealyn’s request in Vern, Chaos Dungeon may be revealed. You may be able to find your first-rate Chaos Dungeon after completing this goal and having your outfitted item at 250.

  • Play Chaos Dungeon Solo

Chaos Dungeons are possible to be run solo. The difficulty of Chaos Dungeon is to balance the number of outdoorsmen you have with your own. This can make it more challenging to be in a group. While you can play with your friends, you won’t be able to leave the party. You can make sure you are well-equipped for raids by upgrading your gear and honing your skills.

You must quit working in Chaos Dungeons if your instance does not have a reddish-colored or excellent website before the third level. Sites that are reddish-colored or have gold content offer significantly more significant benefits than patients associated with other colors.

Run Chaos Gates

Chaos Gates is another daily activity that could potentially give you indirect gold. Chaos Gates offers daily dungeons, events, and rewards that you can participate in to earn some rewards. These rewards include Rift Pieces, Secret Maps, and the ability to sell them for hundreds of dollars in the Auction House.

  • How To Open Chaos Gates

Like other endgame activities, Chaos Gates will become available once your character has attained level 50. Chaos gates are visible using the particular Procyon’s Compass key located in the upper right corner of the game’s interface.

  • How To Get Gold In Chaos Gates?

To get more benefits, you want to be able to upgrade your skills and gears. A person with a higher rank in the gear ranks can earn more rewards. People can use Secret Maps. If people have their own graphs, they can earn 4 rewards.

Run Abyss Dungeons

You can get different items or some precious steel in return for completing Abyss Dungeons. The armor and other components are usually given by Abyss Dungeons. You may find engravings and metallurgy books, which could be sold for gold.


Cube is a dungeon that has a lot of interesting mechanics. It requires quick thinking and decision-making to clear the room of enemies. There are different mechanics for each room that apply buff or debuff. Each room must be cleared within a set time, which adds to the pressure.

  • How to open a Cube?

You must be at least 50 to unlock the Cube. To enter the Cube, you will need a ticket from Chaos Dungeon. The Cube can be accessed once your gear score has reached 302.

  • How To Get Lost Ark Gold In A Cube?

Engraving Recipes can be obtained from the Cube, and you can sell them at Auction House for gold. Although the price of recipes may fluctuate, players almost always buy them. You can, therefore, rest assured that your wares will be sold.

Run Guardian Raids

Lost Ark offers many exciting activities, including Guardian Raids. Guardian bosses can be fought by up to four Defender Raids. Each Guardian has its own mechanics. Gamers have a time limit of 20 minutes to defeat them all. All players must cooperate with the Guardians.

Although removing a Guardian by yourself is possible, it can be difficult. This action encourages players and teams to form a team. This particular activity is more fun because you can go together and reward someone with Capability Rocks and Accessories.

Guardian Raids are often rewarded twice per day. If a person wants to plant gold, they must combine all three with other pursuits such as Chaos Dungeons and Una’s Duties.

  • How To Open Guardian Raids?

You must do two things to unlock Guardian Raids. First, you need to attain a personality level of fifty. The second is Vern’s magenta Guardian Raid Certificate. Guardian Raids do not work like Chaos Dungeons. One might have to wait in line. Guardian Raids can be operated by simply going to any major city and finding the image that looks like a red prohibition on the minimap.

  • How To Advance Via Guardian Raids?

Each Raids level has four raids. To advance to the next level, you must defeat each Guardian boss at your level at least once.

  • How To Get Lost Ark Gold In Guardian Raids?

Guardian Raids usually produce grinding materials and accessories. You can then trade these items with other players to get some cheapest Lost Ark gold.

Run Boss Rush

Boss Rush, another endgame activity, can provide many gem rewards and even gold in Lost Ark. Gems can be used to make your characters stronger by increasing their abilities and reducing their cooldowns. Gems are a highly sought-after commodity in the game. Boss Rush is a rare opportunity to reap many gems.

Boss Rush is a rare ticket that can only be obtained by chance while doing Chaos Dungeons at Yorn or Felton. You can purchase a Boss Rush ticket from the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange if you are a guild member.

  • How To Get Gold In Boss Rush?

The Auction House allows you to sell any gems that are found. You can sell gems that are more valuable than others to increase your gold income. Boss Rush can be done on multiple characters to increase your chances of earning more gold.

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