First Hands on with PS5 Controller – New Playstation 5 Controller Gameplay Hands On!
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Here is our first Look at PS5 Dualsense Controller Hands On! Geoff Keighley hosted a live PS5 DualSense controller hands on as part of his Summer Games Fest event. PS5 DualSense hands on features such as haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers, before taking the features for a NEW PS5 Gameplay Demo for Astro’s Playroom. This is a Playstation 5 Controller Hands On Video, demonstrating the PS5 Controller Hands On Live, including NEW PS5 Gameplay 4K. The Dualsense controller hands on also includes a comparison: PS4 controller vs PS5 controller in size, weight and feel. The Playstation 5 DualSense controller is the new gamepad we’ll be using with Sony’s PlayStation 5 console, when it releases in late 2020. First revealed earlier this year, the DualSense is a break in tradition for Sony, dropping the old DualShock name while sporting a futuristic two-tone design and curved shape. As with the PS5 itself, its design has proven striking but divisive.

0:00 – PS5 Controller Hands-On & PS4 Comparison
3:40 – New PS5 Gameplay Demo with Controller Cam
7:07 – When will Pre-Orders Start?

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