Everything YOU need to know about Sony’s newest leak about their PS5 DualSense Playstation controller. From the confirmed specs, patents, buttons, dual shock and what makes it different – this is the official review.

After what feels like years of just getting scraps of information and hearing half-baked rumors, we finally have some concrete and easily digestible news about the PlayStation 5! Sony just dropped a bunch of new information about the PlayStation 5’s launch controller, the DualSense. After twenty years of PlayStation controllers rocking that all-black look, the DualSense will break away from tradition and go with a black and white color scheme.

This new controller will also usher in the next generation of gaming with some groundbreaking new features. For instance, it looks like the PlayStation 5 controller will catch up with most other gaming devices, and charge with a USB-C port. This controller also promises something called “haptic feedback” which basically means that buttons and analog sticks will provide different levels of resistance depending on in-game situations. Last, but certainly not least, the controller will also come with a built-in microphone, so you will not need a headset to chat with other players while playing online games.

As you’d expect, people’s reaction to the new controller has been fairly mixed, although the lion’s share of those opinions seems to be people bulking at the obvious aesthetic changes. Which is fair, because this mostly white controller is likely to show a lot more grime and wear than the past PlayStation controllers.

Only time will tell, though, if the PlayStation 5 controller lives up to the hype surrounding it and the system itself. However, it’s clear that now that people know what they’ll be holding, they want to get their hands on the PS5 more than ever before.


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