Technological advancements have improved how we enjoy our entertainment at home. With a smart TV, you access a whole world of content and features that can make your viewing experience much more enjoyable.

Are you tired of the local news? Smart TVs allow you to access premium shows, digital gaming, online content, and apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video directly on your smart TV. These devices are also essential marketing tools in malls, restaurants, and other businesses. Therefore, choose the best smart TV your pockets can afford to ensure the best quality information and entertainment. Here are seven things to consider when buying a smart TV.

1. Screen Size

Assess your home or office size before picking an ideal television size. Large displays are perfect for halls, big living rooms, and open offices. Conversely, a small or medium-sized TV will serve well in bedrooms and restricted spaces. You can determine the distance from the watching seat to the wall you intend to mount the television. A tape measure will be necessary for that.

Conventionally, you measure the screen size (in inches) and divide it by two to get the sitting distance (in feet). For home use, a 40-inch screen will do well. If you want a television for public display in your business, consider going for screens of 60 inches or more. Also, remember that bigger TV sets are bulkier, costlier, and require more electricity.

2. Intended Use

Smart TVs have more uses than watching your favourite series. It can serve as a PC monitor, digital assistant, advertising display, and more. Decide the main reason for getting one before purchasing. LG 65un7300ptc review positions it as ideal for general family use. It is big enough to accommodate a small gathering and still have an immersive experience. Also, you can use it for gaming, online content, and movies.

Also, consider if the other features available are going to serve you. It would be best if you only bought a smart TV with features you know you will utilise. For instance, one used to extend a computer display may not need inbuilt speakers. On the other hand, a gaming display must have HDMI ports, high refresh rates, and low input lag.

3. Operating System

The operating system you get determines the apps you will use. You can get Android, tvOS, WebOS, Fire TV, TizenOS, Roku TV, and more. Each operating system has its set of compatible apps. Therefore, decide which apps you want to use before settling on a particular operating system.


Some streaming services and premium content providers create apps that only work on specific operating systems. Choose an operating system with such apps to avoid disappointment. Also, the interface is different for each OS. Understand how each works and error troubleshooting. Go for Android or tvOS if you have never subscribed to a specific streaming service and want to have more control.

4. Resolution

The number of pixels that make up your screen determines the display quality you get. The most popular resolutions are 4K, 1080p, and 720p. 4K has four times as many pixels as a 1080p screen and nine times that of a 720p screen. That explains why such screens are pricier.

Another advantage of going 4K or more is enjoying a high-quality display of old HD media and games. Conversely, a 720p TV may not offer the best experience when displaying 4K content. You may notice some pixelation and other image quality issues. Therefore, only buy an HDTV if you are on a budget or intend to wait to watch 4K movies.

5. Processor and RAM

The processor is the brain of every computing device, including TVs. It determines how fast a TV can perform operations. A slow processor can lag your display, make apps unresponsive, and more. Go for a Quad-core processor or better if you can afford it.

The RAM holds data for quick access by the processor. It determines how many processes the television can run at once without significant lag. Choose the RAM wisely, depending on OS, apps you intend to use, and more. For instance, a 4K TV with Android may need at least 3GB of RAM to function optimally.

6. Display Type

The two primary display technologies are LCD and OLED. The former uses backlighting, while the latter does not require it. That explains why OLED panels are pricier than their LCD counterparts. Your choice of display technology depends on your budget and preferences.

OLED panels have perfect black levels, can get brighter, have wide viewing angles, and more. Therefore, they are ideal for dark rooms or those with many windows. Conversely, LCD screens use less power, can get brighter in very bright rooms, and are cheaper.

7. HDR Support

Picture quality has significantly improved in the last few years, thanks to HDR technology. It stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to the contrast ratio and brightness levels you get for each pixel. HDR-compatible TVs offer better contrast and brightness than those without the technology. The result is a more realistic image that looks closer to what you expect in a live show. But be ready to pay more for the feature.


Smart TVs have many features that regular television sets lack. The most significant ones include the ability to stream online content, use apps, and more. Before settling on a particular model, consider the operating system, resolution, processor and RAM, display type, and HDR. Also, check for other features such as input types, inbuilt speakers, and price. The tips in this guide will help you make an informed decision when shopping for a smart TV.

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