Gambling has always had a high demand among the public. And the arrival of the casino created a real furore. This type of gambling industry is gaining momentum every year, constantly attracting new players. Therefore, there was a popularity to the thematic literature among fans of the casino. Training materials, tips, advice and the experience of professional players provide valuable knowledge that makes it not only easier to play, but also much more profitable. But, there are special books that have received the highest evaluation. Each of them breaks the stereotype that the entire course of the game is based only on luck and a percentage of probability. Most of them are written based on real stories.

List the Best Books on Casinos

The more a player studies the theoretical literature, the freer and more confident he will feel playing at the casino. So, here are five masterpieces, a must-read if you want to know more about casinos.


Book title Author
Bringing Down the House Ben Mezrich
Gambling-102 Michael Shackleford
Beat the Dealer Edward O. Thorp
Molly’s Game Molly Bloom
Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning Ways Andrew Brisman

It is also possible to get useful theoretical information about casinos by visiting This information is especially valuable for novice players. And now let’s talk about each bestseller in more detail.

Bringing Down the House

A company with students rushes to conquer the famous casino in Las Vegas. But they don’t even think about risk and luck, because they have their own strategy, thanks to which they have to earn huge money. The plan was developed in a long and painstaking way. Students working with a professor came up with a scheme to count cards. And now the day X has come to test the development in practice. Practice showed that the strategy worked. The students managed to replenish their account with a tidy sum, namely 10 million dollars.

It is interesting that the plot line was based on a real story. The author described the real facts, and diluted the theoretical information with clever humor to make the story more interesting. The book was published in 2002, and despite its considerable age is still relevant. Moreover, the success of the bestseller has not passed the film industry. The screenplay for Movie 21 was based on the storyline of the book by Ben Mezrich.

Gambling 102

By reading this book, the player is introduced to the most effective strategies. The author of the publication is an experienced player, so all information is verified by personal experience. Michael Shackelford is a recognized analyst and expert, so he can become a proven guide in the world of gambling industry without a doubt. The book covers the most relevant points for gambling players:

  • the effectiveness of strategies;
  • popular methods of gambling;
  • useful recommendations.

The section with online slots is especially popular, because not all authors manage to present this information in an accessible way. But Michael Shackleford was able to describe all the subtleties in a clear and interesting way.

Beat the Dealer

The book will especially appeal to those casino players who prefer to play blackjack. It is worth saying that the book was published back in 1966. However, anyone who has read it would certainly recommend it to other players, as it’s a valuable treasure trove of information, which is also relevant in the modern casino era. Edward Thorp described a personal theory of card counting in the book, which has been repeatedly applied in practice. It is noted that it was this masterpiece that forced the famous Las Vegas to change the rules. Undoubtedly, this bestseller will suit blackjack fans to a greater extent, but fans of other gambling games will also be able to learn a lot of useful and valuable information. To make the reading more comfortable, the theory is diluted with fascinating stories.

Molly’s Game

We should note right away that it is very comfortable and easy to read the book, as the author tells the story in the first person. The story is based on the biography of one of the representatives of an underground poker club, where the game was carried out for huge bets. The book was a success and resonated with the audience, so soon the audience could watch a movie made based on the book.

Molly’s Game is a fresh bestseller. The book was published in 2017. The story captures from the first minutes of reading. Everything here is interesting, from the main character’s fate to the detailed stories of the winnings. It is interesting that Molly wasn’t interested in gambling from the beginning. She was a professional sportswoman who made every effort to get to the Olympics. But, the intended plans were not destined to come true, and because of a serious injury, Molly had to quit her career as a professional sportswoman. She even had to work as a waitress one day. But soon Molly enjoys gambling, and became one of the assistants in the organization of underground poker clubs. But, this is not enough for our main character. Her goal is her own biggest underground game. Obviously, such activities did not go unpunished.

Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning Ways

It is impossible not to mention this masterpiece in the list of the best books about casinos. This book introduces casino players to all the intricacies of popular entertainment:

  • roulette;
  • blackjack;
  • video poker;
  • slot machines;
  • craps;
  • and other games.

Here you will find all the necessary information that will allow you to understand in detail the specifics of the casino. Not every author gives such a detailed explanation, so take note and arm yourself with useful knowledge.


These five books are recommended for beginners and seasoned players as well, because with their help, you can gain unique knowledge. So, let each of them become your board book that will lead to grand success and big winnings.

After getting acquainted with such literature, the player gets an opportunity to test the effectiveness of the recommendations and strategies based on his own experience. To do this, visit the famous land-based casinos or use a more accessible and convenient option – a platform on the Internet with game slots. If you want to choose a reliable and honest place with paid and free slot machines, the site will suit you. Impressive range of games will appeal to beginners and already experienced players. Just choose an acceptable bet size and start playing.

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