Video games are getting more and more popular in today’s world. There are different opinions about the connection between video games and education. In this article, we will look at video games in education pros and cons. Recent video games in education research showed that they have a lot of advantages for studies:

  1. Getting new skills in life

Video games often have financial, geographical, and communication plots. They make it easier for children to communicate in their future adult life.

2. Education

Video games develop critical thinking, reaction, and strategic thinking. For this reason, they make children more capable of studying. They get new knowledge and easily direct themselves in studies.

3. Physical exercise

Some video games have interactive elements of physical activity. These motion-based games develop children’s bodies physically. So, they prevent them from having seating health problems.

4. Developing the brain

Video games are designed to train children’s reaction and attention skills. For this reason, they develop their brain, which is also useful to study effectively.

5. Reduction of anxiety

In school, most children can feel anxious and worry about their studies. They are also concerned about their relationships with other students. Playing video games prevents them from worrying and feeling depressed.

At the same time, there are negative effects of video games on education:

6. Increasing violence

Most video games are related to violence like shooting or killing someone with arms. Children may not understand it like a game, and start behaving in the same way.

7. Addiction

In some cases, gaming can cause addiction. This is a dangerous psychological illness, and children and teenagers are at the biggest risk. So, it is necessary to prevent them from playing too much.

8. Fewer social communication

Video games require constant communication within the game interface. Yet, the new online connections can prevent children from communicating with their classmates.

Video Games in Education

As we can see from the pros and cons list, video games education is important. In the world of developing technologies, children need to learn them from their childhood. Video games develop children’s skills, motions, and critical thinking. They also develop their memory and attention, which is crucial in education. For this reason, playing video games is necessary for any modern child. At the same time, parents should care about preventing their children from constant playing. This will allow their children to prevent negative video games effects on education.

Pearson Education Video Games

Pearson is a well-known educational company. It produces manuals and textbooks to teach children. Apart from textbooks, it has developed interactive materials. They include video and audio materials, and Pearson video games. The company created several Pearson educational apps for students. For example, they include Poptropica English Island Game, Big English Word Games, and Next Move Quiz. They also developed the Longman Dictionary of English and My Grammar Lab. You can see more information in the book “Video Games in Education” Kurt Squire.

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