In today’s environment, cross-platform has taken on significant significance. Being unable to play with your buddies because you utilize different gaming hardware must be frustrating for gamers. If your game is cross-platform, this won’t necessarily be the case. Moreover, the question is–Is rogue company crossplay?  

Rogue Company is a turn-based warfare game that lets you command an army. It was created by Watch Games and Released by Hi-Rez Studios. Each player receives a distinct army, adding to the strategic component and greatly enhancing replay value. It would help if you built your army to start this game. Each unit has unique abilities that can be carefully used to win the war. Since this game isn’t quite Terminator, this is easier said than done. Your adversaries are equally skilled and won’t spare you just because you’ve thought of some clever tactics.

Let’s first understand Rogue Company

The Hi-Rez Studios title with the most playthroughs is the multiplayer one. PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Rogue Company is Crossplay, though, and the answer to the question– “is rogue company crossplay is YES. Except for PC gamers, Rogue Company’s cross-platform multiplayer allows players to begin matchmaking against opponents on other platforms.

Only other computer users will be pitted against one another during matchmaking for gamers who are playing this game on a computer. However, you can play versus mixed gamers if you are at a party with a player that utilizes a PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch platform.

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Is Rogue Company Crossplay?

Fortunately, Crossplay has been incorporated into Rogue Company’s system. This enables gamers to compete in mixed groups across PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. The player must activate this option so as to frequently match up against fellow console players. For those who opt for cross-platform play will be immediately assigned to teams that include both console and PC gamers.

Thanks to Rogue Company’s cross-platform multiplayer, you may collaborate with players from the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PC. Although “mixed input” teams made up of both PC players and console players are paired with other mixed input teams and PC players, console players and PC players are not matched together. Additionally, the game offers cross-progression, which enables you to use a single primary account across various platforms, keeping your account progression and unlocking consistency nevertheless of the gadget you use to play Rogue Company.

Rogue Company

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Using a cross-platform save, you can continue where you left off in Rogue Company. But you must link all relevant accounts together to cross-save in Rogue Company. After completing that, you can connect any additional gaming accounts you may have on Epic Games, Nintendo Switch, or another store. After that, you must choose your primary account, which is the device on which you play Rogue Company the most. By doing this, you can continue playing on your main account even if you switch systems.

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