Creating a logo is a work of art. We know that a logo can make or break the brand value. All you have to offer through your business will only be considered when you create an impact with your logo. If you are backed up enough with finances, you can hire a professional to come up to you with a unique logo representing your business. But the problem with new entrepreneurs is that they need more resources and so much to invest in. As an entrepreneur, my goal is to create my own logo. In this article, you will come across five easy steps to create a logo that can hit on the right spot. 

But before you get into the steps, we want to draw your attention to the fact that your logo might be the prime element of your brand, but it is only part of it. Besides the logo, many factors make a brand; of course, your services and sincerity are one of them. But as they say- first things first, the logo creates the first impression and has to be lasting. 

When you get into a logo maker tool, you will get instructions on what to do and how to proceed, but this has to be noted here that an AI could arrange the selected elements cleverly. Still, you have conceived the brand idea, so the final impact on the logo should be yours, not only one else’s.

Now that you are clear about what a logo is and how it should be, let’s get into the details of logo making.

1. Choose a tool that resonates with your working  style:

Before getting into the task, you should collect your tools and get familiar with them so that the path ahead can be smooth. Numerous logo designing tools on the web are either free or can be afforded. All you have to do is get the right one for yourself to work with. If you are a beginner, tools like Canva, Looka, Logomakr, etc., are worth a try. You will find a wide range of options, and the good news is that you can try them for free. 

2. Get back to the roots:

Once you select the tool, it’s time to start creating. When you are up for creating your own company’s logo, why don’t you incorporate the stories, the reasons to start, the struggles, the inspirations, and everything you can think of? Trust us when we say this, you will get to create a logo of its kind when you connect it to the roots because that’s where authenticity resides. Incorporate your ‘what’s’ and ‘whys’ into the ideas and see what you can take out of it.

3. Get the elements from your work:

When you have revisited your brand’s purpose, it’s time to glance at the products, services and ideas your brand is about. Pen down the words you can think of when you speak of your brand, now sketch them out on paper and then look for related shapes in the collection offered by the tool you are using. You can either draw it yourself if you are good at it. Work on fonts, background proportions, and size accordingly.

4. Choose colours wisely:

When it comes to colours, be extra vigilant. Colours can define or destroy a brand image. Your niche, target consumers, working style, motto, everything has much to do with your colour scheme. It’s better to be on the minimal side while selecting colours. Choose less number of colours. Stay within three and wisely incorporate them in the font background design.

5. Visualise

Before you finalise your logo design, you should introspect on it. See that any current trend does not influence the design because trends keep changing, but your logo has to stay there for a long. You can only afford to change it occasionally because this will hamper your brand identity. Take time and visualise where you found your logo 5,10, or 20 years ago. We also have examples of re-designed logos, but they have only reworked them instead of getting entirely new ones. You should also see that your logo is flexible enough to be modified a few years ahead. Also, get a preview of the logo design on different surfaces; only after that should you lock it as your logo.

Keeping these things in mind, you are now well-aided to design a logo that will shine bright among your competitors. Although a logo is not the only thing that makes a brand, you must acknowledge that it creates a massive difference in brand recognition. It is well said that well begun is half done; Whenever you sit to create a logo, make sure you are clear about your work, business, website, or whatever it is for which you are designing a logo so that the design can resonate not only with your idea but also with the consumers. 


To create a logo representing you well in the market, you must be clear with your thoughts. Choose a tool that suits your requirements and follow the steps it suggests. But get it into your senses that your logo represents your brand. Use your wits while choosing the elements of the logo design, such as shapes, sizes, font proportions, colour scheme etc. take your time with it. Over-decorated logos will look tacky in small sizes. Also, avoid using cliche designs like stars, globes, and any generic ones that can be found everywhere; these steps may keep your brand from standing. We hope that you find the blog helpful, and we are sure you will come up with a  great logo that can communicate your motto to the consumers. 

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