Lin Kuei, nicknamed “Frost Mortal Kombat” in the online popular fighting game Mortal Kombat: The Deadly Alliance, has become a subject of fascination among gamers. That’s right! Originally, the Mortal Kombat game commenced in 2002 had its character setup to only 12. But, lately, Deadly Alliance’s developers have been adding some ravishing new characters, among which “Frost” has caught everyone’s attention, thanks to her daredevil personality. 

Are you also a big fan of Frost Mortal Kombat? Well! If yes, then this reading is going to be beyond thrilling for you. Today, we present to you a brief gaming guide on Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance’s most-loved character – Frost or Lin Kuei. 

Here’s a shockingly weird fact about Frost as a bonus to you. Do you know? According to an online Reddit discussion, the Frost Mortal Kombat character is not loved by at least 30% of the players of Deadly Alliance because of a lack of dedication towards other characters’ authority. 

More often than not, fans of Frost back up her lack of responsibility and respect for others’ behavior by stating the fact that she was an orphan. But more on that later. Let’s begin with a short introduction to this new character: 

Who is Frost Mortal Kombat in Deadly Alliance? 

frost mortal kombat

To begin with, Lin Kuei warrior or better known as “Frost,” is the main newbie character in an online fighting game called Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. According to the spicy plot story, Frost belongs to the Lin Kuei warrior community. She crossed her ways with Sub-Zero, who was training her. However, Sub-zero’s past experiences with Lin Keui community warriors have been great. But, he finds Frost a little strange, arrogant, and not easily humiliated. 

One of the major problems with Frost’s character is that she does not like anyone who is better than her. This is why Frost also does not make peace with Sub-zero, even if she is in the wrong. But, that is all gamers’ observation. The character is built like that only! In simple words, you can say that Frost Mortal Kombat is a strange fly in the OutWorld of Deadly Alliance. 

Do you also know less and less about the character frost? If yes, then let’s take a glance at the top 10 facts about Frost from MK Deadly Alliance. 

#1: When did Frost meet Sub-Zero? 

In the event that you have just begun playing Mortal Kombat, you may miss the time when Frost’s first-ever commences in the game. According to the timeline of the game, Frost’s first-ever appears in the Deadly Alliance version of MK. But, many users often ask, when did she meet sub-zero? And, why does she have so much rage against him? Well! Here is your answer: 

The timeline says that when the Lin Kuei warrior community turned against Sub-zero, he defeated all of them and took over. But, because the entire community was defeated, Sub-Zero needed more worthy warriors in his clan. Hence, he arranged a public event (a competition) where many wish-to-be warriors took part in order to become sub-zero’s apprentices. In this competition, Frost became the champion. And so, Sub-zero had to accept her as an apprentice/trainee. 

Even when Sub-zero is Frost’s teacher, she hates him. Why? Many players have been asking this question. Well! There are many Mortal Kombat folklores behind it. However, the one that seems most authentic is: 

According to the story, Sub-Zero, from the very beginning, wanted to accomplish the Dragon Medallion in order to rule the world. But, when he took Frost under his authority as a trainee, he observed that Frost could become so powerful, even more, powerful than him. However, he did not do anything about it. On a quest, Frost goes to Earthrealm, and when she returns, she has a plan in line to betray Sub-zero. 

As she came back, she grasped the Dragon Medallion. But, the plan backfired on her. Instead of providing her more power, the medallion transformed Frost into a statue of ice. Due to this episode, Frost takes sub-zero as her enemy. 

#2: Frost created a massacre and killed her entire clan!

As mentioned before, Frost Mortal Kombat character is far more a Bermuda triangle than anyone. There are so many inside details, twists, and turns in the story of sub-zero and Frost that you would miss every once in a while. But, don’t worry! Here is another amazing fact. Do you know? According to a Mortal Kombat legend, sub-zero did not kill the entire Lin Kuei clan, but Frost did. 

Cannot believe what you are hearing? Well! It is true. According to another lore, there was a timeline when Frost Mortal Kombat had a complete plan to steal Dragon Medallion from Sub-zero. But, she did not get the medallion because sub-zero had hidden it according to her perspective. As a result, in full rage, Frost Mortal Kombat visits the local temple in the clan in order to find and kill sub-zero. 

When she could not find him, she created a massacre of blood and killed the entire Lin Kuei clan. Shocking right? But wait, the legend is not over yet. 

The reason why Frost is called “Frost,” is that Sub-Zero freezes her in a pre-frozen block of ice and takes her hostage. A few stories tell that Frost has not been unfrozen yet. What do you think? 

#3: You can make Frost play like a PRO!

Do you pick Frost each time you play the Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance? In this case, your choice is justified because Frost comes with great power and abilities. But, the main question stands, which Frost moves are the best. And to answer this question, we have dug deep into the game. Check out the following tips to make Frost Mortal Kombat be unbeatable: 

  • Do you know? Because Frost is a character built as a cyborg. She has some amazing abilities. For example, you are taking one hand in the other hand to give an unbeatable headbutt. To activate a headbutt, you need to press the B1 when Frost is at least 2-3 inches away from the opposing fighter. 


  • Another amazing fighting feature of Frost is the Blade Lunge. This is one of the best moves of Frost when the enemy is at least 2 arm distances. That’s right! A blade lunge can dig deep in the opposing fighter and deliver a defeat to it. To activate this mode, press the F2 key. 


  • Want to give your opposing fighter a knockdown in the head? If yes, then Frost’s chill toe move is going to blow your mind. To activate this move, please press key 3 or 4 (whichever works on your device). In simple words, you can phone it a kick while jumping above the opposing fighter. 


  • Apart from the above-mentioned three moves, you can also try out Serrated moves (by pressing D4, please apply it at a low range only). Also, you can seek out Icy maul move at 19 frames distance by pressing B2. And, last but not least, a chest cold by pressing the D3. It gives an amazing win and ravishing defeat to the opposing player. 


#4: Do you know? Frost Mortal Kombat does not have a single weakness!

mortal kombat frost


Even though it is rather difficult to believe, the fact is Frost in Mortal Kombat is very challenging to defeat. After hours of research on this game, we have concluded that in comparison to other characters, Frost’s character does not show any weakness. Even according to the lores of Mortal Kombat, she defeated Sub-zero while acquiring the Dragon Medallion. 

It is only an assumption but whenever in the Deadly Alliance, sub-zero fights Frost, he either freezes her in a block of ice or makes an ice sculpture out of her. The reason is, Sub-zero himself thinks that Frost’s potential is far more than him. As a result, he is quite afraid to confront her in a face-to-face fight.

Many gamers say that sub-zero is stronger because he is able to stop Frost. But, think about this, what if sub-zero no longer can ice-block her? In that case, he is dead!

#5: She has some damaging brutal powers

Once again, take a moment and think about Frost. Do you see any downside of this character? Well! In many gamers’ opinions, Frost does not have a downside. Her brutal moves are scary. For example, Frost plays a brutal move called “Hollowed Out.” Now, you may be brainstorming, what is this? Does she hollow out her enemies? Well! The answer is yes. 

According to Wiki Fandom, Frost’s Hollowed Out moves are also called brain mushing. Because she is a cyborg, she captures her enemies and drills into their brain until their head is hollow. Nothing but grind human meat. 

Do you also want to try this move in Mortal Kombat? In order to do so, your character Frost must perform Mercy at least one time in the game. 

Another scary movie that Frost can perform is “Bleeding Out.” Yes! It is exactly what you are thinking! In Frost’s inventory, she uses it to chop off the head of the opposing fighter. And, she lets it bleed out. To activate this move, you will require Core Overload Buff enabled in the Frost Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. 

Apart from these two moves, some others that you must check out are: 

Little Pieces (This move is self-destructive as Frost also gets damaged in this move. You will need Core Overload to activate it in MK11). 

Frost Capades (These moves transform the opposing fighter into a frozen ice skating ground. Surprisingly enough, she even ice skates on it). Too much? 

#6: Frost Mortal Kombat: Human or Robot? 

For the most part, is Frost a human in MK? The question has been swinging on the gaming sites for a while now. Many people argue that Frost is a Robot because of the “no-feelings zone” attitude towards everyone. However, if you think about it, Frost often appears human as she reacts to other people’s betrayals in the game. 

For example, according to an MK folklore, Sub-Zero tried to tie up or make an alliance with Scorpion, who allegedly tried to destroy the Lin Kuei clan in the past. Frost got hurt and got raged. As a result, she tried to kill Sub-Zero for his dirty move. Sub-zero, on the contrary, froze her and shook hands with Scorpion anyway!

So, the answer, according to us, is yes, Frost is a human because robots simply do not get hurt. On the other hand, what about her robotic body? Well! She wears armor like Iron Man in the Marvel Universe. 

According to multiple inside sources, Frost is also a Pyromancer. What is a Cryomancer? Well! Frost has the superpowers to control and manipulate ice which is a natural element. People with such power are called Cyromancers. Likewise, Frost, Sub-zero, is also a pyromancer. 

#7: She is 20 years old and neutral evil

While looking at the strongest character of Deadly Alliance Frost Mortal Kombat, you must think she has some great stories as she appears as a bulky woman or cyborg. However, you will be surprised to know that she is only in her 20s. And her description as a villain in MK is “Neutral Evil.” 

One of the purposes why she is called evil is because her personality is somewhat built on the idea of insanity. Frost’s every move in the game suggests that she does not want peace for her clan or the world for that matter. In the context of speed, she can defeat sub-zero, Raiden, as well as Scorpion. However, her jealousy and ego always cause her to suffer at the hands of her enemies or even her grandmaster sometimes. 

Do you want Frost to win? Here are some brutal moves you can try and make her evilness an advantage: 

  • Press 1 and 3 keys to seek control (Control her anger or brutal move).
  • Create an Icy Tomb around the enemy (keys combination : 3 -4 -4)
  • Bring a blizzard to confuse and scare the enemy (B1 – 2 – 1)



So, these were some amazing and evil facts you need to know about Frost Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance character. Next time you pick a fight with Frost, keep yourself from turning into an ice sculpture or a skating ground. For more game characters information, folklores, backstories, power moves, tips and tricks, keep us in your favorites. Thank you!

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