What is the use of the Dar mechanical filter?

The mechanical filter employs a filtration media with many layers and pleats. Compared to electrostatic filters, this medium offers a higher level of filtering efficiency. The pleated filter media used in DAR mechanical filters considerably improves bacterial filtering effectiveness. These powerful filters can achieve NaCl efficiencies of above 99.97%. High-efficiency mechanical filters are lighter and take up less space while offering outstanding anti-microbial protection.

How Dar mechanical filter is useful for patients?

DAR Mechanical Filter offers breathing circuits with high-efficiency filtering so that patients may breathe clean air. These filters effectively eliminate dangerous microorganisms while blocking the passage of liquids and reducing the possibility of bacterial contamination. They have hydrophobic membranes that efficiently stop liquid from passing through them. Additionally separating heat and moisture from the breathing circuit, the filters. The breathing circuit’s weight is decreased by the lightweight nature of this tracheostomy attachment.

Let’s check the Guidelines for use

For single patient use on anesthetized patients and respiratory care patients who require a breathing circuit. The product is intended to be replaced at least once every 24 hours.

  • Mechanical filter provides 99.99999% bacterial filtration efficiency and 99.997% viral filtration efficiency.
  • Hydrophobic filter membrane helps prevent cross-contamination caused by aerosolized droplets.
  • End-tidal CO2 sampling port offers convenient access to exhaled gases.
  • Tested for HIV, hepatitis C and TBC filtration efficiency to help assure performance.
  • Filter media traps heat and moisture from expired gases to warm and humidify inspired gases.
  • Filters are supplied clean, individually packaged, and ready for use.

Did you know that Dar mechanical filters may effectively block liquids from flowing through the filter medium?

Ventilator filters can be electrostatic or mechanical in type. The electrostatic filter attracts and captures particles by using positive and negative charges. A multi-layered pleated filtration media is used in the Mechanical filter. Larger particles are captured and contained on the outer surfaces of the filter media as they travel through it. Smaller particles are trapped further into the filtering media. When compared to electrostatic filters, this medium has a higher filtering efficiency. Mechanical filters are also excellent in preventing liquids from passing through the filter medium due to their small size. This helps to keep the internal components of the ventilator or anesthesia equipment dry and avoids the possibility of contaminating the system with patients’ secretions. Ventilator filters are frequently used with HMEs, or Heat and Moisture Exchangers, to improve medical efficiency. Filter HMEs can catch hot water vapour from the exhaled air of a patient. They then add heat and moisture to the filtered air upon inhalation, giving the necessary humidification. This is only one of the numerous ways high-performance filters and HMEs may improve patient care.

Where do you get Dar mechanical filter suppliers in Australia?

There are many Dar mechanical filter suppliers in Australia, to find the best one is a task, don’t waste your valuable time, because Joya Medical supplies is the best quality supplier for Dar mechanical filters suppliers in Australia.

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