So, you want to learn how to get free clash of clans gems and free dark elixir stick around I’ll show you how to do it what’s going on guys my name is wanted and in this episode that’s right free gems and free dark elixir if this is your first time on the channel and you want to learn new attack strategies and all other clash clans content consider subscribing and turn your bell notification on for new clash of clans content okay guys first thing since we’re going to be talking about the free dark elixir

so the only way we’re going to do this is if supercell has the discount event though with this month we have the Black Friday which ends tomorrow night so how works is Supercell will have the event it’s ninety per cent off troops and dark elixir spells okay so you’re gonna be sorry and get oops here you see our dark troops is discounted 90% the full price of what they are alright so what you do is you’re gonna be at

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Clash of Clans Gems- The best COC Generator Tool 2020

Clash of Clans Gems online generator 2020 is a Free online tool to generate Gems and Gold. By using this Clash of clans gems tool, you can generate unlimited gems and gold. There are many hacking tools that you can use, but using such tools can permanently ban your account. This tool is very easy to use and you can generate unlimited gems and gold using this generator

Clash of Clans Gems Generator

The Clash of clans gems generator is an easy problem to this solution to this problem because even if players are efficient in the game and win wars, the amount of gold and gems that they get as a reward is very low as compared to the effort that it takes to get them. The other way to get gems and gold in this game is to buy them. Clash of clans is an in-app online purchase game in which you can buy resources as well. But all of the players in the community cannot easily purchase these resources because they cannot afford it. That is why COC online gems generator is an easy and online feasible option for them to compete with other players of the game


What is Clash of Clans Gems Generator?

Clash of Clans Generator is a Free tool for clash of clans users. This generator is also known as “All in one Generator”. This tool allows you to generate free Gems and Gold. Our Generator is very simple and safe and safe to use. The only user name is required you to operate our generator. There are different methods to hack clash of clans but most of them are fake. Some methods do Hack this game but these methods are not safe to use. Clash of Clans is a very secure game and it is against the rule to use any kind of hacking method to increase Gems and Gold. By using any kind of methods your account will be Banned completely for Lifetime.


Features of Clash of Clans Gems generator

  • First of all, it is completely secure with no limitations
  • It has awesome stability and unique graphics
  • You can get easy access to your town all the time
  • You can easily create Alliances, custom building, and custom heroes
  • You can easily trap enemies and unlock heroes of your own choice
  • And above all, you can increase gems, gold, elixir accordingly


Advantages of using Clash of Clans Gems Generator

Every avid clash of clans knows that there are numerous advantages that they will get by hacking Clash of clans gem using Clash of Clans Generator. Some of these are listed below:

  • Using gems you can get other resources such as elixir, gold, and dark elixir.
  • You will need gems to get additional items such as builder’s hut, a pirate flag, and mighty statue and these require a HUGE amount of gems
  • You can instantly finish all of the upgrades using gems that you get in an unlimited amount from the clash of clans generator
  • You can use the gems from COC generator to heal your heroes
  • You can purchase shields and speed up the production of your barracks using the bulk amount of gems. I mean come on you are getting billions of gems from our clash of clans online generator.

Clash of Clans Gems generator a better COC 2020 Hack

You still might be thinking about using the different mods online to get unlimited resources, but the thing is that you will have to install those different servers. Then you will have to download some additional files of those games, and even then you will have to restart the game again and again. This is because the processor takes more and more time to process the MOD’s files. The restarting of the game, again and again, makes the gameplay far less enjoyable. Hence, the unlimited resources you might get from these private servers will be utterly useless if you are looking for uninterrupted gameplay that is.

The other problem that might arise by using normal mods is that Supercell which is the developer of COC are always working to detect the MODS and they ban you when you get caught. Most of the MODS are not working out there anyway. The ones that are working are not worth the risk of getting your main account banned.

As we have mentioned before, you will have to download some of the additional files from the mods which are from unknown sources. They may steal your account information which they can later use to blackmail you, or these files may contain harmful viruses and malware which is even worse.

How To Increase Gems – Clash of Clans Generator

Clash of Clans generator is a very simple tool. Only User Id is required to operate the generator. You can follow these step by step Instructions if you are struggling with COC generator.


Go to Clash of Clans Generator

Step #2

Enter your Username

Step #3

Enter the number of Gems you want to Increase.

Step #4

Click on Start Generator.

Clash of Clans Hack for getting free gems

This Clash of clans generator helps you to get free gems. You can also earn gems and Gold by keep playing the game, but it takes a lot of time. So, the clash of clans tool is the easiest way to get free gems in a few minutes. Most of the achievements in the Clash of Clan have about three tiers.

How to unlock clash of clans achievements?

By Unlocking the bigger coffers achievements, you can get two free gems by upgrading the gold storage to Level 2. When you upgrade to level 5, you will get five gems. So, with the increase in level, your amount of gems will increases.

However, if you want to gent a lot of gems, then you need to Unlock your village save achievements, by unlocking this achievement you can get up to fifty gems for free. When you unlock challenging achievements, you will start generating a lot of gems.

If you are a true clash of clans fan and want to earn these achievements as quickly as possible, then you can generate up to 8,637 gems by unlocking all achievements. By defeating attackers and winning trophies in a multiplayer game, you will get a lot of free gems depending on the number of trophies you won. Make you defend better; if you successfully defend attackers, you will get 100 gems. The better you are in this game, the more gems you can get.

Obstacles Removal

It’s another way to get gems by removing obstacles and rocks. It costs a small amount of elixir, but by removing there, obstacles you will get six free gems.

Unlocking the gems mine

By upgrading the builder to level three, you can unlock gems mine. It costs some elixir to upgrade, but once you complete the building, you will get two free gems, whether you play this game or not.

I recommend you to unlock and upgrade mine if you want free gems. By upgrading mine your gems production and storage increases

Using Clash of Clans Generator is Safe or Not?

Our Clash of Clans is 100% Safe to use. We give 100% Guaranty to our users. Our generator is linked with the main server which gives us access to generate Gems and Gold for our users. Our Generator is Paid but we are giving 100% OFF for Limited Time. Try our Generator before this offer ends.

Why use gems generator?

Now the question must arise in your mind that why you should even use clash of clans generator? The answer to this question is that if you are looking for an easy way to go big in the game is either by hacking the game or playing using different MODS.

You may use different mods, but that is a different thing from the online game, and hacking the clash of clans is not a possible thing to do. Clash of clans is an online game that runs on different servers. Millions of players play the game online each day, and there is a lot of data that is flowing each day through the servers. Thus, it is impossible to hack the game. The only real hack in the game is that you can get free gems using clash of clans online generator.

when about two minutes before the event ends you’re gonna queue up a troop only one troop you’re gonna queue up one troop and then once the event is over you’re going to delete those troops by doing that you’re gonna get dark elixir back
all right so what you do is you want to figure out what troop will be the best to get the most dark elixir back for you so I’m going to give you an example I’m going to pick say the witch I don’t I’m not sure if the witch is the best option but normally that’s what I go I go with witch so let’s go and hop on to my computer the browser internet browse.
clash of clans gems

clash of clans gems

Anyway so I go to this website called clash clash of clans fandom calm you can google it an app or actually I’ll put the link in the description below you can start you’re gonna click the link take you right to it so here it tells you the full price of the training costs of the witch which is 275 at level 5 that’s what I got you have to see what depending on what town hall you are and what level your dark elixir troop is and which one you’re you know for example
I’m gonna be doing the level 5 witch it’s 275 so think about 275 and actually I have my calculator 275 so you can punch it in your calculator whatever let’s bring the game back up ring light so go back to right here and let’s max out how much witches I can build but you can go so 23 witches so before 23 witches at 275 6325 dark that’s at full price so remember that number 63 25 so let’s go back to our troops and there are 28 dark at for the discount let’s bring the calculator back okay so a 28 a piece of 28 times 23 at 644 dark do you take that first number which is 63 25 I believe – it – 644 you get 5,000 681 dark back if you do it if you take the witches that’s how you do free dark elixir you don’t have to farm.


it you don’t do nothing you just do that well you have to do something but you have to do that and it’s free and you don’t don’t work for it so if if we’re not in a event if you’re not invent and you want to still learn how to get enough not free dark elixir but dark elixir but fast and you know don’t have to really work for it I’ll have a card in the upper right hand corner right hand corner check it out go show you how to loot a lot of dark elixir gold elixir and it’ll show you how to do it just click that card and yeah it’ll show you how to do it how to form a farm awesome loot
all right so let’s uh get into the free gems okay guys before I go in to the free gems I totally forgot to tell you double your troops because you can build your troops and you can build your backup troops right so build them twice so do 20 do whatever your camps can hold Plus build another set so basically you’re gonna be doubling your cost so for the example about the witches it was a little over five thousand dark for twenty three witches so doubling that would be over ten grand of dark elixir for free oh yeah I mean a lot dark I was jumping to the free gems hey guys free gem time once free clash of clans gems.
I do I do alright so no hacks sorry for all the hackers out there the legit way alright so I’m gonna break it down into tips so we’re gonna go tip number one for free gems is clean your yard guys just clean your yard get those gems have a full trees and opticals in my yard I get about 40 to 50 gems when they’re filled up so clean the yard and then and make sure your base is not spread out your walls not spread out because the more spread out you are the less obstacles a supercell will give you keep it kind of compact like my base is how the walls are you know you can have it a little bit spread up but not don’t go overboard don’t go to the full extent of the map area um because you will not get that much obstacles okay um so tip number two is clean your base in the dark base to dark base yeah it seems like you don’t get much but you get some you don’t get as much as their home village okay oh yeah yes stick around for a little bit longer I’ll show you a secret that pretty much blow your mind it’s a ground you don’t want to miss that right so tip number two is achievements right don’t forget your achievements achievements gives you gems I mean this hundred gems thousand gems start your doing achievements or for achievements alright tip number three is sell those wall readings who uses wall rings right who uses the wall rings upgrade the wall.
Image result for clash of clans gems


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I don’t think no one does you know anyway so each wall ring is five gems okay so each wall ring is five gems you can hold 25 gem you can Oh 25 wall rings so that’s 50 gems right there and you know if you run out of wall ring shopping you have if you have leftover league trophies are elite metals I’m or wall rings if you’re desperate on gems okay if you’re Desperados do it in 50 League medals and you get three wall rooms for 50 oh yeah three that’s 15 gems for 50 league medals
if you’re desperate alright so last but not least is the gem box okay so the so the little gem box that pops up in the your home village and once in a while you collect its 25 gems so here’s the big secret big secret is this and I’ve seen it work I’ve tested it it works for me okay so what you do is when you see that gem box appear dont collect it wait till the next day collect it when you do that it’ll come back seven days after you collect it a week okay so when you see it don’t collect it for 24 hours collect it and then you’ll see the gem box reappear in your base in seven days your that pattern over and over and over again let me know in the comments below if it works
if you try it let me know if it works or not I’m kind of curious if it works for you, okay but it works for me I’ve been doing it for about a year now oh yeah guys that is it for this video if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and thank you so much for viewing until next time wanted out.