Logo designing is one of the most important tasks for any new business owner. Here one needs to be extremely perfect as the logo determines the authenticity of any brand. You can also go to an affordable logo design company in Kolkata and get their services.

However, there are several tools available that you should know about before you start designing your brand’s logo. Keep scrolling through the article to know more.

Top 9 Affordable Logo Designing Tools

While choosing a logo designing tool, you need to keep in mind certain factors such as how easy these are to use, customization options and price. Depending on these factors here are the top 9 tools that you must know:


Probably every other graphic designer is familiar with Canva.The application is perfect for a newbie to pro everyone. You can have numerous templates fonts, colour palettes, infographic temples etc. Talking about its affordability, Canva offers both free and paid premium versions and both of them are highly beneficial.

2.Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is one of the best alternatives topaid editing applications like Adobe. The application is extremely smooth running on any device and it has updated features as well. Because of its multiple benefits and options for editing it has become one of the leading names in the logo designing industry.

3.Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker is just perfect for professional logo creation. You can get multiple options for logos on Wix Logo Maker by simply putting your business info. Besides, it also gives a lot of customization options for your ease. The package plan of this tool is quite reasonable as well.

4.Themeisle Logo Maker

Filled with a number of pre-made temples, fonts and icons, Themeisle Logo Maker is quite an interesting tool to use for logo designing. The logo makes has a multiformat approach which has made it more distinctive. Most importantly, all the perks of editing are free in this application.

5.Taillor Brands

Are you confused about the design of your business logo? Then Tailor Brands can be a great solution for you. You will need to input some of your business data and it will help you to generate a matching logo. Templates are available, however, you can only customize them when you buy them. Talking about its plan, it starts only from ₹2.99 per month so it is quite affordable for logo designers.


Just like Tailorbrands, Designhill can assist you to make an effective business logo by taking your business intent. This tool is very prompt and you will have a number of design and colour options on this tool. However, if you are not comfortable using logo-making tools you can opt for an affordable logo design company near Kolkataas well.


Thus, start your logo designing journey with these helpful tools and give your creativity a new height. However, choosing professional designers can make your job easy and help you to get the perfect logo within a short span.

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