In recent years, the business world has become increasingly competitive. The rise in e-commerce trading and smartphone adoption across the world has led to a situation where online purchases account for trillions of dollars in revenue each year. For small businesses, this poses a challenge as they may find that they are now competing with rival firms that may be located in different countries. Consumers are increasingly willing to make online purchases for goods, and services provided that the site is trusted and can deliver in acceptable timescales. A key strategy for businesses seeking to compete in this increasingly crowded global marketplace is to benefit from increased exposure. This can help to boost brand recognition and may result in higher levels of brand loyalty being gained. In this article, three unique ways to gain more exposure for your small business will be described in detail. 

The activities of small businesses can often be overlooked by customers and other business clients if they are not adequately promoted. A key way to inform, educate, and promote your target market is by creating a corporate video. This may be used to advertise company products, inform about your firm’s mission or values, or announce important changes. It is likely that your small business will not have a dedicated production team to make such videos; therefore it is vital to work with a specialist outside video production team. Ideally, they will have extensive experience in commercial video production and will be able to collaborate with you to find a suitable tone and style for your video. Contact a range of such organizations and compare their fees for the service. Ideally, they will instantly understand the brief of the video and have suggestions for fine-tuning the message.

  • Reach out to local radio and television stations

Local media in the form of radio and TV stations can be a truly excellent way to generate publicity (which can often be free of charge) and boost the exposure of your small business. Smaller community stations may be happy to conduct interviews with your staff when you have an important announcement to make. This can be an ideal way to boost your firm’s exposure locally as such shows are typically popular with the local community. Reach out to these smaller media outlets and explain what you wish to discuss. Ideally, you will want to send a senior company member with a degree of media experience or confidence when being interviewed.

  • Guerilla marketing strategies

For modern small businesses that seek to make an impact in unique ways, it is important to recognize the value of guerilla marketing strategies. These are typically low-cost promotional activities that surprise the consumer in their execution. They can include holding a flash event in a local town or city center where an interesting activity (such as an impromptu group dance or attention-grabbing tactic) is used to create a degree of excitement and intrigue. At such events, free product samples can be given out to the visitors, and a brief explanation of your company can be provided. Thinking of unique and captivating guerilla marketing strategies can be the key to success in this form of promotion. When effective, it can quickly spread your company message by word-of-mouth in the local community.

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